Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

So we are currently in Winter and my skin is has gone berserk.The dry and flaky skin is just not a sexy look at all!In about a month's time I will be on vacation,and I need to start prepping my skin for beautiful, beach-ready skin.

With the help of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula's Cocoa Body Scrub,a multi-purpose product.It exfoliates the dead cells, refines, polishes, moisturizes and soothes the skin!I love the Cocoa fragrance to it,always leave me wanting more of it.

After using it the first time, my skin is already more smoother,And after three times, my skin is beach ready!

THE PALMER'S COCOA BUTTER FORMULA MOISTURIZING BODY OIL,simply nourishes your skin after removing the dead skin layerand also acts as moisturiser.The label instructions is to wipe after a few minutes of applying to skin,I actually skip this step, and just leave it on.It leaves me with baby soft skin!! Love it.

I highly recommend the PALMER'S COCOA BUTTER FORMULA BODY SCRUB & MOISTURIZING OIL.Perfect for those who wishes to achieve baby soft skin quicklyand in the comfort of their home.

Love,Solly xxxx
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