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O autor do textoo PHOENIX 1911.

CHRONO TRIGGER (SUPER NINTENDO) ------------------------------------------------------ FAQ/Walkthrough (rev. 1.337; May 13th, 2003) by Phoenix 1911 ------------------------------------------------------ This document should be your complete resource for Chrono Trigger on the Super Nintendo.I hope everything you need is within this guide; if not, make sure to take note of other great FAQs on Uh, I'm not really inspired introduction-wise, so I'll shut up before I hurt myself... have a nice day.Before we start, though, heads up to the people on the Chrono Trigger message board--the vets in particular--without whom this document would never be as accurate as it is now.Thanks! As for the legal junk: this guide is unofficial, my property, all rights reserved, and... stuff.Don't gain any profit!If you value yourself as much as I value this FAQ, don't mess with it.Do not reproduce or alter it without my prior permission, except for personal, private use. Try to remember that copyright infringement and plagiarism both suck and are punishable by law--please stay away from them.I ask other authors to ask for permission when they want to use info from this guide, and I expressly forbid websites other than GameFAQs to post this guide.Thanks for your courtesy, and have fun. Note that I changed e-mail addresses; everything sent to my after September 2004 was not received by me.See above for my new address, and sorry for any inconvenience. ------------------------------------------------------ WHAT'S NEW?! Restructured and rewrote nearly all text, general layout revision, and a few cosmetic modifications.Elaborated on some things and decided to include some charts.So yes--it was not a complete waste of your time to download this if you had an older copy.Anyway, this version took a time to get done, which is why the version number is so cool.You're welcome. And... this FAQ is now exactly 1 year old!This update appears exactly after its first publication (and thus my debut in the world of FAQs and FAQ authors).Rejoice! ------------------------------------------------------ TABLE O' CONTENTS1.GAME BASICS1-A:General Info1-B:Getting Acquainted1-C:Combat2.WALKTHROUGH2-A:The Millennial Fair2-B:The Queen Returns2-C:The Queen is Gone2-D:We're Back!2-E:The Trial2-F:Beyond the Ruins2-G:The Factory Ruins2-H:The End of Time2-I:The Village of Magic2-J:The Hero Appears2-K:Tata and the Frog2-L:The Rare Red Rock2-M:Footsteps!Follow!2-N:The Masamune!2-O:Magus' Castle2-P:Forward to the Past2-Q:Unnatural Selection?2-R:The Magic Kingdom2-S:Break the Seal!2-T:The Guru on Mt. Woe2-U:What Lies Beyond?2-V:Lavos Beckons2-W:The New King2-X:The Time Egg2-Y:The Fated Hour2-Z:The Final Battle3.SIDE-QUEST WALKTHROUGHS3-A:The Sunken Desert3-B:Ozzie's Fort3-C:Origin of Machines3-D:The Sun Stone3-E:Cyrus' Ghost3-F:The Rainbow Shell4.APPENDICES4-A:New Game +4-B:Game Endings4-C:Damage Calculation4-D:Miscellaneous5.CHARTS5-A:Items5-B:Equipment5-C:Magic6.FREQUENTLY-ASKED QUESTIONS ======================================================================== PART 1:GAME BASICS ======================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1-A:GENERAL INFO ------------------------------------------------------------------------A preface ("mini-review", Chrono series breakdown), introduction tothe storyline, and the cast of characters--what more do you want?== 1.PREFACE ======================================Chrono Trigger; possibly the best role-playing game ever released onthe Super Nintendo?If not, it's definitely one of the best; withthe "big three" of Squaresoft working on the game, it definitelyhas to be good.You gotta acknowledge: for a Super Nintendo game,audio and video are top-notch, and the various features (New Game +,and of course, multiple endings) are just pure innovation.The gameis a favorite of numerous people, and not for no reason.The madidea of making a FAQ for this game even slipped into my mind, sothat counts for something.As a small note, Chrono Trigger has been re-released for play on thePlayStation (it's included in Final Fantasy Chronicles, a packagealso including Final Fantasy IV), and though it was apparently not agood port (the loading times were elongated significantly), there'reextras like anime cut-scenes.I suppose you can't get the originalSNES-cartridge anymore (or actually, don't want to pay hell-amountsof hard-earned cash to those money-hungry scrubs selling their half-broken, dirt-infested, empty-battery cartridges on the Internet), soyour only way of playing the game without illegally downloading theROM-dump is the PSX-port.Unless this FAQ's version is outdated,meaning you probably can't get your hands on the PSX-port as well...oh well.There's also a sequel to the game, Chrono Cross, released on thePlayStation as well.I personally enjoyed this game, though thereare many people who thoroughly disgusted it.Have a check at a fewreviews first if you want to see it.Rumors are that another Chronogame is in the works.The name "Chrono Break" was registered as atrademark, but for all we know it's the name for a new brandlaxative dog cookies.So... I dunno.Stay tuned, however.