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world of warcraft in addition even though you get 2g memory vis will simply use with regards to One

I like wow gold! i'm only 13 years old and going on my fourth 1! i bought my very first 1 when i had been 10 years old and couldn't get adequate! They comfertable and stilish, but also cashual, so you may convey them virtually anyplace you desire. They appear fantastic with eveything, or if you truly feel like being dressy ! they meet anyones standards, ecspecialy mine! :) remarkably recomended!

I just obtained the wow gold this previous Saturday and they're even prettier than they showed in shots. I wore them out Sunday and that i bought a great deal of Stares at them. They are Beautiful!!!a

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Science Fiction dream. Dark. There is a beach. Something about the sand. A philosophical dialogue happened about being a grain of sand, how many grains are there, and how many different ones, something like that. When the water would flood the land, we would have to stop the conversation because we could no longer speak from experience, so I feared that because it could happen any moment. This was on a distant planet.

"The Wolverine" Review: Newest "Wolverine" Film Packs An Adamantium Punch

For those disappointed with the last film based around Marvel's blade-knuckled mutant superhero, you'll be pleasantly vindicated by the newest X-men spin-off movie simply titled THE WOLVERINE. Check out the full review after the break.

THE WOLVERINE begins with Hugh Jackman's title character who has isolated himself in the Canadian snowy wilderness as he deals with his own personal demons concerning the loss of Jean Greyafter the third movie in the original trilogy, X-Men: The Last Stand. A Japanese mutant bythe name of Yukio (Rila Fukishima) tracks him down, because he's been summoned to Japan by Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi), the man he saved during the bombing of Nagasaki back in 1945. After flying to this foreign land,he finds himself in a situation having to protect the man's granddaughter Mariko (Tao Okamato) from Yakuzaassassins, while at the same time he's lost much of his healing abilities due to the toxic charms of Yashida's nurse aka Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova.)


Time for me to dive into my psyche 101 textbooks and talk on the subject of "psyching up".

Before I go any further, admit it, you tried to do this onceTo get into it, there is no one universal way to get psyched up for a lift.This is one of those things that a lot of folks don't seem to grasp, and it's mainly because human nature is inherently egocentric.We presume that the rest of the world shares our experience and in turn experiences the world from the same frame of reference that we do, reaching the same conclusions from the same premises each time.To realize this isn't correct, spend any amount of time reading the internet.

Recommendation: Berserk by Kentarou Miura

As if waiting for A Song of Ice and Fire wasn't fan-torture enough, I've gotten hooked on a long-running, irregularly-updated manga called Berserk. If Miura and George R R Martin ever teamed up, would we ever see the fruits of their labor? Or would their joint delaying rend the space-time continuum?

Mild spoilers ahead - the manga began over 20 years ago, however, so I don't feel bad about spoiling it here.

Berserk begins en medias res, following the mysterious Black Swordsman, Guts, as he travels around a medieval-ish land. Fierce and stoic, he holds a deep rage, and an insatiable appetite for battle. A brand on his neck marks him as a demonic sacrifice - every night, demons draw towards him (and anyone unfortunate enough to join him). He's hunting the world for larger, more powerful demons called Apostles. For what reason? Where did the brand come from? What caused him to lose his right eye and left arm?

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Movie Reviews: The Wolverine

Back in 2009 one of my favourite Marvel characters got a solo outing on the big screen, and I was pretty excited to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine, unfortunately the film sucked. Despite some good casting (Liev Schreiber made a pretty good psycopathic Sabretooth and Ryan Reynolds would be perfect as Deadpool given a decent script) the whole thing felt watered down and lame, especially as it wasted some of the X-Men's best characters (Deadpool, Gambit, Emma Frost).

You'd have thought that I'd have learnt my lesson, but no, when another solo adventure for Weapon X was mooted I found myself getting all caught up in excitement, especially as it became clear that it wasn't going to be a direct sequel to the last one and that it would be set in Japan. Meaning it would involve ninjas, samurai and yakuza (oh my!). This is something they actually did in the comic books, with Wolverine having spent time in Japan learning to fight and trying to use the samurai teachings to control his anger.

So many photos

Hi Pants.Yes, this kitties name is Pants.

Looks like Pants is going to hack up a hairball.

Maybe not, but that's a handsome haircut you have there Pants.

Bardass! Quest 25

May be a bit late, but I'm still filing this one under "Spring."So the next few chapters will be filed under "Summer," which is just poor timing considering the setting.Well, except the very next one, but it's a Break chapter.They almost don't count.

For what it's worth, the details in this chapter regarding you-know-what were in place long before I played Soul Sacrifice.I'm just that slow.Seriously, 3 and a half years and I've only now reached my 25th chapter?Well, technically 28th or 29th.I'm averaging 7 chapters a year.Well, at least it's faster than Berserk.

Bardass! Classes Part 3

I forgot to include one class in the previous Class post, so I'll go ahead and include that with the special classes.I really shouldn't wait months before posting these

Next Break Chapter won't be up for a while.Not because it's taking so long but because I haven't started.But up on the Bardass! page I do have the table of contents updated.

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7th Dragon 2020

Gamespot Score: n/a

My Score: 8.2

ACF 1988: U.S. Theatrical Premiere of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN THE MOVIE: LOST TOWER at Japan Film Festival of San Francisco


First-Ever Dedicated Japanese Live-Action And Anime Film FestivalFor The S.F. Bay Area Also Presents An Encore Screening ofBERSERK THE GOLDEN AGE ARC II - THE BATTLE FOR DOLDREYAnd TIGER & BUNNY: THE BEGINNING

VIZ Media has announced its participation in the upcoming Japan Film Festival of San Francisco (JFFSF), the first annual dedicated Japanese film festival for Northern California and the S.F. Bay Area. The Festival, which is presented by the NEW PEOPLE Japanese pop culture entertainment venue at its NEW PEOPLE Cinema in conjunction with the 2013 J-POP Summit, will host the exclusive U.S. theatrical premiere of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN THE MOVIE: THE LOST TOWER on Saturday, July 28th as well as a special encore screening of TIGER & BUNNY: THE BEGINNING, on Friday, August 2nd, and also BERSERK THE GOLDEN AGE ARC II - THE BATTLE FOR DOLDREY on Sunday, July 28th at 3:50pm. Films will be presented with original Japanese dialogue and English subtitles.

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Naruto Movie, "The Lost Tower," to Premiere at Japan Film Festival


First-Ever Dedicated Japanese Live-Action And Anime Film Festival For The S.F. Bay Area Also Presents An Encore Screening Of BERSERK THE GOLDEN AGE ARC II - THE BATTLE FOR DOLDREY And TIGER & BUNNY: THE BEGINNING

Saboten Con Announces Guests

Saboten Con has announced the following guests for their upcoming convention:

* Yuko Miyamura - Japanese anime voice actress whose credits include Neon Genesis Evangelion, Outlaw Star, Case Closed, and Berserk.

It Isn't The Hillbilly 32 Jared, Gustin Entertains Like No Other, Owens Back On Track-Silver Dollar Nationals III

With less than 20 laps gone from last night's Silver Dollar Nationals late model A feature, I had coined an opening line for this blog. Holy Mary Mother of God, in the name of all that is good and right do NOT ever again start more than 26 cars in this race. Then along came Ryan Gustin doing what even those with the most vivid imaginations would never have conjured up.

For several years I have thought of Gustin as a once in a generation talent, but this is his rookie season in a late model. He is gaining knowledge and experience with every lap he races, but no driver does what he did last night. Starting 34th on the grid, Gustin moved to 19th early in the race. OK, that was mainly passing provisionals and drivers who qualified through the twin B features. He would not find passing easy the rest of the race.

Boy was I wrong in my thinking. From 19th to 9th to 5th to 2nd and finally to the front of the best dirt late model drivers in the US. I have been watching racers go fast on Midwest dirt ovals for over 55 years and I have never heard a crowd erupt like the I-80 Speedway erupted when Gustin blew by race leader Jimmy Owens. He excited, he electrified, he e-mazed the huge crowd.

The operation ends

You should never judge a book by its cover.

WHAT I READ: Katsuhisa Kigitsu's definitely unique medical-horror-comedy/satire manga Franken Fran, an experimental manga series containing numerous, mostly episodic, chapters about the "daughters" of Dr. Madaraki, the genius Dr. Frankenstein of Japan, especially Fran who performs operations that surpass the possibilities of science and do rarely end in a positive way. By the way, if you can read German, I highly recommend Burkhard H fler's marvelous translation published by Planet Manga.

25 Greatest Power Songs of All Time

First of all, there will be no apologies. Debate? Sure. We can debate all night. But, We're sorry if you don't like our picks? Never. This is our list of the of all time to get you scowling, growling and heaving iron. We surveyed former and current pro bodybuilders, we collected hundreds of staff picks, and then we made difficult choices - all so we could say without hesitation: Here are the best training songs. Ever. Songs that shoot a visceral rush through your veins. Songs that drive you outside for parking-lot lunges in the cold. Songs that have you screaming like a crazed beast as you make the squat rack your indentured servant. Find these songs. Listen to them. But most important: Play them loud. We've included it all - , , you name it. So, take a look.


Favorite 10: Powered Armor

By the topic header, you can guess what the next major topic of discussion that will be appearing on FWS...Powered Armor! Since the establishment of this blog some three years ago, I have yet to discuss powered armor in depth despite beign one of the bedrock concepts in MSF, but that is about to change in the next two weeks. I simply love powered armor and works that feature it. So, before we discuss powered armor ad nauseum, I thought I should cover my top 10 favorite examples of powered armor, giving some frame of reference for my thoughts on the upcoming blogpost. The Powered Armor blogpost should drop in about two weeks, because of the amount research and size of the blogpost. BTW: these suits are in no order of importance. Enjoy!


Berserk Golden Age Arc: Advent

Advent is the third and final film in the Berserk Golden Age Arc trilogy of films produced by Studio 4 C. If you have not seen the first two films prior to reading this, then I advise that you do or get caught up by reading my reviews of them which you can find links to . Advent is the direct continuation of the the last film's story, and as such, spoilers for the prior movies may be contained within this review.

Thus far, Berserk has presented itself as being little more than a complex drama between the trio of our main protagonists. That aspect is important to highlight because it defines the emotions and relationships of those characters. However, Berserk is much more than a simple war story with deep characters. Advent marks the true beginning of Berserk, and with its ending, Advent puts us back at the actual start of the narrative.

'The Wolverine' Review: A Resurgence, Berserker Style

With the exception of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, no single superhero has seen more screen time than HUGH JACKMAN as Wolverine. Since he was spotted on the set of Bryan Singer's genre-propelling 2000 release X-Men wearing yellow spandex (a costume that would later be changed due to internet outrage), Wolverine has been Jackman's role to own. From that first X-Men movie to the third, in which he was forced to end the life of his love Jean Grey, Wolverine has always been a central character to modern X-Men cinema.

But unlike the armored billionaire Tony Stark, whose worst outings have been no worse than average (ahem, Iron Man 2), Wolverine has had some real stumbles -- namely 2009 s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was the kind of critical and fan-disappointing quality control disaster that would kill a lesser franchise. But like its central character, this is a franchise that heals well (and makes money despite itself), so Fox was willing to give it another shot.

