Friday, July 19, 2013

Week One Complete!!!

I had a pretty full weekend. I am happy to say that it's 7:03pm, and despite working two shifts at Green Bowl this weekend, I managed to do my laundry (although I have an entirely NEW basket full of dirty clothes already), prep ALL of my food for at LEAST the next two days...most of my food is prepped for the week. My dishes are DONE DONE DONE, I'm showered, my workouts are written out for the week, and my gym bag is packed with work clothes for tomorrow. Phew!I haven't been able to relax like this on a Sunday night in a long time!I had my cheat meal today, and I didn't go berserk. I ate at Waffle Shop after having 5 egg whites at home and FINALLY spending 30 minutes meditating outside.

That's my cheat meal:cheese omelette, pancakes, and home fries. I didn't eat all the potatoes, though. I should have eaten more throughout the day, but I didn't. Now, as I settle in for this movie with NOTHING ELSE to worry about, and nobody but my cat to interrupt, I'm going to have some chocolate dessert and potato chips. I know, I know. I shouldn't have the chips at all, and I should have had the dessert earlier. Shoulda would coulda. I'm going into this week with the goal of absolutely mastering my diet this week, and I want to start it off with a feeling of abundance, not deprivation. This is where I am this week. That reminds me...I should rewrite my affirmations before I watch this movie. Ok. Just ONE last thing before I relax.
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