== 2.STORYLINE ====================================You take the role of Crono, a teenage boy, and the seemingly silentprotagonist of the game.So one day, his mom tells him to wake upand see his friend Lucca, as he received an invitation to view hernew invention.He goes to the square, which is festooned with happycolors and stuff to celebrate the new millennium--it's 1000 A.D.!Crono meets a strange girl, Marle, while walking around, and withher he heads off to Lucca's site.However!Lucca's invention, amachine that's supposed to warp things from one place to another,goes kaput for some reason, and our friends are pumped through time.Consequently, Crono and co. visit many places, discover many things,and are joined by new friends from various eras.To their surprise,though, he will discover that in the future, the evil Lavos has (er,"will", actually) gone Godzilla and left no future left for humanityby destroying the entire civilization.I will leave it up to you toguess what your ultimate mission in the game is.== 3.CAST OF CHARACTERS ===========================What's a role-playing game without people whose role you can play?The following list is sorted in the order that they join you--if youare *heavily* allergic to spoilers (i.e. you consider being able torecruit someone a spoiler), well, the scrollbar is to your right.- a.CRONO -------------------------------------He is you, and you are da punk rocker of the game!While he maylook like a normal and silent (his dialogue is not displayed)teenager, he is in fact the hero of the game.Wearing a bandana(which seem to increase in popularity these days) and having thename of the game somewhat incorporated into his own name (and howcool is THAT), he lives in the peaceful Truce village, whereyoungsters are allowed to walk around with sharp katana blades,crossbows, and guns.In battle, Crono is all-around.He wields a katana blade forclose-up work, and casts lightning-magic to do the rest.Most ofthe time, you are going to have Crono in your team because, uh,you HAVE to.But it's not a biggy; he'll prove to be very usefulin battle.Even though his magic-stat isn't too special, hisphysical assaults hurt, and his strongest lightning-spell is thebest single tech in the game.And when it comes to speed: Cronois as fast as lightning.Get it?GET IT?!Funny... I know.- b.MARLE (NADIA) -----------------------------Of course, there's always a woman in the game--mostly a healingmage at that, in RPGs--and Marle fulfills that role.There issomething strange about this girl, and you're about to find outsoon...She lives in the kingdom of Guardia, 1000 A.D., and youwill meet her in Leene Square in the beginning of the game.Oh,and she also has blonde hair, if that counts for something.So yeah, her fighting skills are absolutely nothing compared tothe big guys (and one gal): the only thing Marle's good for ishealing.She has a legion of healing spells in her bag of magictechs, but oddly enough, she has no good target-all curativemagic to her potential!Which basically makes her a uselesshealer later in the game; a darn shame.Marle uses a bow (whichis ultra-weak) and knows a few water-attacks.- c.LUCCA ASHTEAR -----------------------------Also referred to as the BRAiNZ (tm) or the Goofy Glasses (tm),Lucca is a downright genius when it comes to, well, everything.Her brilliant mind will prove to be useful many, many times.Even when you don't need it.Lucca's mainly an offensive magic user.Her fire-techs combinedwith her intelligence equals lotsa fireworks--hurtin' fireworksat that.Lucca will eventually have one of the best magic-stats.However, she's physically as weak as Marle, and that's REALLYweak.Another downside is that Lucca's so damn slow that a snailon a reversed conveyor belt would probably catch up with her; butprovidentially, the speed-stat is an improvable statistic.- d.FROG (GLENN) ------------------------------Frog is a human-sized, Old English-speaking, sword-carrying andoriginal name-having frog.Once upon a time, there was a nobleknight in him, but an evil wizard put an end to that by turninghim into what he is now...That certain man also happens to havekilled Frog's best friend; revenge is what he wants!He residesin a forest in the Middle Ages, where he lives to protect theQueen, and to one day, avenge his friend.(*cough*--I sound likea game-magazine writer, man!)A pretty powerful fighter.Being officially authorized to wieldthe legendary Masamune, Frog knows how to kick some rear endsproperly.He employs water-magic to take care of the rest, andcasts healing spells on the sluggish crew.Frog's proficient inboth the physical department and the magical area, making himvery useful in battle.