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World War Z

June 22, 2013

Zombie apocalypse and anything vampire seems to be the hot ticket out of Hollywood these days. The subtext that we prey on each other and that life is a precious and fragile thing is a piquant notion that gets magnified to its fullest when examining how man comports himself as civilization crumbles.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

So we are currently in Winter and my skin is has gone berserk.The dry and flaky skin is just not a sexy look at all!In about a month's time I will be on vacation,and I need to start prepping my skin for beautiful, beach-ready skin.

With the help of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula's Cocoa Body Scrub,a multi-purpose product.It exfoliates the dead cells, refines, polishes, moisturizes and soothes the skin!I love the Cocoa fragrance to it,always leave me wanting more of it.

Lindt Store at the Valdichiana Outlet Mall

I've never seen as many Lindt balls as they have in this store. This Lindt shop was at the , about 3 kilometers from our rented villa in the Siena-Cortona area. How can you not go berserk inside this store?

While the teenagers were busy hitting the clothes shops, G and C were engrossed in this chocolate store.

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Raw live results: July. 08, 2013


In a bout between two of WWE's most vicious Superstars, it was CM Punk who came out on top once Vickie Guerrero's final match as Managing Supervisor was said and done, avenging a WrestleMania loss to hand Randy Orton another high-profile defeat. Punk started strong, but Orton steadily dismantled The Straight Edge Superstar by targeting his ribs and back to leave him writhing. Orton's sadistic tendencies got the better of him as he laid a barrage of punches on Punk's head against the turnbuckle, though, giving Punk time to writhe free and the wind to counter the RKO with a kick to the head. One Go to Sleep later and Orton's night was over. But Daniel Bryan wasn't about to leave without making a statement of his own, dissecting Punk with kicks and bulldozing Orton with a ladder before clutching the coveted briefcase for his own. Brutal? Yes. Dangerous? Certainly. But when it comes to Money in the Bank, such things are all in the game.

Who Brought The Bird?

Went to see the new movie, Kon Tiki, at the Palm theatre yesterday.I first read Thor Heyerdahl's book when I was a kid and was absolutely fascinated by it. It 'splained in great detail his amazing 1947 adventure of building a raft of massive balsa wood logs lashed together and sailing off with a small crew with hopes of reaching Polynesia. His years of ethnographic studies had convinced him that early Polynesia had been populated by ancient Peruvians who had sailed west. (Later DNA studies seemed to confirm that the journey was reversed, that early Native Americans came from Asia. At least that's the latest theory until some more bones turn up. But his raft trip certainly proved that floating from Peru to Polynesia was certainly doable.)

At any rate, his adventure was quite splendid in that wacky turn-of-the-century British (and Norwegian) Explorer Mode -- tramp off to the Hideous Places, suffer mightily doing it, plant a flag at your destination for king and country and adventure, all of it involving very, very tough men pitting themselves against a very, very dangerous, tough Mother Nature.In short, not an enterprise for wusses.

Keep Your Friends Close, But Far From Each Other

We've all been there.You go meet your buddy from high school and talk about old high school pranks and that kid who was high as a kite in the middle of chemistry.You call another friend and have a heart to heart about her family and how she's handling her parents' divorce.You have a couple from church over for dinner and a game of cards.

Each friend a separate entity, a different strand of your social web.

15 Things We Learned at Comic-Con 2013


If there was one victor among the movies paneling at this year, it'd have to be (once again) Marvel. Or was it "Superman/Batman"? Or maybe "X-Men: Days of Future Past"?

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SAVAGE WOLVERINE #7 Writer: Zeb Wells Art: Joe Madureirawhen reading Savage Wolverine this week, I actually said to myself 'Now that is actually and precisely the portrayal of Wolverine that I see and hear in my head when I think of that character!'

The direct internal dialogue of Logan through this latest issue cuts right to the heart of the beast within this all too familiar puckish killer, as he explains the inner workings of his berserker rage, the point at which it awakens and even his occasional misunderstandings and misconceptions about his abilities. Zeb Wells also nails the actual voice of Wolverine, the narrated musing of his personal workings delivered shortly, sharply and coloured by plenty of g-dropping. It's the perfect Logan dialect without finding the need to drop in the constantly overused 'Bub' to punctuate the fact. Wells even manages to get all of this Wolverine focus in while at the same time delivering a pounding script that rather strangely has the titular character involved, but more or less just in for the ride while the plot drives onwards and without him on occasion.

That could be seen as a problem, yet Wells' plot simply oozes golden ingredients everywhere from Hand ninja to resurrection schemes and mystical nasties; it's the perfect backdrop for a Wolverine team up and that menu is arguably how you get the very best out of Joe Madureira as an artist and, to be honest with you, I think this is pretty much the very best that we've seen from Madureira in many a year. This is only a guess, but I'd swear that he seems to be having fun with this story as it plays to all of his strengths with visceral action, strong character design and brooding darkness the order of the day. The highpoint of this latest issue sees a great Wolverine moment conjured up by Wells - involving Shikaru the Mute -which truly works because Madureira paces and delivers his panels impeccably well and captures the most subtle of expression changes on all involved to add a superb moment of levity to a threatening moment.

"Falling Skies" Just Gets Weirder and Weirder...

As I am typing this, the 8th episode of the third season of "Falling Skies" has now been watched. Man, it's another cliffhanger. I think I might watch the next 2 episodes on TV or wait until both have aired and watch them both on my computer. First, since the 8th episode has been watched, it's time for a recap of season 3 so far. For the past 7 months the human resistance has been fighting against the Espheni, as the invading aliens are called. And they've been receiving help from an alien race called the Volm, led by King Cochise. Whether it's technology such as futuristic limpet mines, blaster rifles that can fire single shots that multiply to number their targets, regular blasters that can fire through any material, or especially a device designed to kill the harness-creatures that have enslaved certain children while there is still time to remove it, the Volm have brought gifts to humanity. The most important, however, is the "Project Orange" superlaser. Designed to overload the Espheni structures in the big cities, which we now know are being used to generate a power grid that will wipe out all life on the planet in a quarter of a year and turn it into a strip mine (the very reason the Espheni have invaded Earth, which involves destroying any chance the Volm have of finding the flower they revere and want to find to rebuild their civilization, the very reason the Volm are fighting the Espheni, while also supporting the Espheni war effort, no doubt; and no doubt this is a recycled "Terra Nova" concept), Project Orange could easily wipe out humanity as well due to how much power it generates. But if humanity must die off, then it would be better for the Volm to do the job than the Espheni... The Espheni, meanwhile, have introduced their own new technology in the form of a "mega-mech", their heavy artillery just as their regular mech is a foot soldier and their droid-powered starfighters are basically an aerial attacker and missile launcher. We also know what the harness does to whatever it attaches to: It turns its victim into an entirely new creature, devoid of internal organs and with skin converted into an exoskeleton. This is the fate of harnessed children whose harnessing creatures have not been removed... And the Espheni also are using their "eye-bugs" as well to make moles out of certain people. There's Hal, of course, who's been led out into the woods at night to be sexually assaulted by Karen, whom the Espheni have made their puppet ruler for North America. (How her harness has not converted her, we just don't know yet.) However, thanks to some bio-mechanical nano-technological creatures on the microscopic level rebel Skitters (who have also painted the areas surrounding their right eyes with red face paint in memory of the late Red-Eye) that can be used as medicine to kill these bugs (even though it cannot be used for anyone else since it would kill the patient), Hal is saved. But Hal isn't the only mole: Lourdes, whose last name has been revealed to be Delgado, has also somehow wound up with eye-bugs in her head. It is under this influence that she has already killed Arthur Manchester (a minor character in the Season 2 finale and who also appeared in the first half of the season premiere for this season), AND has now killed Benjamin Hathaway (who was President of the United States at the time of the invasion and is also a minor character now) with the Volm blaster she stole. She's also been giving the Espheni information as well through these eye-bugs, which as it turns out in their rolled-up form can be used as scanning devices. And another possible mole: Baby Alexis Mason, Tom's new daughter with Anne Glass. Baby Lexi has been acting strange, and new character Dr. Roger Kadar has revealed to Anne that Lexi is a hybrid, an Espheni in human form. Anne flees only to be taken prisoner by Karen's second-in-command, fellow harnessed child Megan Phillips (who was a minor character in Season 1). So now Tom, the former President who has now chosen to give his authority to his secretary Marina Perlata (another new character), and his sons are trying to rescue Anne. On their way they got their weapons stolen by a family who have turned to robbery to survive the Espheni, but turned the tables on them. As they were leaving they saw a group of Skitters and mechs head to the farm the outlaws lived at. Tom offers to go back on his horse (as they've been using horses to get around in this season) while the Mason boys go on ahead. Unfortunately he finds no one and is surrounded by a mega-mech and a trio of enemy Skitters who knock him unconscious... And there's also Pope and his Berserkers. This season they lost their female member Crazy Lee. And Pope's also set up a honky-tonk in an abandoned Southern antebellum mansion (this is South Carolina where the series is currently set, after all), one that will have to be dismantled as more refugees arrive in Charleston AND they rebuild the city to what it once was. And there's also Ben, Tom's middle son. Although it's now learned that harnessing spikes can cause premature deaths despite the abilities they can confer when harnessed kids are de-harnessed with the spikes, Ben decides that he still wants to serve as a go-between for Skitter Intelligence (which the Rebel Skitters have control over) and thus keep his spikes when his girlfriend, fellow de-harnessed kid Danielle, whom he calls "Deni" (and is played by Megan Danso), also decides not to give up her spikes. Thus Ben and Danielle are the last 2 harnessed kids to keep their spikes. So, now we get to the episode, "Strange Brew". The first half is basically the alternate universe I had been telling everyone about, hence the episode's title. Tom basically wakes up in an alternate universe where the invasion hasn't happened. He still has his wife Rebecca. His sons are still able to go to school. He still teaches at the university. Col. Weaver (he was promoted to colonel between seasons 2 and 3) is still a drunk "end-of-the-world" conspiracy theorist. Anthony, the former cop-turned-soldier, is somehow a school bus driver, while Karen herself is in fact a cop. Pope is somehow Tom's co-worker at the university. Maggie is somehow one of Tom's students. Jeanne Weaver, Col. Weaver's teenage daughter who became a full character this season, is also somehow Tom's secretary. Dai, the former Viet Cong who was killed at the end of this past season, is somehow Anne Glass's husband. And everyone thinks Tom's having an affair with her. Sure enough he shows up at a cafe and Anne, whom is making provocative moves towards him and is trying to lure him to a tryst in the cities of Boston (where he is), Chicago, New York and Jacksonville. Well, Tom, who is clean-shaven, quickly realizes what is going on when everyone begins showing up and demand to know where he wants to go... Suddenly, he wakes up in horrifying pain, as an enemy Skitter, Megan Phillips and Karen herself are torturing him with a bio-mechanical device, demanding to know where the Volm plan to use Project Orange. However, this is interrupted as Weaver and Tom's sons kill the Skitter and Megan. Tom uses this as a chance to demand to know where Anne and Alexis are. Karen reveals that the Espheni have taken them. Tom unleashes his rage at Karen and kills her. He wakes up in the hospital wing 2 days later and joins the briefing over where to use Project Orange. However, he recognizes a series of maps corresponding to the 4 cities already mentioned. Realizing he's still in a nightmare world, Tom shoots the imaginary Col. Weaver dead and wakes up in being tortured by the real Karen and Megan. They then decide to show him an unspeakable horror: The dead bodies of Alexis and Anne in a cocoon-like tomb. They then force him to watch as the Boston Espheni Grid Generator, the very structure that was the mystery structure in the first season and similar to other similar structures around the world as one of the additional comics in the second "Falling Skies" comic book by Dark Horse and also where Tom was being tortured, is activated. Tom realizes that the war is now lost, but decides he will go back to die in Charleston anyway. He charges towards the Skitter and they fall to the ground where Tom strangles the alien to death and blows the creature's brains out. Tom then makes his way back to his old home, knowing it will be the last time he will visit it, where he climbs into bed, wondering what will now happen as the Apocalypse descends on Earth. Then, however, he notices Rebecca in bed with him. She warns him there is nothing left and that he must go on and leave even though there is nowhere left for him to go to. Suddenly a cat appears on the window in Tom's bedroom and he sees his wife has vanished. Realizing he is still in his nightmare world, Tom leaves the house and vows as he overlooks the Grid Generator to get out of his predicament... Meanwhile, in the real world, Pope is still trying to lure Maggie into joining the Berserkers again, which Maggie continues to refuse. Anthony has also found evidence to suggest that Perlata may be the mole, but her alibi is clean. Weaver and Maggie also continue to argue over whether she should help him in the operation to deploy Project Orange, and the answer is decided when a bomb goes off and Maggie is able to protect Weaver in the blast. Hal, Ben and Matt all also return as well, saying there's no sign of Anne or Alexi anywhere in where they were searching her for. The final battle to save humanity has now begun... So with that, we're now ready for Part 1 of the 2-Part Season 3 Finale, "Journey to Xilbaba", which will air on Sunday. One more thing: Selena Gomez fans, you have every reason to celebrate today. The former Disney Channel star who has become a very talented singer and actress in recent year, is celebrating her 21st birthday today. Congratulations, Selena. And that is it for me this week. I'll need to see a preview of what's going to go on in the Season 3 Finale. I am thankful, of course, that the show has been renewed for a 4th season. Hopefully it will then be renewed for a 5th, and a 6th, and a 7th, and an 8th, and a 9th, and ultimately a 10th season. So goodbye for now, and I hope to see you all again this coming week.
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Bounty Arms v1.0 APK

