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Senki Zesshou Symphogear G 03

"Don't worry Shirabe, we'll be able to see each other clearly when the BDs are released"


A week has passed since the declaration of war by the mysterious group known as "Fin ". The leader of Finexamines the footage of the S2CA Triburst, thinking about how the massive amount of Phonic Gain it released allowed her to complete the awakening of the "Nephilim" The members of Section 2 continue to search for Maria and the two other Symphogears. At the school, Hibiki is lost in thought, Miku tries to get her attention, but her teacher berates her for not paying attention in class. In Fin 's secret base, Kirika and Shirabe shower. Shirabe is still upset over what she sees as Hibiki's hypocrisy. Kirika tries to calm her down, holding her hand as they stand under the shower. Maria shows up and makes some comments about how all they can do is pursue what they see as "justice". Just then an alarm goes off in their base. The three Symphogears hurry to find out what is wrong, but are told that the Nephilim went a bit berserk, but everything is fine. Dr. Ver arrives and says its time for Maria and the others to inspect "Frontier" and he will look after the Nephilim.

Obligatory Ninja Ogawa screenshot.

Back at the school, Chris runs from some of her classmates and bumps into Tsubasa. She's trying to avoid getting pulled into helping with the Culture Festival. Unfortunately for her Tsubasa is also helping, and pulls her in to help make decorations. Chris helps Tsubasa and Tsubasa's classmates make decorations, as they discuss how much Tsubasa's changed, how much easier she is to approach now. That evening, Hibiki and the others approach an abandoned hospital that has been determined to be Fin 's base. Inside, they are attacked by Noise, but for some reason their attacks are ineffective. Then they are attacked by a creature that is barely affected by their attacks at all, and is clearly not a Noise. Dr. Ver reveals himself, explaining how he faked his own disappearance. He loads the creature into a crate and has it taken away by a flying Noise. Tsubasa pursues the Noise, using Ame no Habakiri's boosters and help from Section 2 s submarine to take out the Noise, but the crate is caught by Maria, whom Dr. Ver describes as the "new incarnation of Fin ".

"I wonder when they'll remember that I'm the love interest"


After the non-stop rush of the first two episodes, it was nice to have some downtime to let everything sink in. Seeing Maria's group in their base was nice. The most interesting part was the conversation between Shirabe and Kirika. Shirabe seems to really believe in Fin 's goals (whatever they may actually be this time) but it seems obvious to me that Kirika is only there because Shirabe is. I don't think she gives a single damn about what Finor Maria want. She's the most likely to break from the group, if she's convinced its the best for Shirabe. I foresee Kirika vs Shirabe sometime in the back-half of the show. We also learned about the "Nephilim", which we still don't know much about other than that they definitely aren't Noise. There was a reference to something called "Frontier", though what precisely it is is still highly unclear. And of course Dr. Ver officially revealed himself as a villain, to the surprise of no one.

Convenient sunrise was convenient.

Miku still barely has a role, though her presence is still implicitly necessary to keep Hibiki functional. She will presumably have some sort of role later on, whether thats befriending Kirika/Shirabe, getting kidnapped, or both is still up in the air. It was nice to see that Chris transferred into the school, and seeing her interact with Tsubasa helped flesh out that relationship. We never really saw them alone together before, so building that bond helps a lot. Curious to find out what was the cause of the Symphogears trouble in the hospital, I'm assuming it was that red mist, though how it interferes with their Gears is unclear. And finally, I'm not sure that I buy Maria being the reincarnation of Fin . She hasn't been acting very Fin , so its possible that she just thinks she is, and either someone else is the reincarnation, or there actually isn't one. Either way, it made for a great cliffhanger!


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