- e.ROBO (R-66Y/PROMETHEUS) -------------------Being found in a destroyed dome in the future, Robo seriously ISthe Biggest Toy Ever Seen.After being repaired by the whiz kid,Robo will assist you on your Quest To Save The World.That Luccawoman also somehow managed to plug emotions in Robo.If we,people from the twenty-first century, are not able doing so, andthis li'l Mastermind From More Than A Thousand Years Earlier can,I guess she must be extremely smart.So.Erm... back to Robo.Due to his variety in techs and his fantastic physical strength,and his Heal Beam (which is OH-SO-MIGHTY should you upgrade hismagic-stat enough...), Robo is definitely one of the most usefulcharacters in the game, and an all-time favorite of mine.Thoughhe has no elemental affinity, his physical strength and defenseare immense.However, high stats consequent in other stats beingdowngraded, and unfortunately, yet fortunately, his speed is notexactly good.The fact that you can beef up the speed-statthrough the use of Speed Tabs makes up for it, though.- f.AYLA --------------------------------------Coming from the prehistoric era, Ayla is a woman whose fists dothe talkin'.With *girl power* like that, she managed to becomethe chief of Ioka village, and the threatening Reptites run awayterrified at the sight of her.She will eventually join you tohelp fighting Lavos.Talking about physical strength, Ayla is definitely the one youmust have.The yang of melee attacks suffers greatly, though; donot even MENTION magic to her, 'cause she's apparently too stupidto handle it.Ayla is the fastest character in the game as well,utilizes only her fists when dishing out damage (amount of damagedepends on her level and the power-stat; you cannot "change herweapons" as you do with other characters), and knows the "Charm"-spell.With this piece, she can steal items from other monsters!Spiffy ability, I tell you.- g.MAGUS -------------------------------------While Magus may look like a malevolent wizard, he... well, *is*a malevolent wizard...Being sent from the past to the MiddleAges resulting from a dimensional break, he lives and prepares toone day face and SPLAT Lavos once and for all.He'll ultimatelybecome a member of your party (that is to say, unless you don'twant him to join), to help you on your quest of saving the worldyet again.Although, I don't really think he'd agree with the"help you"-part.But oh well, we could always use a new individual in our team!Magus is the favorite character of many people, and for a reason.For one thing, he has all four elements to assault with, of whichmost of his spells are affiliated with the shadow-element.Themajor downside is that he isn't able to handle dual techs (and nowonder, with a face like that), and given that combo-attacks arestrategically the best method to smash your opponents' skulls topieces, that terribly sucks.His magic-stat owns in general,though, and I guess that makes up for it.Physically not reallya substitute for the real dishers like Ayla, but definitely agreat asset to the team. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1-B:GETTING ACQUAINTED ------------------------------------------------------------------------== 1.CONTROLS =====================================I will draw on the default controls throughout the FAQ.And I willnot serve you a crappy ASCII-drawing of a SNES-controller.Whatthe hell would be the use of that?Oh yeah, so you can see where toput your fingers... ah, I get it.I think.Whatever the case, hereis only a quick rundown of the buttons:X-BUTTON- Open menu (to config, heal, etc.).Y-BUTTON- Change members in your active party, or move themessage window up or down.A-BUTTON- Confirm, interact, examine.B-BUTTON- Cancel, or dash when on the field.L-/R-BUTTONS - Scroll through lists, or hold both to escape.START- Pause the game, confirm (sometimes).SELECT- When on the world map, shows the complete world.If you press and hold L, R, Start and Select, the usual MicrosoftWindows-- err, Squaresoft thing happens and the screen will blackout.The game resets software-wise and this is handy, at times.== 2.GENERAL RPG HOO-HA ===========================Chrono Trigger brings forth the classic system of roasting monstersand visiting places and whatever you can think of.Here is a briefintroduction this genre of games.I am a lazy man, so this will befound in my other RPG-FAQs as well.Those that never played a gamelike this better listen up, pronto!-- a.THE NUTS 'N BOLTS ----------------------------RPG.That's role-playing game, I guess, and this genre involvesgazing at your television screen or PC monitor while controlling abunch of people.The A-B-C is simple: your goal is to walk aroundand visit wacky places, slapping together a team of super-skilledpersonages, and accomplishing a certain goal (which is most likelysaving the world for the thirty-seventh time).-- b.FIGHTING MONSTERS ----------------------------But wait; that's not all!While doing this, you have to exploredungeons and slay monsters the monsters inside.By doing this, youwill get better (a.k.a. gain experience), so that you can slay moremonsters, so that you can slay the boss of the monsters (who usuallyresides near the end of a dungeon), and so that you can eventuallyslay the boss of the bosses.Isn't that fun?!To be frank, it'snot.Fortunately, there is a storyline that makes you forget mostof this essential RPG-element.