Play as Drake Mass, Goober, or Flux Helix and equip an array of loyal pets to finish quests, win bounties, and defeat epic bosses! As featured in TegraZone!

Swat enemies to bits a FLY SWATTER

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Walking Shadows

Chapter Three

Maynard turned on the faucet.He pushed the button on the soap dispenser three times and three drops of pink soap fell into his right hand.He moved it under the faucet and cupped warm water.His left hand rubbed against the right until a smooth lather formed.He rinsed until his hands were free of the soap.After, he splashed water on his face and grabbed a couple of paper towels and dried his hands and cheeks and forehead.He balled the towels together and threw them in the trashcan.In the mirror, Maynard stared at himself.Dark circles ran under his eyes.He needed sleep.But first he had to finish this job.Maynard walked to the door, the footfalls of his boots echoing off the checkerboard tiles.He pulled it open and stepped out of the Men's Room into the dull florescent light of the greasy spoon diner.Three customers.Slow.Good.One at the counter, picking at scrambled eggs.Two in a booth, probably a husband and wife.They spoke in quiet tones, maybe planning their day.A waitress filled two mugs with coffee behind the counter.Maynard noticed a cook on the other side of the pass-through window, probably working the griddle.A briefcase sat at the feet of the man at the bar.Maynard breathed deep and exhaled slow.It smelled like pancakes and bacon.He pulled his silenced Beretta from his shoulder holster and held it at his side.No one noticed, all lost in their own little worlds.Worlds he came to destroy.He walked to the man with the briefcase and raised the gun and shot him in the back of the head.The front of his skull exploded on the waitress, blanketing her face and gray uniform with blood and skin and brain and bits of hair.The waitress screamed and dropped the coffee carafe.It shattered.Maynard shot her in the face.Her body disappeared behind the counter.Feet shuffled behind him.Maynard turned and found the couple running for the door.He shot the man first and then the woman, both in the back of the head, dropping them near the entrance in front of the host's table.Their bodies twitched and their life blood turned the white linoleum crimson.Maynard grabbed the briefcase and walked into the kitchen.The cook hid behind a butcher's block, shaking, hugging his knees.He tried to speak, to beg for his life but he stammered so much only gurgles and vowels made it out.Maynard fired one round into the cook's forehead.He left through the service entrance in the kitchen into the alley.He holstered the gun and walked to Hope Street.His car was parked at a meter.Twenty minutes remained.Maynard threw the briefcase on the passenger seat, started the car, and drove away.

"It's done."Maynard said into the phone as he fixed his gaze on a bum passed-out on the sidewalk outside the booth."I have the package.""Any complications?" the voice on the other end said."No.""Witnesses?"Maynard scratched his cheek."Taken care of.""What does that mean?""You know exactly what it means.""How many?""It doesn't matter.""It will if it comes back on me.""It won't.""I just don't understand-""It doesn't matter if you understand or not," Maynard said, his tone flat and even."You hired me to perform a service and I have done that.What matters now is delivery."Mr. Tyler did not respond for a few moments.Maynard scratched his cheek again and tapped his toe, wanting the job over and done with."Very well.We'll meet at the agreed location.""Two hours."Maynard went to hang up when a scream on the other end tore through the phone booth.He lifted it back to his ear and listened to the sound of thrashing in between belts of pain."Mr. Tyler?"The line died.Maynard's eyes lingered on the phone for a second before returning it to its cradle.Something slammed into the booth.The Plexiglas cracked.Maynard lost his balance and hit the opposite side.His hand reached into his jacket and pulled the Beretta from its holster.Pivoting, he lifted the gun but his finger froze on the trigger.Maynard stared.The once passed-out bum now beat the side of the phone booth, face pressed against the cracked Plexiglas.His eyes were wide and the sclera yellow.Split flew from his mouth as he snarled.Lines appeared on his face and neck, as if black worms tunneled zigzag paths under his skin.Abomination, Maynard thought.He opened the booth and stepped out and shot the bum in the side of the head before he could face him.The lifeless body dropped.He stood over it, watching.Screams echoed down the sidewalk on 3rd Street from all directions, overlapping each other as they ricocheted off the surrounding buildings.Maynard backed toward his car and looked up the road toward Figueroa.It was still early in the morning and not many people were out walking.The few who did weren't out strolling and enjoying their morning anymore.Instead, they either chased or fled.Then waves of them spilled out of apartment buildings and businesses, running in panic while others pursued.Primal growls overlapped terror-filled screams.The streets went from nearly empty to gushing with human brutality in mere seconds.For a moment, Maynard considered climbing in the car and speeding away.The masses of people quickly swallowing the roads convinced him otherwise.Other cars on the streets were surrounded by the abominations, the drivers yanked from behind the wheels and passenger seats.Even if Maynard could run a few over, he'd never be able to drive fast enough to avoid the berserking mob.Feet smacked pavement to his right.Maynard shifted, gun ready, and fired a round into the head of a middle-aged Asian woman racing toward him.More abominations were moving from Figueroa onto 3rd.He needed to get off the street now.But where to go?Maynard scanned the buildings around him, sizing up where the best place to hold up might be.Across the street stood a Wells Fargo.A bank would be easier to make a stand in than the streets.He ran to his trunk, popped it, and pulled out a Mossberg 12-gauge pump.Maynard holstered the Beretta and ran to the front door of the bank.He paused outside it, glanced in through the semi-clear glass and counted.A bunch of bodies on the floor and five people moving.Whether they were normal citizens or abominations he didn't know.Didn't care, either.Maynard took a deep breath and braced his shoulder against the frame.He reached out, grabbed the handle, and yanked the door open.Inside the door, a man in a business suit knelt on the chest of a security guard and tore chunks from the guard's throat with his teeth.When Maynard stepped in, the suit turned and looked at him for a split-second before jumping to his feet and charging.From two feet away, the shotgun blast turned his head into pink vapor.The gun shot attracted the attention of two more abominations: a little girl in light blue dress and a black man in jeans and a Polo shirt.They had the same yellow eyes and black zigzags on their face and neck.Maynard took both of them down before they had a chance to run toward him.Person number four, another suit, stood on top of a table holding a lamp like a baseball bat.He didn't have the yellow eyes or zigzags.Just wide eyes.His dark hair dripped sweat.Piss stained his gray pants."Thanks, Mister."Maynard shifted from Mr. Scared to an elderly woman leaning against the far wall, gasping for air like a fish out of water.She had the yellow eyes and zigzags but blood poured from a wound to her stomach.He figured the security guard got off a shot before being overwhelmed.Maynard finished her off with one to the head from the Beretta."Are there anymore?" Maynard said.Mr. Scared still held the lamp like a bat."What was that?"Maynard looked at him.His tone remained calm."Are there anymore?"Mr. Scared's lips trembled as he shook his head."I don't think so.Maybe someone in the back near the vault."Maynard turned and walked to the front door and locked it.Then he twisted the vertical blinds closed."Stay here, I'll check the back."Mr. Scared said no more.Maynard cleared the back of the bank and the bank manager's office and the area near the vault.All he found were chewed-on bodies and a lot of gore.The vault itself was secured.A rear door to the bank was also bolted shut.Maynard went back out front."Nothing back there," Maynard said.Mr. Scared still stood on the table."What do we do now?"

Spring Simulcast: Week 10

Arata, The Legend: Episode 7:

Arata returns to school in Hinohara's place and ends up in a confrontation with Kadowaki, whom he believesis Hinohara's friend. Meanwhile, Kotoha injures her ankle forcing the group to stop in an abandoned village so she can rest. Kannagi ambushes Hinohara when he's alone in an attempt to steal Tsukuyo so he can regain his own stolen hayagami, Homura. But he later ends up saving both Hinohara and Kotoha's lives. He tells the group about how he came to be Homura's sho, and why Akachi hates him. After hearing his story Hinohara asks Kannagi to join their group, because he sees parts of his own situation with Kadowaki in Kannagi's story.

Spring Simulcast: Week 11

Arata, the Legend, Episode 8:

Arata is having some trouble adjusting to certain aspects of Hinohara's life, mostly how to interact with his mother and Kadowaki. As Arata tries to sort out Hinohara's life, Hinohara is trying to gather information from Kannagi about the other Shinsho. Kannagi expresses worries about the six sho, whose faces he has never seen but seem to be working together to achieve a mysterious goal. To defeat Hinohara's Tsukuyo, they have one of their own switch places with Kadowaki in order to summon the Hayagami of hatred, Orochi.

