Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lindt Store at the Valdichiana Outlet Mall

I've never seen as many Lindt balls as they have in this store. This Lindt shop was at the , about 3 kilometers from our rented villa in the Siena-Cortona area. How can you not go berserk inside this store?

While the teenagers were busy hitting the clothes shops, G and C were engrossed in this chocolate store.

This was just the beginning of our trip and I was hardly in shopping mode so I didn't bother going around much.Mels, my SIL, on the other hand, is a very efficient shopper and covered the most ground among all of us. She's quick and always manages to find the best deals.

When she showed us her stuff over lunch, Kat and I raced back down to the stores. Mels is my shopping idol. She spots something and decides very quickly. I want to be just like her.

When it comes to shopping, I find that I'm indecisive and get confused easily. Sometimes I end up leaving the store without buying anything (lucky husband!).

While waiting, I got myself a Lindt gelato.

This was just a chocolate store and the kids were confused with choice. Could they be non-shoppers like me? (hmm..lucky father!) Or were they just overwhelmed?

After the gelato, the kids were still not done-- so I ordered un cafe. It was served with a chocolate spoon and a dark chocolate ball! This was sinful but I was in heaven.

They finally settled on this giant ball which had a dozen assorted balls inside. They were even going to share!I'm proud they shopped with such restraint (or maybe B was just hovering around them too much, heavily affecting their choices).


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