-- c.VISITING OTHER PLACES ------------------------Besides dungeons, RPGs contain places where special events occur,and towns.If you wanna save the world, it doesn't help much tostay in the same place the whole game, eh?Therefore, you gottamove on.Towns consist mostly of houses, shops and inns.Shopsmake it possible to buy and sell things, and inns are sowed justabout everywhere to recover every single lost bit of HP and MP.EVEN if you've been roasted to a pile of nothingness, or attackedbrutally by a madman, or just lost a few limbs... an inn instantlycures ANYTHING.The price of an inn, contrary to equipment, variesfrom town to town.It's mostly not much, trust me.-- d.DEVELOPING YOUR STRENGTH ---------------------You will also have to buy new armor and upgrade your weapons, 'causeleveling up alone won't be enough to sustain damage you take fromnewer enemies.Stronger equipment is acquired as you go; a handfulis hidden in chests, and there are always shops that put thesethings up for sale.These stores are your main source of equipment,and monsters will be your main source of income (as well as sellingyour older gear).Defeating them will result in the acquisition ofG (gold; currency in the game), to reimburse the costs, or to sleepat inns to recover your health, so there you go.-- e.ENCOUNTERING ENEMIES -------------------------Unlike many other RPGs, you will not be victim to the grueling andloathed-by-many "random battles"--these are battles that pop uprandomly as you walk around on the world map or when going throughdungeons.That is *good*.Instead, you'll see monsters (laSecret of Mana) allowing you to choose whether you want to avoidthem or ensue in a battle (turn-based).Of course, not every enemyis avoidable, but in Chrono Trigger, the majority of them is.Takenote as well that there are no pre-emptive or surprise attacks tospeak of, which is nice because I always seem to be attacked inthe back in other games...-- f.LEVELING UP ----------------------------------Finally, another typical RPG-element is leveling up; fightingmonsters willingly to get stronger, making future enemies a breeze.In this game, as long as you don't escape from most battles, it'snot absolutely necessary to spend hours of leveling up, but stayingahead a couple of levels DOES make the game a tad easier.'Course,not only your experience level determines your strength in battle--you'll have to equip your characters with weapons as well.Weararmor and helmets to defend yourself, and additionally, we've gotaccessories (rings, stones, etc.) that have special characteristics;some up your stats, while Lucca's SightScope, for example, can viewhow many HP enemies (except bosses) have.Handy stuff.That's that.Now, allow me to thrash out about what happens if youpress the X-button.== 3.THE MENU SCREEN ==============================Here's a section covering the options you have in the menu screen--press X to bring it up when you're outside of battle.CHARACTERS:This, my friend, is the character status screen.There are threeboxes at your left hand, representing people in your party (ifyou're controlling more than three, you can scroll down).To theright is information applying to the highlighted character, whichshows things such as stats and current equipment.From here, youcan equip your characters, and... that's about it.ITEMS:Like the name intelligently indicates, here is a list of itemsthat you currently possess situated, complete with the amount andfunctions of them.Some items are marked yellow; this indicatesthat you can use them outside of battle (which is, in fact, now).There's a button with "Organize" on top as well, which organizesthe list, should it get unbearably disarranged.TECHS:Like the item list, except for techs that you currently have, howmany tech points you'll need to obtain to get the next tech, anydual and triple techs if any, and if needed, the option to use thecurative spells.Press Up/Down to switch between characters, andLeft/Right to switch between single, dual and triple.Techsmarked yellow can be used right now; however, remember that magicthat should be yellow isn't yellow if the caster isn't in youractive party.CONFIGURATION:The configuration sub-screen is the place where you can customizethings and more.At the left-hand side are checkboxes, things tochange, and to the right are the settings that you can changethose things into.Smart!Ahem: I'm pretty sure you can figureout yourself what does what.I used to have a list in the FAQwith everything explained, but uh, it was stolen.EXCHANGE:You can change the order of your characters, though there aren'tmany reasons to do so.The only reason I can think of is tochange the locations in battle, so specific techs whose targetarea depends on the caster's location affect different enemies.You must be REALLY strategic if you do *that*...If you want toexchange characters with those that aren't in your party, hit theY-button while not in the menu screen.Much simpler.SAVE:Use this to save your game.You can do this on the world map orwhen you're standing in a save point.By the way (I cannot thinkof another section in the FAQ to put this in), you can erasesave-games!Reset the game, and at the startup screen (where youchoose at which slot you continue), press Start and Selectsimultaneously on the controller plugged in the slot of player 2.You'll be asked to delete a save--take into consideration that ifyou have New Game + and delete all save-games, you'll trash NewGame + as well.Think before you delete! