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Monster, Giant, Kaiju

Aside the popular movie such as recently shown in form of Man of Steel, there are always another that can, although not great as the huge blockbusters in terms of storytelling but can gave the viewers a huge forms of entertainment can be categorized as a good movie as well and Pacific Rim is one of those movie. At least that is my interpretations of what good film is. Pacific Rim, if it is cheesy to anyone, is the best movie despite its flaws as I assure that is what Pacific Rim has other than great action sequences.

This kind of posters remind me of Gunpla box arts (Maybe they using these posters if they manage to be a toy)

I have to agree that I was pleasantly surprised when the movie go straight to the action sequences rather than the long back-story of where the Kaiju came from or the Jaegers origins for that matter. The story starts off when a level 4 Kaiju going berserk and it's up to two brothers, Raleigh and Yancy (What's kind of a name is Yancy?) to stop the Kaiju in the middle of Pacific Ocean perhaps. When they think the battle was won, the Kaiju while in the process of wrecking Gipsy Danger, managed to grab Yancy and possibly killing him. Despite that, Raleigh manage to kill the Kaiju and proceed himself to a shore where an old man and his kid found him exhausted from the battle. Skip to 5 years later, Jaeger program would be stopped because it was seen as ineffective against Kaiju. However, Stacker Pentecost still believe that the Jaeger is humanity last hope against the rampaging attack of Kaiju in mission to persuade Raleigh once more to pilot the Jaeger. Once at the base, Raleigh meet several people including Mako Mori, who is capable of piloting the Jaeger but not one of the candidates to replace his brother.

Although (if) she was meant to be as Rei Ayanami, no sexy scenes were found.

As I'm typing this piece of my mind, I think it is hard to agree that the story is somewhat weak but have anime feeling to it. As everything, include of any cliche parts that was written in Pacific Rim was intentional in order to reference of any Japanese Kaiju films, manga, or like I said the anime itself. Not to spoil anything but when I saw the marshal persuaded Raleigh to be in his plans once again kind of reminds me of Kira Yamato (or anyone in Gundam universe I guess) was persuaded by Lacus Clyne (again, any love interest) to fight the war once again. the flashback scene and clearly Mori as the Pacific Rim's own Rei Ayanami who was the silent type of protagonist at first and her relationship with Pentecost. And the two scientists in them as well. The Kaiju design, make you thinks of any previous Guillermo del Toro monsters design such as in Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth. Idris Elba performances of him being hard though, really spice up the movie and of course where there is del Toro (mostly), there is Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chau, the Kaiju smugglers. His performance somewhat to the likes of how he perform as the titular character of Hellboy which was moderate to say at best. Another thing I find it as surprised was that there is no (major) love scenes involved. Maybe this act to show the bonds of between Raleigh and Mori just a friend in the end.

If I have to complaint, why we have to listens to Pentecost boast about the Chinese and Russians when we can't see them winning

Well, I can say that if you have no high expectations of this movie other than huge robot against another huge monster battle, then this movie just for you as it produced a lot of great entertainment and action values. Storytelling aside that is. Maybe it was me that imagined Pacific Rim as anime, but it certainly was a good referenced of any Kaiju films as I said earlier. There is a plan to make the sequel of Pacific Rim. Maybe that when we see Mori rise as potentially a single pilot seeing that all of the Jaegers had been blown up. For that, I shall wait for that to happens.
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