Friday, July 12, 2013

An Early Cliffhanger for "Falling Skies", and a Moment that Had My Blood Pressure Go Up

Okay, folks, since "Falling Skies" is now airing at 10 every Sunday night instead of 9, I have to watch episodes here on my computer now. Last night had a shocking ending: Just as the human resistance of Charleston was commemorating the 2-year anniversary of the Espheni invasion of Earth (and now I can spell the name correctly) by consecrating names of their loved ones who have been killed fighting against the alien invasion to a sculpture Jeanne Weaver designed called (appropriately) the "Tree of Life", the Espheni attacked the party with their droid starfighters. And man, baby Alexis (Tom Mason's baby daughter who is also the daughter of Dr. Anne Glass-Mason) gave off a creepy smile as the droid-powered spaceplanes attacked. Indeed, she creeps Mama Anne out a lot during the episode. When her mom gives her a shot in her right foot (remember that babies often receive shots in their feet) she actually said the word "Don't". Then she stood up and gave her a creepy smile. Anne is rightfully suspecting that Esphni-twit Karen (whom as it turns out is being used by the Espheni as a puppet to legitimize their rule in North America now that their own leader for North America is dead) did it, but Lourdes and even Tom himself won't believe her. They think it's simple post-partum depression. (But I'm sure baby Alexis is definitely a spy who doesn't even know she's a spy.) Oh, and we've lost another major character: Crazy Lee, who was the female member of the Berserkers. She was impaled in her head when a rival group of adult humans attacked Charleston, and died in the medical wing despite Matt's attempt to save her. (I guess that Tom and Anne have, for now, given up trying to teach him math and everything else he as a child ought to know and are letting him serve his country in a military manner even though he's too young.) The survivor of this group, a blond woman who as it turns out is also a lieutenant, claims that she works for Benjamin Hathaway, the president of the United States at the time the Espheni invad! ed Earth, and claims that the humans of Charleston are working with the enemy. Tom and Col. Weaver try to tell her otherwise: That the Skitters they are working with are a resistance movement as well and that the Volm and King Cochise (I suspect he is the "King" of the Volm) are providing support, but she still won't believe them. Meanwhile, Hal is finally beginning to realize that with the bug in his eye he is no doubt the mole within the human resistance. I am not labeling him as the definite suspect yet, though, since it's possible there may be a second mole, but at least Hal is coming to grips with himself and has decided he will turn himself in... eventually. Now, one moment I didn't like about the episode: Just as the commemoration was commencing, Tom actually read a quote from (get ready, folks, I kid you not) Bill Clinton. Specifically it's the one where Clinton was saying about how generations of Americans must be able to leave America as great as it was when they left Earth for their descendants. ine quote, yes, but wrong person to pick from, Tom. I'd hope that in the "Falling Skies" universe that years after the Espheni have been expelled from Earth and have lost their empire that generations will know who Bill Clinton was. He cheated on Hillary many times with Monica just being his most notorious affair. Yeah, he apologized, but he also failed to follow his own advice on being the president and lying to the American people (in other words, he failed to resign from office when he admitted to lying about his extramarital affair with Monica). If I were playing Tom Mason instead of Noah Wylie (who is, by the way, a liberal; he did support the ultra far-left radio channel Air America when it was still on air), I would have picked a different quote from a different president. In this case, I would have picked this quote by Ronald Reagan: "We Make a Living by What We Get, but We Make a Life by What We Give." Then I would have pointed out how we'd be making life to the world by giving it a chance t! o fight f! or freedom. But with the makers of the show (most notably Steven Spielberg) probably being liberals, I'm sure it would not have been used. So there's no doubt that we're going to pick up where we left off for this next episode with the firefight continuing, and eventually the discovery that Hathaway is still alive and is giving orders to resist the Espheni from an underground bunker in what used to be Denver. And it look's like eventually we're going to meet him, so it's possible Denver will be the next location for the group to move to, or (based on the last episodes' titles) Brazil. Or, as John Pope hopes (get it), we