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1-C:COMBAT ------------------------------------------------------------------------This section is the junk drawer encompassing a combatant's guide.Hey, the title is "Combat"--what would you expect?== 1.THE BATTLE SYSTEM ============================You might recognize a thing or two if you're not new to RPGs.InChrono Trigger, there are three important things that indicate acharacter's status in battle:HP- Hit points--this number determines how much damage youcan take.If it's zero, you're "dead" (knocked out).Ifall of your people are dead, it's the curtains for you.MP- Magic points.If you have enough MP, you can use a"tech", also known as "magic" in most other games.GAUGE- This would be the attack gauge.It appears as a bar thatfills up while battling.When it's full, you can attackor do whatever is possible.Of course, monsters won't just stare at you and prepare for a hit inthe face.They'll exactly do the same as you; building up theirattack gauge 'til they can attack.The purpose in battles is tosimply attack an enemy, while they attack back, until you win.Theflow of this happening can be configured (at the beginning of thegame, or in the menu):ACTIVE - Real-time.Your opponents will go through the battle thesame way you do.WAIT- Nearly turn-based; monsters will "stop functioning", sitdown and relax when you go to a menu (meaning they'llresume attacking and building their gauge when you're notchoosing which tech/item/etc.).When your attack gauge is full, there are three things you can do(and of course, doing one of those will deplete the gauge again):ATTACK - A regular physical attack.See below for detailed info.TECH- Each playable character has specific techs (magic) thatare mostly offensive or curative.Takes up MP.ITEM- You probably have a number of items with you, mostlyhealing items (e.g. Tonics or Ethers).== 2.THINGS TO DO... AND NOT DO ===================Since it is inevitable that you'll also get hit back, you will alsoneed to prevent your characters from getting their HP drained downto zero.The best is to keep your HP high, to prevent being takenby surprise because of an unexpected attack, killing every each ofyour fighters with one blow.Refill your HP by using an item (suchas a Tonic), or by employing techs (such as *Cure).If you don't want to fight, run.How, you ask?Simple!Press andhold L and R.You're doing that?Can you feel it, the excitement?Good, good...After a while, you'll manage to escape.You can'tescape from boss battles, when you're completely surrounded, or whenyou fight monsters as a part of the storyline.If you've stolen anitem from an enemy and you run away, you'll drop that item.Ofcourse, you won't gain experience or anything either.There are two means of attacking:-- a.PHYSICAL ATTACKS -----------------------------If you select "Att." (which stands for Attack, obviously) on thecombat screen, the performer will dash to the enemy and swing withwhatever he's/she's equipped with, hopefully hitting the opponentsuccessfully.Marle and Lucca are an exception: they'll shoot usingtheir projectile weapons (when an enemy is very close to them, theywill instead slap them with their weapon, which deals equally muchdamage).While you fight, lots o' numbers pop up--these indicate HPloss.Maximum damage doesn't cap at an effective level of 9999; eventhough not more than that will pop up when you deal a blow, the gamecalculates past that.There are two special cases in battle aswell, which you should know:- The better thing, a critical hit.If the screen flashes for asplit-second, then that indicates you've performed one; damagedone is twice of the regular damage.Alas, this doesn't happenfrequently (see section 4-D for the details).- To even out the odds, you can miss as well: zero damage.Howmany times this occurs depends on your hit rate and the evaderate of the targeted monster.Some enemies (like Spekkio) areconfigured that ALL physical attacks miss.