Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mel Gibson Confirmed as the New Villain in Expendables 3?

Hello Schmoeville! Mike Holtz here!

I love that my first post to you fine people on SchmoesKnow.com is about non-other than my man crush Mel Gibson. That's right . ever since I saw the suicidal, mullet rocking Riggs of Lethal Weapon so long ago, Mel Gibson has been one of my favorites. The past few years have been hard on Mel and I, as I'm sure you know he pissed off well .. everybody by acting like a d-bag. Since then he hasn't been allowed in the bigger films of Hollywooduntil now. Bless you Sly Stallone. Bless your muscular heart.

Sly attempted to recruit Mel a while back as the Director of The Expendables 3 (how perfect would that have been? Have you seen how wonderfully violent Mel's Directorial efforts are?) Sadly Mel declined and many of us "Free Mel" advocates (Okay, I made that up but I would join this club if anybody wants to start it I'd start it myself but I have errands to run) lost all hope.

Then, last night Sly this enigmatic bomb-shell:


So he's not saying it ..but he's saying it. It looks like Mel Gibson is the villain of The Expendables 3. Unless Sly just felt like pointing at all of us and laughing after head-locking our hopes and dreams I think it's safe to assume this is a confirmation. Unless of course Rocky is just testing the waters to see how much backlash he would receive before making it official. Nah ..Tango is too damn big to care (literally). I'm going to go ahead and start celebrating the return of Mel Gibson while wearing my Signs' aluminum foil hat and screaming Freedom in my best William Wallace voice at the local food court.

Mel is also set to play the villain in RobertRodriguez' Machete Kills and is going to direct another insanely violent film about Vikings called Berserker. Take this money from my pockets right now because it is yours.

Enough, however, of my man crushing Schmoeville ..what is your take on Mel? Do you want to see him back in action as the villain of Expendables 3? Better yet, do you want to see a full on comeback?
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