Friday, July 12, 2013

Poe's Pick of the Week, Plus MP-12 Sideswipe, Bandai, Man of Steel, Sideshow & More at BBTS


Here it is - the mother of all S.H.MonsterArts figures. It's doubtful there will ever be a bigger S.H.MonsterArts figure. There aren't a whole lot of Biollante figures out there, but those that are tend to be both rare and extremely expensive. And this one's super-articulated! Tamashii is hinting we may get a BioGoji to go with it, which would make me very happy.


Takara is producing another round of Masterpiece Sideswipe due to the popularity of the figure. It should be identical to the original offering and is listed at $79.99.

This powered-up form of Megaman Zero was previously only accessible via a special code in the game, but soon will be a figure in the D-Arts line as well. It comes with multiple hands, faces and more, and is listed at $37.99

Latest from the Play Arts Kai line come two new figures from the blockbuster "Man of Steel" movie, Jor-El and Faora. You can get these figures for $79.99 apiece.

Shazam's adversary Black Adam is the latest announcement in the DC New 52 ArtFX+ Statue line. He comes dressed in his cloak with magnetized feet to attach to his base, and is listed at $44.99, although this price may change once we receive further vendor information.

Master Cutlery has announced a new version of Michonne's Katana. This one includes a special display stands with Michonne's 'signature', and is limited to 5000 pieces. We have it listed at $249.99.

The beta version of Mari's EVA-08 comes with multiple hands a rocket with an attachable AT field 'shield', two guns and more, and is listed at $46.99.

New from Attakus are three cool new 1/10 scale statues; Yoda($59.99), R2-D2($84.99), and C-3PO($89.99). They are all due to arrive in September.

Hot on the heels of her puddin' the Joker comes this figure of Harley Quinn. This figure made the leap from the cartoon to the comics and will soon be available in the 1/6 scale figure format. She comes with her mallet, a pop-gun, multiple hands and more, and is listed at $189.99.

The ship from the 60 s series Mighty Jack will soon be available as a part of the Sci-Fi Revoltech line. It measures almost 10long, opens to display a miniature submarine or possibly weapon, and is listed at $59.99.

Another Avenger will soon have a 1/4 scale statue. The Black Widow is shown with pistol in one hand and sniper rifle in the other. She stands 19tall and is listed at $359.99.

This figure of the hero from the Gantz anime stands about 27.3tall and comes on a display stand. It is of a limited numbered edition of 100 pieces and is listed at $714.99.

This statue from A-Plus shows Cattleya in her purple bikini. It is listed at $199.99, and is set to arrive next month.

This add-on set includes a head, shield, axe, chest, hip, shoulder pad and two knee pads. It is priced at $64.99.

This statue set shows a scene from the popular manga and anime Berserk. This set of Void, Griffith and Castle is done in 1/15 scale, is limited to 50 pieces, and is listed at $679.99.

Mattel has announced a new round of figure cases from the WWE. We have Basic Figure Series 33A and B Cases of 12 at $119.99, as well as Basic Figure Two-Packs Series 24A Case of 6 at $119.99 and 24B Set of 2 at $42.99. Finally, Elite Figures Series 23A and B Cases of 8 are priced at $129.99 each.

We have just listed the first items from the hit television show Grimm. Replicas of the Key and a Coin of Zakynthos are priced at $14.99 and $12.99 respectively. We also have a Coffee Mug at $12.99, a Lunchbox at $14.99, a Pint Glass at $9.99 and a Skull Patch at $4.99.

We have listed the Japanese versions of the CV-01 Spaceship Ark at $74.99, and the CV-18 Autobot Ratchet with Lunar Crawler at $39.99. If you had previously missed these sets, now is your chance to grab them.


A number of new, restock and returning figures arrived in our latest shipment. TG20 Senator Ratbat is now in stock, priced at $36.99. We also have TG19 Grimlock at $62.99, Transformers GO G01 Kenzan Police Car at $64.99, G02 Jinbu Jet and G03 Ganoh Fire Truck at $44.99 each, G04 Gaidora at $31.99, Capbots Captimus Prime at $25.99 and the Set of Capbots Captimus Prime and Capticon at $49.99.

This popular figure is the first of a number of Bandai Reissues this week. He comes with his buster parts, alternate face, hand and arm parts and more, and is listed at $39.99.

This black-haired version of Vegeta includes alternate arm, hand and face parts, tail parts, effect parts and more. This figure is priced at $49.99.

This larger than life Superman figure is sure to be the hit of any sandbox. It stands 31tall and is listed at $49.99.

This set is perfect to go with the Soul of Chogokin DX Mazinger Z (the die-cast 12version with removable armor), and comes with the Jet Scrander, Catapult Mount, Display Base that can be used for the figure with Scrander and Iron Cutter Arm parts. It is listed at $99.99.

The 5version of Mazinger Z in the Super Robot Chogokin line is getting a reissue. It includes the same accessories as before such as its sword, alternate arm and hand parts, and is listed at $39.99.

We also have the Great Mazinger reissue figure in stock. It includes a sword as well and is listed at $49.99.

Four Murasame's Gundam is being reissued in all of its die-cast glory. This figure can transform into mobile fortress form, and is listed at $109.99.
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