Roberta's Blood Trail

Roberta's Blood Trail is a 5 episode OVA spin-off of Black Lagoon, featuring all the the main characters, as well as the psycho ex-FARC maid Roberta. Roberta is on the warpath and comes to the fictional Thai city of Roanapur (hive of scum and villainy) seeking revenge. After wiping the floor with scores of criminals, the local crime lords and FARC move against her, while Garcia tries to persuade the Black Lagoon company to help him get her back.

The storyline was more confusing than it deserved to be, and Rock goes out-of-character crazy for part of it. I know that Black Lagoon is all about laughing insanely but here it was a bit overblown, as Rock's plan isn't all that fancy anyway. Roberta is an ambivalent figure throughout, as she has essentially gone berserk; I found Fabiola (played by Yukino Satsuki) irritating at first, but she grew on me.

Fighting On in the Pacific Rim


I'm trying not to get too excited about this whole thing, seeing as how Guillermo del Toro's PACIFIC RIM was tailor made for international audiences and will - I'm sure - by this weekend's close have made a small fortune in China alone. The universality of the kaiju threat and the total lack of genuine political angle is one of the many unusual, praise-worthy things this film has brought to the Imax screen, but in the end it still got its ass kicked by a fucking Adam Sandler sequel.

Fate/Zero Anime Review

Fate/Zero Anime Review

Written by:ClayDragon

Gear, Android, U.R.T.V Episode 2

A years later after Xenosaga Ep 1: Der Wille Zur Macht has been released, I anticipate the release for Ep 2 and man, I was deeply .. disappointedwith the game. Especially for the change in VA in main characters. They were like a mess to an average game. The best part was that the battle now was 'stupendous' till I can say it was ridiculous at some point. I can see the game will potentially rivaled the powerhouses of RPG such as Wild Arms, or even SquareSoft own RPG namely Star Ocean or maybe Final Fantasy in every terms. Maybe that was a bit much for them but I loved the series. Anyway .

Kos-Mos: Shion, there is 99.9999998% probability your face is .. Shion: Oh, shut up. Your face is changing too beyond recognizable.

Monster, Giant, Kaiju

Aside the popular movie such as recently shown in form of Man of Steel, there are always another that can, although not great as the huge blockbusters in terms of storytelling but can gave the viewers a huge forms of entertainment can be categorized as a good movie as well and Pacific Rim is one of those movie. At least that is my interpretations of what good film is. Pacific Rim, if it is cheesy to anyone, is the best movie despite its flaws as I assure that is what Pacific Rim has other than great action sequences.

This kind of posters remind me of Gunpla box arts (Maybe they using these posters if they manage to be a toy)

Comic-Con 2013: 20th Century Fox Panel Highlights

Mega Panel Saturday continued on Saturday with 20th Century Fox in Hall H. The studio featured DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE WOLVERINE, and X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. We were there for it all, so check out our highlights after the break.


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Anime review: "Berserk"

"" is among the first anime I have ever watched (among first 10, of more than 200 that I watched until now) and it was one of my favorite ever. I even read the manga, at least the published volumes at the time. Curiously, the manga is still ongoing after more than 20 years! So when I saw that something new from the franchise has been coming out, I was excited. My excitement waxed when I saw it was a collection of three movies with the same material as the original anime series, but there was no chance in me missing that. So when the movies were finally dubbed, I jumped right at them...

These three movies in "" franchise depict the youth of the main protagonist, Guts. A parent-less child, he has grown up with a mercenary band and later become a freelancer wielding in impossibly big sword. During one his jobs, a siege, he single-handedly slays a famous mercenary. This attracts the attention of the Band of the Hawk and their charismatic leader, young Griffith. Initial reluctant, Guts is forced to join them, but later he distinguishes himself and become one of the leaders, strucking a great friendship with Griffith and love-hate relationship with Casca, another young, but female leader. The Band exploits the long-lasting war between Tudor and Midland, so much that King of Midland promotes them to nobility...

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G 03

"Don't worry Shirabe, we'll be able to see each other clearly when the BDs are released"


Atlas Era Heroes Vol.3 review

While it's pretty common to blame corporate greed for everything bad that's happened in the comic book industry, there have also been cases where it's led to some artistic highpoints. One of these came in 1953 when Martin Goodman decided to revive his big three superheroes of the 40's; Captain America, The Human Torch and The Sub-Mariner. Although Goodman obviously thought that the Torch would be the most popular (He was spotlighted on the covers of YOUNG MEN #24, the comic that led to the revival) and Captain America is the most remembered today because of the over-the-top anti-communist stance of the stories (Just one of the many EEEEEVILs of Stan Lee's career that Kirby Kultists like to cite, even though FIGHTING AMERICAN was no less jingoistic), the Sub-Mariner ended up becoming the highlight of the revival. Why? Well, apparently there were plans for a Sub-Mariner TV series, which led to Goodman making sure that Sub-Mariner's own title stayed afloat (If you'll pardon the pun) for a longer time than Cap and the Torch's did. The CapEverett makes his mark in the writing as well. It may not be everyone's definition of good writing (Everett has a real problem with explaining some of his more bizarre plots, although in some cases that enhances their effectiveness), but you wouldn't mistake these stories for those of any other character on the stands!

One is the characterization of Namor himself. I said in my review of GOLDEN AGE OF MARVEL COMICS VOL.1 that Namor was treated as more of a straight-up superhero during this era than he was in the past, with only a scant mention of his villainous beginnings. Basically he was like Aquaman, only more badass. However, while that may have been true at first, Everett was always a wild-card, and he wouldn't keep his hero tame for long. Everett once told Roy Thomas that he looked back at his early Sub-Mariner work and said that he found it lacked depth and was just the venting of an angry young man. While one can definitely see why he'd think that about the earliest Sub-Mariner stories, it's also apparent here as well (Even though things are far more polished). Everett drew these stories during the early 50's, when he was married, had kids, and was doing very well financially, so for the most part, it makes sense to see a somewhat more heroic, conservative Namor who often acts as a government agent at the behest of his old love interest Betty Dean. But every now and then, Namor will get mad about something, and it will be right back to war with the surface dwellers. It seems inconsistent, but it lets you see Everett's mind-set. When Everett is happy, Namor will save kids whose yacht sunk and cooperate with police while receiving accolades from the public as if he's freakin' Superman. When Everett is pissed about something, Namor will contemplate stealing world-destroying weapons from the villains so he can wipe out the human race himself!

Black Swan Series Blog Tour {Top Tens & Giveaway}

AUTHOR: Victoria DanannGENRE: paranormal romance, fantasy romance, scifi romance (key word = romance)313,000 WORDS


Railroaded! (1947) with John Ireland


Got a few hours to spare, seventy or so minutes, to be precise? Watching Railroaded!, best appreciated the first time, will prove an excellent window into what was to come--the careers of two individuals in particular. Director Anthony Mann had already made a tentative noise in film noir with such films as Strangers in the Night and The Great Flamarion. He perhaps would have hit his stride in the genre with He Walked by Night, except he directed only part of the film, and Alfred L.Werker, who did most of the work, received screen credit. In a rather different direction, Mann's greatest fame began in 1950 with Winchester'73, the first of a half dozen Western collaborations with James Stewart that proved the versatility of both men.

Berserk Golden Age Arc: The Battle for Doldrey

The Battle for Doldrey is the second entry in Studio 4 C's trilogy of Berserk Golden Age Arc films, and it is a direct continuation of the first movie. If you haven't seen the first film, The Egg of the King, then I advise that you either watch that film first or check out my review of it before you continue.

The Battle for Doldrey focuses more on the politics underlining the Hundred Years War than the previous film did. Following the first film, the Bank of the Hawk, under the command of Griffith, have been hired by the army of Midland, who are locked in an on-going war with a rival nation named Tudor. As the name of the movie implies the center piece of the film revolves around a battle to gain control over Doldrey, an impenetrable Tudor stronghold which Midland has ordered Giffith's band to capture.

Top 10 Best Wolverine Stories

THE WOLVERINE...He's "the best there is at what he does, but what he does isn't very nice". When he first appeared in the last panel of "The Incredible Hulk" #180 in 1974, who knew that this short, Canadian-born, berserker would become one of the most popular mutant superheroes today! Created by , and designed by , Wolverine had a fierce temper, a bad attitude, and claws to boot! Unlike any comic book hero before him, he had a mysterious origin to go along with his mutant powers. He also possessed an adamantium skeleton and claws which for the longest time, remained unexplainable. Later, appearing in "Giant Size X-Men" #1 in 1975, he became part of the new class of X-Men and soon rose to become a fan-favorite. Upon getting his own long-running comic book title in 1988, after a successful mini-series (1982) by and , his popularity grew even more!

Incredible Hulk #181

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Bounty Arms v1.0 apk download


From the team that brought you iOS Editor's Choice BLADESLINGER comes BOUNTY ARMS, a beautiful, action-packed 3D adventure with simple, mobile-friendly controls. Play as Drake Mass, Goober, or Flux Helix and equip an array of loyal pets to complete quests, win bounties, and defeat epic bosses! As featured in TegraZone!Swat enemies to bits a FLY SWATTERBlast targets with CONFETTI or FLYING PIGSMorph into a monster with Drake's BERSERK MODE

2004, Part 2: Respectful, Yet Rebellious

Over 130 new anime shows debuted in 2004 on Japanese television, a number in magnitude that would be the norm for the next decade. Naturally, George J. Horvath from needed just a little more space for his coverage on what shows made 2004 what it was. If you need a refresher on the first half, click .It could have been easy to give a simple mention of each of these titles and get this year covered in one post, but as the essay titles indicated this year had to be covered in more detail, respecting the reader and the blog while also bucking tradition and giving more. Luckily, the latter half of 2004 felt the same way...

Being a visual medium anime has to do something to really catch viewers' interests at times and while the year had a few worthy contenders, like Windy Tales and Tweeny Witches, no anime from 2004 did that as well as GANKUTSUOU-THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. Based on the legendary novel The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas, Gonzo took the story and put it a new spin on it, while also giving the entire show a look that, to this day, is still one-of-a-kind.

Technosphere in focus

Well, it would seem that the march to the Singularity is driving ever forward.And with it, the irrelevance of the race that ignited it.The natural world is being replaced one step at a time, and humanity is no exception.Witness the point where they dovetail; the honeybee.

It is well known that the European honey bee is dying out.They found 37 million dead in Elmwood Ontario.That's one city of 17000-or orughly 2000 dead bees per capita.And this is only the beginning.Colony Collapse disorder, as it is called, trends into ecofailure.I'm not talking about hipppies in Dead Head vans singing kumbaya; I'm talking about quantum pollination failure, leading to the extinction of natural food.Guess where that leaves Homo Sapiens; if you can't, the lovely gentlemen at Monsanto will help you out.