-- b.TECHS ----------------------------------------While you can be satisfied of using melee attacks exclusively, thetech-system wasn't created for nothing!Mostly, techs are far morepowerful than normal physical attacks, and lots of monsters haveweaknesses (e.g. a water-type enemy very much dislikes a fireballdown his throat).It's a paramount thing in RPGs to exploit theseweaknesses; they will roast a monster's below much faster, and thisway, your bacon is saved from any attacks they would do if they'dlasted the battle longer.Chrono Trigger introduces a very innovative system when it comes totechs: (*drums*) dual techs and triple techs!A dual tech is thecombination of two characters' techs in order to perform a (mostly)more powerful technique, and triple techs are the same except thereare three of them.Moreover, elements are muddled up; if youcombine *Ice with *Fire, you'll produce the *Antipode-spell, whichis of the shadow-element.LEARNING TECHS:You'll learn single techs as you progress--more thebattles you win, more the tech points you'll get; as soon as someonehas acquired a specific amount of points, he or she will learn atech.For dual and triple techs, you just need to have the neededtechs (see 5-C for the requirements) and complete any battle withthe needed characters, upon which you'll learn the combo.INVOKING ROCKS:Some triple techs require one of the performers tohave a certain rock equipped, or the tech will not be learned andaccessible.This is only needed with some of the groups in whichCrono isn't included.See 4-D for the rock whereabouts and otherblurb.== 3.ELEMENTS =====================================In Chrono Trigger, there are only four elements:- FIRE:The opposite of water.Use it on monsters that like toplay with water.Play with water, you'll get burned...Heh.- LIGHTNING:Effective against shadow.- SHADOW:This is lightning, water and fire combined.It does notmean it's thrice as strong, though; it's just the opposite of ourlightning bro' above.- WATER:The opposite of fire.Note that in this game (in reallife as well; go ask your chemistry teacher!), there is no suchthing as an apart ice-element; ice is exactly the same as water,except that it looks different.Obviously, pee with this onfiery guys.The elements exist in pairs: lightning/shadow, and water/fire.Makesure you apply the opposite element on foes so that a bigger numberwill pop up; give them more of their element is bad, now (possibleresults: healing, little damage, no harm at all).Some techs have a star right before their name.This indicates thatthe tech is an elemental spell (the spells you've learned fromSpekkio, for instance).The star (an asterisk, in this guide) isjust a general indication, though: if it does NOT have a star atall, it doesn't mean that it doesn't cause elemental damage.FlameToss (Lucca) is not together with a star, for example, yet it doesinflict fire-damage.Check out section 5-C for a complete list oftechs and what their elemental affiliation is.== 4.STATISTICS (STATS) ===========================Each character has specific stats that determine his or her strengthin specific things and all.Some people, for example, are strongerphysically, but others have absolutely no muscles but cast away withimmensely powerful magic.The max for every stat is 99 (exceptspeed: 16); when a stat reaches that, it will read "**".Here is,on alphabetical order, the listing:- EVADE:This is the opposite of hit rate; if you're the evasivetype, enemies will land less hits on you.It's not extremelynoticeable, but the stat is there...- HIT RATE:Affects the amount of hits you'll land on an enemy.If you have a low hit rate while the enemy has a high evade, youare going to miss a few attacks.This also affects how muchdamage Marle and Lucca do with their weapons.- LEVEL:The higher it is, the more experienced you are.When yougain a certain amount of experience points, you will level up,and stats will increase.This also affects how much damage mostoffensive techs do, or how hard Ayla strikes.- MAGIC DEFENSE:Quite self-explanatory, no?This stat determineshow much damage you'll sustain from magical attacks.- MAGIC:Determines how much damage you inflict using techs.Formost techs, level is also factored into that.- POWER:It's the size of your character's muscles; this statdetermines how much damage they'll do when attacking physically(bar Marle and Lucca) or when using physical techs.- SPEED:The only stat that doesn't increase as you level updecides how fast your attack gauge fills.It is maximally 16,though with Haste-status, you can increase it further.- STAMINA:Stamina is your base defense.Along with the defenseof armor and helmets you're currently wearing, it determines howmuch damage you will suffer from monsters' physical attacks.== 5.STATUS EFFECTS ===============================A good deal of enemies' attacks unluckily inflicts negative statusabnormalities.A few of your own techs or items can give positivestatus effects to even out the odds a bit.And here is... THE LIST.-- a.NEGATIVE STATUS EFFECTS ----------------------In order to cure your status if you're struck, (let someone) use a"Heal"-item to negate it or throw around a status-healing tech (suchas "Kiss").No effect haunts you anymore when you end the battle.Or when you die, so that's a way of "curing" effects as well.- BLIND:You can't see too well, which means that you'll miss moreattacks.An eye with cross will appear above the character'shead when affected.- CHAOS:Better known as "Confused".You'll lose control overyour character, and he or she will randomly physically attackenemies or allies.They have a star above their head and he orshe will be laughing--to cure this, let 'em a hard smack in theirface for not paying attention in a serious situation.It works!