Friday, July 12, 2013

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera episode 8: "Hey! Sit Still and Behave"

"Here's a nice kick in the ass for ya!"

"Excuse me, my groin won't go back to normal!"

We get not one, but four new baddies this time. These guys are known as the Four Horsemen of the Waste, and they're comprised of Headbutt, Crotch-goblin, Lil' Avalanche, and Hidden Demon. Enbi has recruited them to make the world a more sexy and fun place as per usual, but once again, the demons have a way of being a little bit... demonic in doing so. This group looks absolutely ridiculous, especially Headbutt, with his butt for a face.

For the entire episode, Enma will be out of action for two reasons: he's too comfy in the warm kotatsu to step out into the cold, and he's too shocked by the realization that his parents have disappeared for some reason relating to him. You would think Yuki would be the best asset in this snowy environment anyway, but the Four Horsemen are all used to cold as well and thus nullify any advantage she might have.

In a hilarious turn of events, Harumi, Enbi and Yuki all manage to each slay one of the four demons individually: Lil' Avalanche is so in love with Yuki that he literally melts himself with his own burning passion, Enbi loses her hat when being crotch-split by Crotch-goblin, goes berserk, and then nails the demon right in the gonads, and Harumi coerces Headbutt into showing her his "third leg," which she proceeds to call "adorable." Yeah, that last one would instantly KO any man or demon. As for the fourth demon, Hidden Demon steps out of hiding at the last minute, but the episode is already over. Maybe next time, guy.

A lot of gears have started moving following this episode. Enbi starts the episode by saying that were Enma to lose his Blazing Circlet, the world would be doomed, but she only says this because if he were to lose it, she would be forced to wear it and thus have to don more clothing. That part was actually pretty funny upon its reveal. Beyond that, there seems to be some sort of set up with King Enma being absent from his throne at the very end. Also, there was the whole ordeal with Enma's parents, who seem to have made Enma wear the circlet as a promise to be good. If he does so, he will receive 100 transformer toys. Uh, yeah.

Like usual, this episode was a lot of fun. The show feels like a perverted Saturday morning cartoon show. I still love the visual style, and the humor is right up my alley. All of these potential knots in the story could ultimately amount to nothing or just a single punchline, and I would be perfectly okay with that. Dororon is funny and oddly charming, and that's all it needs to be.


"I thought you'd call it huge, thick, or wonderful!"

"His burning passion actually melted him..."
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