A beloved children's book is dragged kicking and screaming into the future - or 1984, at least - as classic psychedelic poetry jam Alice in Wonderland is revamped for the digital age by Audiogenic and a man named John Fitzpatrick. It's Alice in Videoland for the Commodore 64! If you stumbled across this article while looking for information about the Swedish electro band Alice in Videoland, I can only apologise. I don't know anything about them other than yes, this is the computer game they were named after.

There's Alice now, her bright smile betraying no hint that she feels bad about having two holes in her face instead of a proper nose. Okay, that's a bit harsh. This is a perfectly acceptable picture given that it's from a game as old as I am. Maybe Alice in Videoland won't be so bad, or at least better than I've written about.

Detonado Do Chrono Trigger

Hoje, atendendo a um pedido feito na , vamos publicar um em ingl s do Chrono Trigger, o antol gico do .

O autor do textoo PHOENIX 1911.

The King of Fighters

The King of Fighters - From Fatal Fury to Orochi (The Long Road)

Fatal Fury - Opening Number

The Faustine Chronicles: Who Are You? [Part II]


When I was in Primary School, dancing about the yard in my little blue and white checked cotton dress that was part of our summer uniform, everyone started singing a certain song at the top of their voices, because one line of it was rude. It was, of course, by Smokie. And, of course, THAT was the only line that got bellowed across the playground at the top of our ten-year-old lungs, because that was the one with a four-letter word in it.

Oh. She's Talking About Racism Again...

Yep, I'm going there. Again. Racism isn't an easy thing for most white people to talk about. It's something many of us want to ignore, turn a blind eye to, or something we want to put in the past. Something that many of us feel has nothing to do with us.

Racism is about us. Like it or not. Our thoughts and actions can be powerful tools to perpetuate hatred or to deny it. Even when we say and do nothing at all.

Manga Rec #4



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World War Z

The latest Brad Pitt flick transports us around the world as humanity drops to it's knees in the presence of a rapidly ubiquitous plague of zombies.

Marc Forster's 'World War Z' doesn't wait to get straight into the good stuff, within five minutes of the opening credits finishing a berserk individual attacks the jugular of another in a Philadelphia traffic jam. The film follows the story of cool and composed Gerry Lane, played by Pitt, who is an ex-UN employee. He is tasked with finding the origin of the rampant plague and his mazy tour of the world leads him to the cure.

Guinea pig treat: fennel

Fennel. You just need to paint some eyes and eyebrows on the bulbs and they look like from the Muppets.

A few weeks ago I wrote on making your guinea pig/s a salad and what to feed guinea pigs in general. Jennifer from Oxbow suggested I try fennel tops.

Susie's Tab

I wrote this several years back, and it is based on a true story.I am not reactive enough to make this stuff up! ..

I had worked for Susie since I was a teenager.At the start, I washed her champion dogs and cleaned the kennel.It was an honor. My parents were not dog people, and this was a great way to learn about dogs, and the fancy.My parents had gotten several dogs from Susie over the years, and my sister had after she got married.Susie raised West Highland White Terriers.Not really my breed, but cute dogs. They make good pets.

Week One Complete!!!

I had a pretty full weekend. I am happy to say that it's 7:03pm, and despite working two shifts at Green Bowl this weekend, I managed to do my laundry (although I have an entirely NEW basket full of dirty clothes already), prep ALL of my food for at LEAST the next two days...most of my food is prepped for the week. My dishes are DONE DONE DONE, I'm showered, my workouts are written out for the week, and my gym bag is packed with work clothes for tomorrow. Phew!I haven't been able to relax like this on a Sunday night in a long time!I had my cheat meal today, and I didn't go berserk. I ate at Waffle Shop after having 5 egg whites at home and FINALLY spending 30 minutes meditating outside.

That's my cheat meal:cheese omelette, pancakes, and home fries. I didn't eat all the potatoes, though. I should have eaten more throughout the day, but I didn't. Now, as I settle in for this movie with NOTHING ELSE to worry about, and nobody but my cat to interrupt, I'm going to have some chocolate dessert and potato chips. I know, I know. I shouldn't have the chips at all, and I should have had the dessert earlier. Shoulda would coulda. I'm going into this week with the goal of absolutely mastering my diet this week, and I want to start it off with a feeling of abundance, not deprivation. This is where I am this week. That reminds me...I should rewrite my affirmations before I watch this movie. Ok. Just ONE last thing before I relax.
Full Post

Volubilis International Festival ~ A gem of an event, small but perfectly formed


Local audiences embraced Volubilis Festival's six nights of Moroccan and world music, with good reason. The program was free, diverse and well chosen. Local acts ranged from sing-along favourites and established genres to rising 'New Scene' groups. Stage, sound and lighting production was excellent. Security was friendly, the atmosphere relaxed in both the riverside Jardin Lahboul, and the bustling Place Lahdim, by the landmark Bab Mansour

Lindsey Shaw Could Not Be More Proud of Paige McCullers


Yeah. Fans go crazy with everybody walking around. It's awesome.

Berserk Golden Age Arc 1: The Egg of the King

Berserk started out as an action, fantasy manga that dates all the way back to 1990. Amazingly, it's still going strong to this day. While I may not be deeply familiar with all of Berserk's history and lore, I do have my own history with the franchise. My experience with Berserk began with Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage, a Dreamcast video game released in the year 2000. At the time, I had no idea that this simple action game was based on a complex manga. The game turned out to be quite fun, though, so when I heard there was an anime as well, I just had to check it out.

The 1997 original anime series Berserk is one of the most well-known, lauded, and yet tragic anime series to ever exist. The anime was closely tied to the manga, right to a fault. Berserk's creator, Kentaro Miura, is notorious for releasing new volumes at a snail's pace, and the anime eventually caught up the manga and was left with no where to go. This left Berserk, the anime, with perhaps the worst ending in the history of fiction: a scene involving rape, mutilation, doom and despair, and with no finality and no heroic triumph.

Berserk Portal

ANIME: Berserk

GENRE: Action, Fantasy, Drama, Romance


What I Learned from Berserk **Spoilers**

1. OLM is cheap studio

1. a. It also stands for Oriental Light and Magic

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A1 Issue #1 and #2

WORDS: Dave Elliot, W.H. Rauf

ART: Barnaby Bagenda, Jessica Kholinne (The Weirding Willows), Rhoald Marcelius, Sakti Yuwono (Carpe DIEm), Garrie Gastony, Sakti Yuwono (Odyssey)

BUY IT: from your local comic shop

The summer the buildings fell, the cities crumbled and civilization turned to dust

In the last four weeks, I watched as city after city was destroyed, buildings collapsing like Lego blocks at a day-care center. Nations collapsed, infrastructure wiped out, millions of people killed, millions more injured, probably billionsmore left starving and homeless.

"Probably" because we don't know for sure; the human toll isn't mentioned much. Not a big concern, evidently.


Hello peeps out there - I am posting my card for the Christmas Card Club today, Lorraine chose this theme but can't post herself 'cos she is under the weather at the moment - I'm sending a virtual hug your way!Isn't it a lovely theme - it is open to so many interpretations, which I just lurve.

This post is a tad full of piccies because I wanted you to see it from all sides. I first saw a TeePee card on my friend Suzie's blog and squirrelled the idea away at the back of my mind.It is really 1.5 square cards glued together in a particular way.Mine is 6" square and I think the following pics will be self-explanatory.Oh and because there are soooo many pics, I have postponed the pics of me 'n' the hubster in Cornwall.You will have to wait patiently Jenny and Sue J.

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Denim Kelly Skirt N Megaphones Renfrew

After reading all the pretty blog posts on 's Kelly skirt, I also jumped on the Kelly Skirt bandwagon. I had 2 metres of denim in my stash and decided to use it for my first trial. Megan Nielsen paper pattern is so different from the usual tissue paper styles and they comes in pretty envelopes with velcro closure and instructions booklet. Cute!

Big Brother Aidan with his hammerhead shark which we brought last wkend during our trip to SEA LIFE AZ. He loves sharks!

Mel Gibson Confirmed as the New Villain in Expendables 3?

Hello Schmoeville! Mike Holtz here!

I love that my first post to you fine people on is about non-other than my man crush Mel Gibson. That's right . ever since I saw the suicidal, mullet rocking Riggs of Lethal Weapon so long ago, Mel Gibson has been one of my favorites. The past few years have been hard on Mel and I, as I'm sure you know he pissed off well .. everybody by acting like a d-bag. Since then he hasn't been allowed in the bigger films of Hollywooduntil now. Bless you Sly Stallone. Bless your muscular heart.

Joenen Jump: Monster

Hello everyone! I've been busy this whole summer. With the combination of moving back home, leaving my job, finding a new job and getting to move again, life has been getting in front of Joemiroquai. Thankfully, things are somewhat winding down in a calm-before-the-storm sense and I had some time to ignore reality and find an anime that I have heard some reviewers say," there's so much hype around it! It deserves all the hype! I am the hype! HYPE!" This being said, I was skeptical and in that judgmental mentality, but so far my summer hasn't let me down. So after watching Monster's Inc. and Monsters University, I decided to kick back on a Monster energy and Watch Naoki Urusawa's Monster!

Starring 90s Trent Reznor Monster started off as a manga in the early 2000s and later turned into a series in 2004-2005. I could type more logistical information, but what I found important is that this is a type of anime called seinen, which literally translates to "young man". I personally haven't heard of this title before; I only know the basic anime labels that mean things are adult material. However, seinen animes are aimed at young men/men who are grown up/ men who like good anime. I say this because according to Wikipedia, other seinen titles include: Hellsing, Berserk, Battle Royale, Ghost in the Shell, and Elfen Lied. Because of these titles, I expected lots of blood, gore, fan service, and everything that anime is stereotyped. However...I was deceived. Instead of watching "Generic Guy Anime Episode I: Boobs" I found an enticing, alluring thriller that kept me hooked and wanting more. I wish people would just say that this show just has a feel of its own and try not to put labels on it. There were many things that make this series gripping for people that are looking for serious anime. Maybe it was the female characters that you can actually relate to and aren't as interesting as watching your fingernails grow. Maybe it's the fact that you can see every one of these things happen in real life. I feel that this series broke from the "seinen" brand that people have put on it because although it is entertainment, it is the kind of entertainment of watching multiple perspectives on an issue and how natural and forced events can effect the outcome rather than watching hulking male leads kill things because your animation studio is great and your plot writers are a bunch of canines who forgot how to dog.for those who like pretty pictures and have no imagination.

Writer's Roundtable: Memorable Home Runs

This one is all about the Home Run, mostly because MLB's Home Run Derby is upon us, but also because "Chicks dig the long ball!"

What is the most memorable Home Run that you got to see in person? What you say is the most memorable Phillies HR ever? Is there a non-Phillies HR that helped get you hooked on baseball growing up?DON MCGETTIGAN: I was lucky enough to be at 2008 NLDS Game 2where with the Phillies already holding a 1-0 advantage in the series, the most unimaginable things occurred against one of baseball's best pitchers, C.C. Sabathia. With a runner on 2nd, Brett Myers worked a 9-pitch Walk, followed by Jimmy Rollins free pass on four-straight balls. The bases now loaded, Shane Victorino stepped to the plate and hit a Grand Slam into the seats in left field to give the Phillies a lead they would not surrender. It was at that moment I realized the Phillies could beat any pitcher that postseason and that winning the World Series could actually happen.