- DEATH:This is when your HP counter reaches the number zero,i.e. you are "dead", knocked out, fainted, or whatever wordpleases you.You can't do anything unless you get revived.Ifyou complete a battle, you'll be revived automatically to 1 HP.- HP DOWN:The affected will gradually lose HP.If you're high inthe levels, this shouldn't pose a real threat.Many attacks thatshake the ground inflict this status effect.- LOCK:You cannot use techs while in this state.You'll have tolet someone to use a Heal to heal this.Characters sufferingfrom Lock (a.k.a. Darkness) will have a question mark above them.- LOCK/ALL:Some monsters have this utterly annoying attack called"Lock/All".This affects all characters and prevents the use oftechs and items--*nasty*.This can't be cured/prevented, as thebattle starts with it predetermined.- POISON:Your HP-amount slowly decreases and your attacks areslightly weakened.Blue bubbles appear above the character'shead when affected.This effect is rare (saw it once or twice).- SLEEP:This simply means you're sleeping.You can't move andyour defense is lowered.A good hit will wake you up again.- SLOW:A white line will be bordered around the character.Asthe name says, you are slow when this happens.You can cast*Haste to speed up again, or just employ a Heal.- STOP:Immobilizes and disables you.Since your attack gaugedoesn't fill up anymore, you can't do anything yourself, so havesomeone use a Heal on you or finish the battle quickly.A clockappears above the affected character's head.-- b.POSITIVE STATUS EFFECTS ----------------------- BERSERK:Your character automatically attack.In this state,you're doing 150% damage, and physical damage sustained is cut by1/3 (a.k.a. Shield-status).The only method of obtaining thiseffect is the wearing of a Berserker.- HASTE:Your speed is doubled if you cast *Haste (single tech,Marle) or if you wear a Haste Helm.A red border is outliningthe speedy people.- REGEN MP:You'll regain 5 MP per 10 seconds.You can get thisby using the accessory SeraphSong, which can't be found in thegame without hacking.If I'm not wrong, Ozzie in the barrier hasthis as well.- RERAISE:Characters with this (I'll just call it Reraise, if youdon't mind) are automatically revived (once) when they get KO'd.Have the GreenDream equipped for this, or use the triple tech"Lifeline" for every team member to experience being *me*--agreat Phoenix--for a while...^^;- SAFE:Magical damage is cut by 1/3.Employ a Barrier to getthis or wear a Safe Helm.Safe is indicated by this green borderaround those that are protected.- SHELL:Physical damage is cut by 1/3.You can use a Shield toget this or wear certain equipment.Characters inflicted withShell will have a yellow border around them.Safe and Shellcannot be simultaneously on a character, unless one of the two iscaused by armor.* I've stolen some effect titles from the same status effects inFinal Fantasy (III and more, I believe), in case the word"familiar" pops into your mind.With the basic futz done, let me proceed to the walkthrough.(Notthat I'd let you stop me.) ======================================================================== PART 2:WALKTHROUGH ======================================================================== A few notes before we start...+ I wrote this walkthrough while going through a regular New Game, butI made sure it is compatible with New Game + too.That means that ifyou're going through a New Game, ignore data about various endingsscattered throughout the walkthrough, and in a New Game +, you cansafely assume that buying a certain old sword is not needed now thatyou're carrying Excalibur II Plus Extreme.But I'm sure you'd beable to figure that out yourself.+ Preceding each chapter is a brief intro and a list of items andmonsters, as well as a recommended level (usually a range).It'sbased on the level of the monsters you'll encounter in that chapter,meaning that the lowest level applies to the first monsters, and thehighest number means you should be on that level for the laterenemies (e.g. boss).Sometimes though, the levels are off, so don'tdepend on them TOO much.+ And finally, by reading further, you agree that you shall *not* sendme e-mails consisting of roughly 3/4 of any abusive words-dictionarybecause I have ruined your gaming experience.Obviously, this is awalkthrough full of SPOILERS.I have not made an effort in excludingevery plot-revealing bit of text--something happens, I tell you what.Remember that a solution to a problem is a spoiler as well; alwaystry by yourself before you resort this or other guides.Just don'tread more than what you need and you'll be fine. Since the developers of the game were nice to divide the game in chapters, I've divided the walkthrough in the same respect.If you're ever lost, check your save game to learn in which chapter you are, then find it in the walkthrough.Make sure you keep your controllers un- broken, and enjoy the game! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2-A:THE MILLENNIAL FAIR ------------------------------------------------------------------------Dawn of the new millennium.Huge festival north of the village aswell, and everybody's there having fun.And what about the hero ofthe game that is destined to save the world?Sleepin'.ITEMS ACQUIRED THROUGHOUT THIS CHAPTER:- 200G [Currency]- Tonic [Item]- 100G [Currency]- 300G [Currency]- Power Tab [Item]- Shelter [Item]- Pendant [Key Item]MONSTERS:GatoRECOMMENDED LEVEL:1== TRUCE VILLAGE / 1000 A.D. ========================-- ACTIVE OR WAIT? ----------------------------------Plug the cartridge in your dusty Super Nintendo and power up.Afteryou glance at the stunningly beautiful intro scenes, start a NewGame (which happens automatically if you haven't played and savedbefore).First things first, and that's whether you want to have"Active" or "Wait"; pick the mode that suits your style.Activemeans that monsters won't wait for you to make a choice in battle,Wait denotes that they'll just take it easy and chill out while youcarefully pick out a can of explosion to unload on your opponent.Then select a name for the main character, which, in case it wasn'talready obvious, is you."Crono" is the default name, and I'll usedefault names for all personages from now on.Also note that namesare limited to a crappy five characters, so if your name happens tobe six or more characters in length, I feel for you, man.Onceyou're done, the game starts...-- CRONO'S HOUSE ------------------------------------You'll gain control over Crono after your mom wakes you up.Rightnow, you can open and close the curtains, yo!There's a pot withcat food that you have as well, and your bed where you can... sleep.Go downstairs and talk to your mom, who mentions a gal who has to benamed at this point (default: "Lucca").Mom will remind you thatshe invented something and that you were invited to come over, andthen she's off--be sure to talk to her again to score your long-awaited allowance, 200G.* When you recruit other people, you can bring these new partymembers to your mom.Though nothing really important happenswhen you do, she may say some interesting, and sometimes evenfunny things regarding them, if that strikes your fancy.Leave the house.North of the village is the happy and colorfulfestival Leene Square, where you'll need to go now.Alternately,you can set foot in some other places to dig up info and a number ofitems.-- RANDOM BITS 'N PIECES (OPTIONAL) -----------------Of the many places that you can visit, the Mayor's Manor is worth amention.It is some sort of a tutorial place where you can learntidbits and other crap, and downstairs is a chest with a Tonic.Goup a floor and there's a chest with 100G--free money!Grab the cashand mingle with the folks here.Be sure to have a chat with the manin the middle twice, and for your "attention and devotion" he willgrant you 300G.More free money!Man, I wish I lived here too.One more thing: this place is apparently an optional area to learnabout the game, so I recommend having a talk with everyone if you'renew to it.You can barrel straight ahead to Guardia Forest now, to practice thetechniques you've learned in the manor on unfortunate Hetakes andBeetles.It's not needed, though, but mentionable is that you canfind a Power Tab here!Go to the far right side of the screen andsearch the small corner there for a shining dot.If you use it,Crono's power-stat will increase by one, resulting in greater damagefrom physical attacks.(But if you want my advice, I suggest savingit for later, so that you can give them to those that need it.And a short reminder: Marle and Lucca's attack damage is not basedon their power-stat, so avoid giving the tabs to them.)Also, north of here is Guardia Castle, but since the guards onlytell you to scram, just ignore it for the time being.Truce Inn hasnothing of interest, unless you're playing the game with an emulatorcapable of removing layers (most emulators do) and if you like outof the ordinary, weird stuff.Head to the beds and turn off thefirst layer (Snes9x/ZSNES: by pressing "1" on the keyboard)--youwill find two knives in a bed!Oh, dangerous.And if you want to see EVERYTHING, we have the town Porre.In theMayor's Manor, you can find a greedy mayor that bestows 10G upon youshould you act like a chicken; you can do this unlimited times.Ifyou go upstairs, you'll find a chest with a Shelter; be sure to takeit.Ignore the sealed chests; those cannot be opened yet.There'salso a shop:SHOP:COST:FOR:ATTRIBUTES:---------------------------------------------------SteelSaber800CronoAtt. +15Iron Bow850MarleAtt. +15Dart Gun800LuccaAtt. +7Karate Gi300AllDef. +10BronzeMail520MalesDef. +16BronzeHelm200AllDef. +8---------------------------------------------------Additionally, you can buy Tonics, Heals, Revives, and Shelters.That's that.Head to Leene Square.== LEENE SQUARE / 1000 A.D. =========================Before we start playing mini-games, there are a few things that youhave to do.+ Go one screen up, and you'll bump into the strange chick runningback and forth.After you both fall, get yourself helped up. 
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