might even go to Mexico City. By the way, I wonder where Cochise and his people were in this episode. Why didn't they appear to guard the ceremony and maybe prevent the Espheni strike before it happened and thus save lives? Is it because they still aren't on fully good terms with the humans and choose to remain in their base, or did they choose to deliberately not help humanity when they wared it about the Espheni attack simply because of that reason? I wonder... Okay, folks, that's all there is to this week's "Falling Skies" episode, entitled "Badlands". There's still no word yet on the "American Idol" judge situation, but I am convinced that this upcoming season will have to be the last one. I do think that failure to find a consistent judging panel has proven to be the show's final nail in its coffin. And after much protests over their remaining on the show despite letting go of contestant Jermaine Jones in the 11th season for criminal acts the police determined he never even committed, executive producers Ken Warwick and Nigel Lythgoe have both been fired. I'm not surprised. This should have happened at the end of the 11th season not only as payback for the Jermaine Jones controversy, but also for their choosing to end granting record deals to the runners-up. I'm astounded that it took an entire season before both men were actually fired for this. Folks, this is also not a good sign! either. ! The fact that it took an entire season for both executive producers to be fired shows how irresponsible the people at Fox Broadcasting are being for the show, and how we know that if you're not responsible for something it will eventually be taken away from you and given to someone who will be responsible for it. And you may not like it how it then turns out in the end. So there you have it. This is why I am convinced that "American Idol" is not going to last any longer, just like "Touch". Yeah, that's right, folks. After only 2 seasons "Touch" has gotten cancelled due to low ratings. (I just wish that if "American Idol" has to be cancelled then "Raising Hope" would be cancelled as well. I think that show is just about a bunch of old, bigoted and child-abusing white rednecks who need to be ignored for society's own good.) Oh, and this weekend if I have time I think I might start reading or actually fully read "Grace, Gold and Glory: My Leap of Faith". Yeah, Gabby Douglas's memoirs. I'll read my copy and the if it doesn't work out for me I'll get rid of it. Remember that as the stories of Miley Cyrus (especially) and Bethany Hamilton haven't worked out for me, I got rid of those books. (Bethany didn't finish high school until she was 18, according to later editions of her book, and I don't like Miley cutting off her hair like that for a stupid "pixie" cut. I'm now confused as to whether she regretted it or has kept it, which she likely has. So it's a total disaster for me and everyone involved and that's why I got rid of the 2 books related to her. Miley, why did you have to cut your hair like that? It does NOT make you look pretty, and the tattoos do not help. I'm sorry, but that's just how I feel. Young women under 30 just cannot do that to their hair and expect to look pretty. And as for you, Bethany, if you had already started high school around the time you lost your left arm, you could have had a greater chance to go to college and become an Evangelical Christian pastor since you would have gradua! ted from ! high school at 17 AND gotten to graduate from college with a Bachelor's Degree at 21. This is not to offend either one of you, but I think this all could have been better.) So that's why if this book doesn't do it for me I'll have to get rid of it as well. (Maybe if I get rid of "Grace, Gold and Glory" I could then read the memoirs of Zendaya, whose title I still do not know. Maybe I can look it up on Amazon.) Okay, folks. That's everything for the week. I'm going to continue to watch train-related DVDs into this coming week so that way I can watch as many as possible during the summer before I go to Georgia Gwinnett College this fall. That way I can have watched many programs without hoarding over copies of them needlessly and in vain. This is also the reason I have done, and am still doing once a month, a series of outlines for the stories I am wishing to write. That way I can have each and every one of them completed before going to school once again and not having a lot of time for fun. (And for this reson I might wish to get off my blog for an entire semester just to concentrate on schoolwork and thus not getting panicky over too much projects.) I want to get all of those done before the summer ends. So have a great weekend, all of you, and I'll see you all again very soon.
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