Pacific Rim (2013)

Another weekend, another gleaming vision of hellish catastrophe and destruction. After the comedic carnage of , the leveling of Metropolis and Smallville in , the crashing starships and terrorists strikes of and I'm told the nuking of London in this summer has been one terrifying orgy of pixellated havoc, and one longs for the quiet desolation of , the smooth search for identity amongst the lethal drone strikes and technological oppression. You might think that someone was trying to tell us something, that the cultural manifest was expressing some submerged fear of ecological or social devastation, and the permeation of these global dreads into kids movies is a rather worrying development for which we can conclude that the worlds global Armageddon clock has ticked one minute closer to the apocalypse. OK, OK, maybe its the heat stroke 'cause I'm exaggerating of course, but with the arrival of , Guillermo Del Toro's clanking, braying CGI tour-de-force which pits gargantuan para-dimensional Kaiju monsters - think Godjira or King Kong or Mothra - against building sized robotic juggernauts I am curious to see the younger generations response to this dazzling conflagration of extinction threatening violence, as make no mistake this is a film very much aimed at the younger cinema-goers of the ten to fourteen age range, rather than the slightly older teenage demographic which dominates the lucrative summer season. In terms of full disclosure I must admit that I was in a somewhat fragile, self-inflicted hungover state when enduring this berserk blend of movie genres, my expectations weren't stratospherically high other than potentially enjoying some destructive eye candy and a couple of hours of throwaway popcorn attuned fun with perhaps a buttery smattering of Del Toro's empathic monster-mash-ups, what I witnessed instead was a rather frustrating combination of broad clich s and juvenile plot contrivances bolted on to his otaku obsessions, a three star movie housed in the shell ofcavernous cinematic promise.

The near future, and some barnacle encrusted boffins have made a slightly worrying discovery - a para-dimensional portal rift has seared through the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean, and this tear in the space-time continuum rather irritatingly appears to be coughing out mega-behemoth monsters to rampage through the shrieking populations of the Oriental plate and the western seaboard of North America. This humongous plague brings the world community together to launch a mechanical counterstrike which is christened as the Jaeger program, the ambitious construction of similarly sized robotic guardians piloted by two psychically linked souls due to the neural operative pressures being too much for a single pilot to handle alone, a hilariously implausible and unwieldy concept called "Drifting". This international force achieves some early victories in fending off the devastating attacks, but a sinister intelligence behind the onslaught is revealed as the rate and size of the invasion exponentially grows, causing the worlds government to seek alternative methods of a hopeless defence. Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) a one man charisma vacuum and sole survivor of one of the initial alien sorties is lured back to the programme through the barking persuasion of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba and no, I'm not making that name up), teamed up with tear-stained newbie Mako Mori (Rinko Kicuchi) this new couple must find their courage and forge a mutual trust as two deeply irritating scientists conduct some desperate R&D in an effort to build a strategy to counter the threat, played by the sneering suit Stryver from the The Dark Knight Rises (Burn Gorman) and J.J.Abrams Charlie Day a final desperate mission is hatched to assault the rift and close the breach, and as the trailer so cringeworthy instructs us to 'cancel the Apocalypse' .

Brett's Videogame Review Roundup! .... or Games You're not Playing Right Now! ... Well, maybe one or two of them you are ...

Alright, here's a round up of 8 games I've played since February (basically since my son was born) ... outside of Heart of the Swarm, I doubt anyone would be playing the others right now. LOL. ... But JUST IN CASE you decided you wanted to go back and pick up one of these fine *cough cough* titles, here are my thoughts on them. I must say, my reviews are based on the amount of fun I had with them, not some issues that some reviewers will knock a score down a bit over.

On with it!.... WARNING! ... if you care, there might be !SPOILERS! ahead.

Feels like summer...

I feel like I have earned the right to sit down today! Yesterday I donned my lumberjack shirt and lugged bits of felled tree into my car and drove several loads to the local tip. Note that husband has no regard for the felt roof in my old jeep but goes berserk if we so much as touch the roof in his. My car is looking worse for wear and will probably never be rid of conifer bits and pieces.

I think I mentioned before that my car should really have a sign on it saying, Juanita's Property Maintenance Services. Letting a property is seriously stressful and nothing surprises me anymore. You think you are a good judge of people and it turns out you are not. We have just spent the best part of a month putting right what the last occupants did to the property.

Actually it is all hands on deck when it comes to it. Mum and Dad do lots too. Dad is particularly meticulous when it comes to lawn mowing. Mum and I clean and do the cosmetic touches. M fixes broken things. This time round we have painted the whole house which is something I don't want to have to do again in a hurry.

Monday, July 15, 2013

(MOVIE) Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman is back in The Adamantium-clawed hero, "The Wolverine."

Set in Japan and directed by James Mangold Logan aka Wolverine played by HUGH JACKMAN IS BACK IN THE ULTIMATE STORY ABOUT THE ADAMANTIUM-CLAWED HERO, "THE WOLVERINE." "The Wolverine," vulnerable and alone at the start of the movie, is searching for meaning in his life.Logan travels to Tokyo where he is embroiled in a mysterious web of tangled loyalties, deceit and intrigue, fighting bloody battles against deadly adversaries in a world that is entirely foreign to him. The most iconic character in the X-Men universe embarks upon on an epic journey in modern-day Japan, the century-old mutant known to the world as Wolverine, is lured to Japan that he hasn't seen since World War II - and into a shadowy world of Yakuza and Samurai. Suddenly finding himself on the run with a mysterious, beautiful heiress and confronted for the first time with the prospect of true mortality, Logan will be pushed to the physical and emotional edge - further than he's ever been. On a perilous journey to rediscover the hero inside, Logan will be forced to grapple not only with powerful foes, mutant and human alike, but with the ghosts of his own haunted past, as well. As The Wolverine crosses his adamantium claws with Samurai swords, striking out through a maze of love, betrayal and honor, he will truly come to know the price of a life without end. "This story takes The Wolverine into a world that is vastly different from any seen before in the X-Men series," says Hugh Jackman, who also serves as a producer on the film."It's visually different and the tone is different.There are a lot of battles in this story, but the greatest battle of all is the one within Logan between being a monster and a becoming a human being."Jackman saw in this untold part of the character's history a rare chance to dive even deeper beneath The Wolverine's indestructibility, and to illuminate his darkest aspects in a new way. "One thing I find particularly interesting about Wolverine is his immortality, the fact that with his healing factor he can go on forever like a god, and because of that he also experiences the loneliness of a god.Even when Logan loses those he loves, he knows that he will keep going on," director James Mangold observes. "He's been going on for a century now, through wars and battles and deaths of his loved ones and he's come to a point of great weariness.It's a classic theme- the man who can live forever but suffers because of it. Logan is a damaged hero, and this story is very much about him looking to reclaim something he's lost in himself." "Jim Mangold knows how to make a movie that is fun, has incredible action, and yet also delivers all the finer elements of character and storytelling," says Jackman. "He pushed me to go deeper, angrier, heavier, more berserk in every way and in every take." From the start, Mangold wanted to break the mold of the comic book-based film. Explains the director:"What interested me about The Wolverine was doing something quite different from the standard superhero movie, where it's about stopping a villain's diabolical plot. In this story, the action and suspense are built more on character, and are woven into a world that makes for a completely different kind of experience, one that you haven't seen before." "THE WOLVERINE" opens in more than 200 screens nationwide on July 25 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Check out "The Wolverine" latest trailer here:
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ACF 1971: VIZ at 2013 Comic Con

ONE PIECE (c) 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.


Please welcome Poppet!



Your Brief History Of Giant Robots

Adi Tantimedh writes;

So GUILLERMO DEL TORO's PACIFIC RIM opened last weekend and there are some people who think it's a rip-off of TRANSFORMERS.

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 17, 2013

Young Merlin by Ken McCracken

Due to lightning storms this forecast was delayed.

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ July 15, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano


Feel the Fury of "The Wolverine"

Set in Japan and directed by James Mangold, Logan aka Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman is back in the ultimate story about the adamantium-clawed hero, "The Wolverine."

"The Wolverine," vulnerable and alone at the start of the movie, is searching for meaning in his life. Logan travels to Tokyo where he is embroiled in a mysterious web of tangled loyalties, deceit and intrigue, fighting bloody battles against deadly adversaries in a world that is entirely foreign to him.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


In 1987, I was listening to '80s fluff metal the likes of Poison, Ratt, and M tley Cr e and I loved every hair-banging minute of it.

Then something happened. I met a gang of punk rockers that loved getting suspended from school and going to all-ages hardcore shows at the now defunct Rat in Boston's Kenmore Square. I tried to keep up with these ruffians, but ultimately settled into the more "sensitive" side ofalternative bands like The Cure and The Jesus and Mary Chain. I hung around the mall with my new group of gothy, punky girl-friends (i.e., friends that were girls. Not "girlfriends").We sat around darkly lit bedrooms, smoking clove cigarettes, drinking peach schnapps, and talked about INXS, Depeche Mode, and 10,000 Maniacs amid posters of said bands until all hours of the night.I still hung around with my neighborhood buddies who smoked weed and listened to classic rock like Boston and Bad Company, which I still liked, but they knew I was veering off into different, and to them, strange territory.

I'm In The Mood For Thieving

Another week, another installment in one man's odyssey round every Vue multiplex within the M25. Yes, it's NEW CINEMA REVIEW again, and this time it's the Vue Islington, offering yet another scam new pricing option - 'Vue Extreme', with bigger screens, better sound, and so on. The effect of the giant screen, etc, was really lost on me as I found myself sitting about a quarter of a mile away from it. I was quite impressed by the fact that the theatre actually had an usher who occasionally popped up in an attempt to ush the teenagers going berserk in the aisles - though this was still really just putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. O tempora! O mores!

Once upon a time it was quite unusual for a film to get what is called a day-and-date release - this is when a film is simultaneously unleashed upon audiences around the world. Before theatres went digital, the cost of striking all those extra prints was prohibitive except in the case of the very biggest, and most prone to be pirated, films. To give an example, got a day-and-date release, but didn't, arriving in the UK two weeks after its US launch: something almost unthinkable for a major summer blockbuster today.

Father's Day Top Ten Countdown

This Father's Day made me think about the past 3 years. So fast. Too fast. I need my kids to slow down. Before they become teenagers. Ugh. I'm really dreading their teenage years can you tell?

But we'll worry about the future another day. For now, I want to remember the many unforgettable moments or as I prefer to think of them as - things I can't unsee.

Good times. Bad times. Wonderful surprises. Life scarring trauma. I made a list.

Hot D**n, James Franco's About to Get Roasted

Getty Images

Well, it's about time, really.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

COMIC REVIEW: Indestructible Hulk #10

Indestructible Hulk #10's the second and final part of "Blind Rage", showcasing the team-up between Hulk and Daredevil as they try to avert Baron Zemo who got his hands on some heavy weaponry that can hurt the green monster.

Here, Mark Waid brings us a team-up of two characters he's working on and I'd say we got a decent story and development here. One moment we see Baron Zemo with the Hydra, then the villains clashing with the duo and a few flips later, the duo ends up fighting against each other. All the action's narrated by Banner who seems to be recalling what happened. Classic and somewhat expected every time Hulk teams-up with anybody and ends up on one of his rage fits.

Walking Meditation: Be Nice

A little while ago, I read a brief on-line discussion about the words 'cute' and 'nice'.I think we can all agree that they are generic words, words that make a writer cringe.'Cute' is appropriate for animals and kids, absolutely.Both words are insipid and insulting when describing works of art, so I won't even discuss that aspect of 'nice'.I want to talk about being nice.

Indi and I pass a house every morning on our way to the park that has several dogs chilling on the porch or in the backyard.If they're in the backyard, Indi has to stop and sniff them through the fence.Being Chihuahuas, they go berserk, thus offending Indi and causing her to bark back.This morning, I pulled her away and said, "That is not nice!"That started my meditation on niceness.



Huhu,ever since I installed Blogger as my phone application,I felt like posting a lot of entry duh.. :p

Spring 2013 Episode Rankings

WordPress has changed its look ever so slightly. Nothing major, just that the toolbar at the top looks darker, and the text in the dashboard seems to be bigger (though I may be imagining that last part). However, it has reminded me that my blog itself hasn't changed its look since I had the Kaiji theme a couple of years agomight be time to play about with some other themes, or even just throw together a new banner. That might even be enough to inspire me to post more!

Dot Pixis' liquor: too strong even for Titans1 -

Running on the heart there is good or bad effect

When you run it, you will feel the affection exhausted too fast, and heavy. Why affection will exhaust so berserk it?

Sleep or rest, the cardiac achievement of blood, about 3-5 liters per minute or so will be enough, so the affection exhausted a little slower abbreviating was mildly, save some effort.


I am not a gamer. I hardly ever play video games, and have only very sporadically played video games in the last several years. Interestingly, I played a ton of video games as a child--hours and hours of them. I played all of the classic Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers until I got all high-tech and got a Nintendo 64. I also clocked many hours playing violent computer video games like Duke Nukem 3D and Doom 2. How I loved shooting aliens and watching their heads explode. Ah, memories

I spent a little over an hour last night playing "Borderlands" for PS3. Borderlands is considered an "action role-playing first-person shooter." It's set on an alien planet, and there are four different characters: Brick, a tank-style "Berserker", Lilith, a Siren who possesses powers of invisibility and some elemental powers, Mordecai, a sniper hunter with an attack alien bird-thing, and Roland, a soldier. I chose Roland because I liked his name and I wanted to be a big black guy. My gaming partner chose Mordecai. I didn't get the entire gist of the story, but from what I gathered we were mercenaries venturing out on this planet to collect riches by completing various missions for other non-character players and shooting aliens and hostiles. I like shooting aliens.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Anime Nite Orlando: It's MANIME!

Coming hot off the heels of , we have our next Anime Nite Orlando! It will be Thursday, June 13th at 8pm! The location will be in downtown Orlando at 1919 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL!

This event is going to be hot-blooded, fierce, and filled with testosterone because the theme for June is It's MANIME! featuring anime covered from our legendary convention panel! We're gonna make it rain beef jerky and headbutts while showing you anime that will put hair on your chest!

1997: Take My Evolution

Eric McLeod (@) didn't really know what anime was until high school. His only anime before that point were Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, but after discovering shows like Trigun and Cowboy Bebop, he decided to give this thing called anime a try. He is currently the editor of anime content at , where he blogs about the current anime season, and is working to become a history teacher when he's not bemoaning the anime fandom on Twitter.1997 is a prime example of the adage "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

Many franchises would be born, die, or take a break in 1997. Magical-girl shows were still selling like hot cakes, super robot shows still had a footing in the market, and a little series about taming magical monsters would become one of the biggest things in the world. However, there was a noticeable shift in the content of TV anime this year, and that shift owes Neon Genesis Evangelion a favor.

Falling Skies 2 Part 2 Hour Season 3 Premiere Sunday June 9, 2013 9PM ET/PT



Christian Women Go in for the Kill on a Natural Hair Forum? Where's the Respect?

I must say that Friday afternoon and evening were quite an experience for me on Facebook.Without naming the name of the Facebook forum, I will only say that the forum is for swapping and selling natural hair and skin products.While a great forum for learning about products and getting the chance to try out products, I've never swapped or sold there.

Yesterday afternoon a woman posts "Can We Have a Praise Break? Let's Give God The Glory for a Sec! Go!"

6/3/13: Yep, the Billion Dollar Princess is calling other people selfish.

Meh. Trips/Axel again. Can't Trips just go away? Wait, Stephanie? Oh good lord this can't be good. She announces that she's pulled a power play to get Trips/Axel canceled, pretty much buries Axel with a comment about him being "beneath" Trips, and begins to lecture the fans about being selfish. Yep, the Billion Dollar Princess is calling other people selfish. Hilarious. Vince then shows up and pretty much says the same things, including lecturing the fans and those "beneath" comments. Hey, if they wanna keep him off TV, that's fine with me, but stop trying for the standing ovation and stop burying Axel. They're then interrupted by the Shield. Commercial!

So apparently Vince and Stephanie cleared out during the commercial. So much for hyping what they were gonna do before the commercial. What a waste. And here comes Orton. And Hell No. Who're arguing again. Bryan and Ambrose start as the announcers continue to yammer about Trips and Vince and Stephanie. How about you all be quiet about that now? Bryan sends Ambrose down and lays in with kicks. Kane tags in. Near-falls. Bryan and Rollins are in, and Bryan's still kicking the hell out of people. Kane tags back in and throws Rollins around, squashing him in the corners and hitting a side slam for a near-fall. Kane goes up top and Rollins intercepts him. Near-fall. Commercial!

Poe's Pick of the Week, Plus MP-12 Sideswipe, Bandai, Man of Steel, Sideshow & More at BBTS


Here it is - the mother of all S.H.MonsterArts figures. It's doubtful there will ever be a bigger S.H.MonsterArts figure. There aren't a whole lot of Biollante figures out there, but those that are tend to be both rare and extremely expensive. And this one's super-articulated! Tamashii is hinting we may get a BioGoji to go with it, which would make me very happy.

AD Police Files Review

Hey everybody! Today marks the beginning of my 4-month series of reviews. Like I said in my post first telling you about this series, I'll be posting up two reviews a week. For this one, I got a dose cyberpunk for you, and a infamous piece of 90s anime shlock. Gear up, strap in, and lets start off this series with a prequel review for an iconic piece of cyberpunk anime. Here's a review for AD Police Files.


Tera Online -Rising-

Gamespot Score: 7.5 (Good)

My Score: 7.7

1st Anime Boston 2013

HEY BUNNIES! Ready for part 2 of my trip to Anime Boston?

Saturday started the same way, we got breakfast and headed out early. One of my friends and I especially needed to get back to the con early so we could get to see the Lolita fashion show! It was to start at 10 am and by the time we got there, there already was a looooooooong line! But I luckily for us, they probably anticipated this and it was in a huge room so we were able to get seats. I was so excited because I never saw a fashion show before.

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera episode 8: "Hey! Sit Still and Behave"

"Here's a nice kick in the ass for ya!"

"Excuse me, my groin won't go back to normal!"

The EIRIN Goes Berserk

I've been pretty quiet about the BERSERK: THE GOLDEN AGE ARC/ film trilogy up until this point. Truth be told I've held off on watching them until all three films were available, partly because I didn't want to torture myself with waiting a year and change to see the next one, and partly because... well, the trailer footage left me unsure if I wanted to watch the film at all.

Kentaro MIURA's now 24 year old Berserk manga is a powerhouse of of character building, realistic pseudo-European dark ages fantasy, and shocking horror, with a total of 38 collected volumes so far - and, to this day, no end in sight. This very specific combination propels the Golden Age into one of the most memorable and unusual experiences available in Japanese comics out there. It was adapted as one of the very first "otaku" shows in 1997 by Oriental Light and Magic, an experiment that pushed the boundaries of violence and sexuality on basic broadcast in an industry that had just been up-ended by surprising mainstream break-outs like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Revolutionary Girl Utena. The 25 episode BERSERK: TVseries was certainly extraordinary for its time - a gorgeously designed, phenomenally cast and scored adaptation of the manga that focused on the character development more than the fantastic and horrific elements of the original source material - but the sudden, explicitly grotesque final episode that left many seemingly important details unexplained left non-Japanese audiences with the worst case of storytelling blue-balls this side of The Sopranos.

Nominations for Anime Music Tourney

Oh look! A post about anime. Taka here! Yes I have risen from the depths to once again place a post upon Digitalboy's humble little blog about Ponies.

Gasp! The light of the viewer's gaze chars my flesh. I shall be with you but a moment.

X-MEN Episode Twenty-Three

Beauty and the Beast

Written by Stephanie Mathison

On The Shelf: July 3, 2013

The upside to being staff at a con and never having a moment to visit the dealer's room, is that you don't end up spending much money. It doesn't mean I'm rolling in dollar bills, alas, but I am always grateful to have a little budget wiggle room when new release day comes around.

My must-have buy this week is the first volume of 's new series, WOLFSMUND. This past weekend at, Ed Chavez spoke about the artist's work as assistant to both the creators of Emma and Berserk, as well as showed us some interior artwork. This is a book I definitely need to have.

7/4/13: That wall's being held together by duct tape now.

I almost forgot Impact was on tonight, but apparently all I missed were the opening recaps, as when I got over there Aries and his ill-gotten gains were already in the ring with a mic. He talks about last week and the X-Division title shot option, then says he's planning on cashing in. He demands Hogan show up, because we all know we can't get an Impact without Hogan in the opening segment. Hogan yammers about last year and last week as well, and there's some 4th wall breakage. Seriously, keep kayfabe, guys. That wall's being held together by duct tape now. Hogan books a 3-way X-Division match for the show main, announcing that Suicide's not Suicide anymore, but Manic. Except he's still got the same ring gear. That's not good. Is there any reason for that? Sabin's also in the match, and he even gets the time to talk a bit about reclaiming the title. We're kicked to the announcers who're on hype duty, and Taz gets to claim that the biker ninjas are the most powerful group in TNA. As I recover from my laughingfit, we're kicked backstage to Bad Influence catching the camera guy barging into their locker room. AJ/Kazarian's on tap tonight, so they talk about that and him. Commercial!

Update on the BFG Series standings, and what the holy hell are Bad Influence wearing? Apparently it's Throwback Thursday again, so they're Siegfried and Roy. Also, what the hell's Christy Hemme wearing? She must be cold. AJ comes out next, and Kazarian gets hit as soon as the match starts, sending him to the floor. AJ follows up with a dropkick, then brings Kazarian back in. They fight in the corner, a whip gets reversed, AJ floats over, and Kazarian's sent back to the corner where they started. Chop, whip, flying fist. Whip again, but Kazarian dodges the fist this time. Monkey flip out of the corner, and Kazarian immediately leaps on AJ and starts raining down fists. He continues the offense, keeping AJ neutralized and on the mat. Daniels gives words of encouragement at ringside, but AJ's back up and clotheslines happen. Whip to the corner, AJ gets elevated to the apron. He hits Kazarian, staggering him back, then springboards back in with the forearm. Near-fall, and they trade blows. Kazarian sends AJ to te corner with a dropkick to the chest, and there's another near-fall. AJ keeps Kazarian down, then locks on the Calf Killer in the middle of the ring. After trying to crawl a bit, Kazarian has to tap. Backstage, Mickie's requesting a ladder. OK. Commercial!

The Volm are A Potential Ally in Humanity's War on the Aspheni, or Are They? "Falling Skies" Has Returned

Alright, folks, last night TNT aired the season 3 premiere for their hot sci-fi TV series "Falling Skies", and it looks as if the tide of the war really has begun to turn in the favor of humanity. The first episode, "On Thin Ice", began with a rescue mission. It's been 7 months since the end of the previous season and a little under 2 years since the Aspheni invaded Earth. It has also been around a year since the show's events began. Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) is now the president of the people of what used to be Charleston, South Carolina, and indeed just as the 2nd Mass has been merged into the Charleston Resistance (as the militia is now called), more and more refugees are relocating here, and more harnessed kids are being rescued and de-harnessed. How is it? Wait and see. So here is just one of these rescue missions, near an industrial development the Aspheni are using as a mine. It is to rescue the friends of the daughter of Dan Weaver (Will Patton), who has now been promoted to major, lt. colonel, and finaly the full rank of colonel. He and Jeanne Weaver (Lacey O'Malley is what I think her real name is) are in charge of the operation. They and the Berserkers led by John Pope (Colin Cunningham) along with Ben Mason (Connor Jessup) and his fellow de-harnessed kid and new girlfriend Danielle (an African-American who has dreadlocks) and his brother Matt (Maxim Knight), who uses a mysterious type of explosive charge that looks futuristic, manage to destroy the Skitters and mechs at the mine and rescue the children and also do so with the help of their brother Hal (Drew Roy), who knows of course that an eye-bug has been placed in him yet isn't willing to do anything about it. It is because of this that it's revealed he is apparently wheelchair bound. Suddenly, a pair of gigantic new "mega-mechs", which are mobile pieces of larger artillery, appear and attack and it takes more effort to destroy the gigantic mechanical beasts. However, the day is thankfully saved when the Skitter Rebellion, led by who appears ! to be Red-Eye's son (his right eye is bloodied and it therefore is possible he's related to the deceased Skitter Rebellion leader somehow), attacks and buys the humans precious time to escape. Tom Mason and the other humans show up along with a very special ally: Cochise (Doug Jones of "H---boy" fame), the alien they encountered at the end of the season 2 finale, who is the leader of the Volm race. The Volm, it turns out, are the mortal enemies of the Aspheni (hence why that weapon was constructed and when it was destroyed the Volm arrived on Earth, adding chaos to the Aspheni and making them beginning to question if the invasion of Earth is worth it). All of Tom's men and women, including Cochise, are also on horseback as well. Oh, and it turns out that Cochise and his people can talk. They can speak the English language (and maybe others) perfectly with some fluency. Everyone gets back to the Charleston fortress, with the Volm and Skitter fortresses nearby and it is here that a now very-pregnant Dr. and Frst Lady Anne Glass-Mason (Moon Bloodgood) uses a new technique to completely de-harness the harnessed kids. This is another piece of Volm technology, which resembles a cat-scan device. She and her assistant Lourdes (Seychelle Gabrielle) work their hands into the device and introduce gasses that are poisonous to the harness-creature. As it turns out, the harness is still alive even after it has bitten into its victim's back. By putting her hands through the machine in a small opening on the side, Dr. Glass-Mason introduces poisonous gasses that cause the harness to be burned alive from the inside and kill it. The gasses also destroy the spikes, so the harnessed kids, including Jeanne's former boyfriend Diego, are completely de-harnessed. Problem solved. It is also revealed here that Tom Mason, as President, now has his own secretary, Marina Perlata (Gloria Reuben of "ER" fame; Noah Wyle also starred in "ER" as his first TV show). In the war room, everyone is debriefed by Tom and Cochise, with Tom's m! ilitary l! eadership still not knowing if they can trust the Volm or even the Skitters. (Indeed, the rebel Skitters can no longer afford to visit the human fortress simply because there is still some feeling of distrust between both peoples, as Red-Eye Jr. reveals through Ben and Danielle to Tom and Dan when they visit the Skitter Rebellion fortress.) It is revealed here that Weaver's commanding officer Jim Porter (Dale Dye) has now been promoted to full 4-star general with his predecessor Bressler now being the defense secretary. Then we get a glimpse into Hal and his nightmares that he's having because of the fact that the eye-bug has been introduced into his system and is acting like a mini-harness (it can bite into Hal's spine, hence why he's been wheelchair-bound but is making a good recovery and learning to walk again). These "nightmares" are really Hal sleepwalking into a forest nearby where he has contact with Karen Nadler (Jessy Schram), his ex-girlfriend who was harnessed. As it turns out her harness has nowcompletely been absorbed into her back, although she still hasn't even changed. Hal is reluctant to be a traitor to humanity (and indeed everyone knows there's a traitor in their midst since Cochise has pointed out that the Aspheni are getting more aggressive due to the chaos and fear instilled in them now that their enemies have arrived on Earth, and later Tom's mentor and former President Dr. Arthur Manchester, "Lost"'s Terry O'Quinn, is found murdered, having been killed by someone with an illegal Volm blaster, as he and former drug-cop Anthony, played by Mpho Kaho, are investigating who is doing it), but Karen continues to get aggressive to him. She is a young woman who has been scorned (remember that Hal is an 18-year-old now so Karen also is probably 18), and is desperate to get her ex-boyfriend back. In fact in the first nightmare we view, Hal actually ends up (I kid you not) losing his virginity when Karen gets completely naked and forces him to have sex with her. The nightmares also cause co! ncern for! his current girlfriend and Berserker, Maggie (Sarah Carter), who notices his boots have mud on them. Dr. Glass also delivers her baby, a girl, near the end of the episode, but she gradually begins to notice that the girl is advancing somehow in development beyond her years and she rightly suspects that Karen did something to it. (Remember? When the 2nd Mass was taken hostage when they tried to blow up the Aspheni weapon, Karen felt Anne's abdomen and announced her pregnancy. Remember, of course, that it was thanks to the quick-thinking of the Skitter Rebellion that the 2nd Mass got freed and blew the facility up.) The girl smiles more and cries less. She also knows how to speak a little bit, and also knows how to trace out looks. This gradually begins being noticed in the second episode, "Collateral Damage". Oh, and the Berserkers have also opened up a magnificent saloon-styled bar complete with a gambling club and Pope also makes his drinks on the house, AND Cochise later takes Tom and Weaver down to the olm fortress where he shows them a massive ion cannon designed to help the Volm's ships land under construction. Dan, who is understandably suspicious of the Volm and thinks they're really here to build up their own galactic empire (I wonder if Palpatine's going to use Sith lightning on me for saying this), is nevertheless interested to see how this weapon works and what it does. Tom understand's Dan's suspicions, but reminds him that sometimes questionable alliances have to be made in war (such as FDR and Churchill allying with Stalin to end WWII). So, now for the second episode. Ben and girlfriend Danielle have found thanks to Skitter intelligence where the Aspheni's main manufacturing center for droid starfighters (known as "beamers") and mechs (including the new mega-mech), just as in the previous season he also found the main harness-farming plant and harnessing facility for North America. Just as the harnessing facility was converted from an office building, this manufacturing center has been c! onverted ! from a nuclear power plant. We also learn that the human resistance has gotten into farming in order to feed its masses (so horses aren't the only farm animals they're using). It's got goats for dairy products and has chickens for eggs and even meats. (There is also of course enough green stuff and even grain-type foods as well.) And we even learn that poor Matt has become somewhat a hothead for the fact that he's allowing himself to work for the military when he and some "friends" (yeah, right) use a stick of dynamite to blow up an abandoned home, which makes Anne, his new mom, mad since he's skipped school (including homework) just to be a hothead. She orders him back into the classroom, but not before he insults her. (At episode's end he does apologize and it's revealed the house he blew up was being rebuilt, along with all houses in the greater Charleston area, in order to rebuild the city and relocate the refugees, especially those with families.) Meanwhile, Tom and Dan and other military leaders alongwith Perlata come up with an ambitious plan to destroy the Aspheni droid-manufacturing facility without nuclear fallout. They enlist the help of the agoraphobic power foreman Dr. Roger Kadar (Robert Sean Leonard of "House" fame) and he says that the facility will have to be shut down in order to prevent fallout, and will also have 2 sets of teams to do this. Tom, Dr. Kadar, and Maggie will go into the facility and plant charges and shut it down while Weaver and other soldiers will distract the Skitters and mechs at the facility. It works: The Skitters and mechs are kept at bay while Tom and Dr. Kadar (who loses his glasses and almost can't see in the process) shut the facility down and Maggie plants charges along with Anthony to destroy the place. There are, however, complications. It is here that we now learn what happens to harnessed children: They become exactly like Skitters with scales (and their skin becoming an exoskeleton and their internal organs completely destroyed) and a skeletal-like hea! d, and ev! en act like Skitters with their growls and powerful abilities, but otherwise retain their human form and can still speak like humans. In fact, a Skitter also fatally bites on of the soldiers as well and it kills him. Amazingly, this plan has also managed to work despite Hal, now revealed to be the traitor, giving information away to the Aspheni by using the eye-bug, which in its curled-up "pill bug" ball-like form can be used as a scanner. Thus the day is saved once again, and the episode ends with Maggie rescuing Hal and telling him he can walk again, and that she suspects that the eye-bug does exist and is within Hal. Dr. Glass's and Tom's daughter also continues to act weird, suggesting she too is an unknowing spy within the human resistance. And Cochise warns Tom and Weaver that even though the Aspheni have really been dealt a lethal blow, they will continue to try and attack with whatever it is they have left. (Kind of like the Japanese in WWII, fighting to the last man and even using their own civilias no matter how much lives are costed.) After the episode ends, a preview showing scenes that will appear in every remaining episode this season airs. Alright, folks, there you have it. A quick summary of last night's season premiere for "Falling Skies", which will now air at 10 at night instead of 9 at night. As a result, I will instead watch each episode on my computer the Monday after each episode airs from now on to preserve my sleep. It is good that we now have an alien who can speak directly, as well as their technology being given as gifts. I hope they are there to help humanity, but is it possible that they are really there for their own interests? They say their world was also attacked by the Aspheni, and that they have been able to liberate many star systems the Aspheni have invaded, but is it really because they want to build up their own empire and thus cut out their competition across the galaxy? We don't know yet, but we'll get more information as the season goes. So, that's it for this! week. I ! need to go exercise right now, so I'm ending the post now. Goodbye to all of you and I hope to see you all again this coming week with continuing "Falling Skies" developments.
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