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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 17, 2013

Young Merlin by Ken McCracken

Due to lightning storms this forecast was delayed.

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano




In many areas of the world society collapses, and becomes a free for all with civil wars, civil conflict, riots, and ongoing protests. From a cosmic perspective, this is preparation, a WAY forward, and toward global freedom for All.

At this time, Machiavellian scandals explode all around us. Every diversionary tactic will be used to hide the most devastating and horrific of these crimes against humanity. This tactic by the dark-side controllers will cause a colossal backlash, and in the long scheme of history they will have hung themselves.

Also, this week another major leader on the world stage will likely fall.

On the land changes front, weather 'superstorm' explosions continue, with more massive flooding on the near horizon. The explosive land changes escalate across the planet -- volcanoes, earthquakes, sinkholes.

The sun boils with serpentine-striking power, changing-affecting the weather. Likely, there will be more fireball phenomena exploding in the sky during this year of 2013. Also, asteroids, comets arrive in packs. For, their time has finally come.

On the personal front, this week is about opening our eyes to see, opening our ears to hear... and opening our minds, our hearts. For now, 'truths' that have been kept hidden for centuries are being revealed wholesale.

This new knowledge will not only impact the entire world, but impact each one of us on an individual level. Many of us will alter our lives, from subtle life changes to an immediate hundred-and-eighty-degree turn.

Take time to absorb these impacts on your life. Look for the real story behind the story. Then act, and act fast. This is a take-action week.

On the AWAKENING front, The Titanic Shift Is Upon Us... the colossal plates of time, Aquarian age energy, and several dimensions are shifting, colliding... separating, then coming together. Boom, bam, bang!

As stated at the beginning, these are explosive times on all levels, from physical explosions around the world to massive explosive changes in society, with the main spotlight on religion for right now. Now, in general, governmental structures explode apart -- some of it slow motion, but a whole lot it flash-bang rapidly.

Also, the sands of time are running out for the dark-side global controllers. In the grand cosmic scheme, they must either conquer humanity or become the conquered.

Thus, extreme violence escalates, sweeping over the world, with the Middle East being targeted alongside the continent of Africa. Both of these regions are loaded with the remains of antediluvian technology.

Meanwhile, South America explodes onto the world scene with ancient and before-the-flood history, now revealed as never before. Keep an eye out, and learn.

On the magickal, mystical front, the *unfolding* of the true magickal realm -- what was, what is -- will be heralded by the magician once known as Merlin. He walks in concert with the 'Mages of Ages Lost'. This week, together they challenge the black-hearted Serpent Magicians with the formidable power of lightning.

On the paranormal front, the high-strangeness beasts continue to show themselves. Many are being loosed from neighboring dimensions. Some exist in time-locked pockets that now flux open.

Some have never left, and reappear before the public because of the current land changes. As well, genetically created chimera-beasts are escaping from black projects. One of those gene-engineered creatures could be found on the East Coast. Of course, a mundane explanation will be put forth.

Contact with other races, those alien to our human race, will increase substantially. However, several of these races are not extraterrestrial.

On the economic front, 'ballistic' will be an understatement as this week, andthe month of June progresses. The world's stock markets continue going wonky -- falling, rising, plummeting -- then, promising but never delivering,

Gold is slated to drop significantly again within the coming weeks. If this occurs, it will be another strategic move to steal everyone's personal supply of gold coins/bullion. The Too Big to Fail Banks are desperately seeking gold reserves.

This week the final nefarious push begins. The super robber barons bring their best-worst game against humanity. Every move will be about establishing their dominance as Mad Dog Kings of the Money Pile. And, they will be merciless.

Meanwhile, whistleblowers, and other Brave Ones behind the scenes, will emerge, providing kill-the-giants info.

Here's one example that has been leaked: HEADLINE: "Bank of America Lied to Homeowners and Rewarded Foreclosures, Former Employees Say ~ | Bank of America employees regularly lied to homeowners seeking loan modifications according to sworn statements by former bank employees."

On the war front, this week, big nasty secretive doings, and major chessboard moves made by the dark-side elite. This will involve the shaky situation around the undeclared emperor, and his ongoing fall from grace.

Look for the presstitute news media to justify *war* hard this week, and into next week. At the same time -- using subtle propaganda methods -- martial law will be touted as necessary, and good for the country.

Most of the public won't buy it, however. This is why several false-flag events are in the works, designed to torment Americans into begging for military protection.

Aerial bombing in the Middle East is on the drawing board this week. However, there could be some key interference by the White Hat forces.

On the truth front, Creating a Matrix of Truth on Mother Earth ~ the more 'truth' is witnessed over deception, then accepted by the people -- this builds the living Matrix of Truth, one shining fractal at a time.

At this point in time, these shimmer-fractals of truth have begun mirroring each other. This means a hyper-jump toward living in truth instead of existing in the dark forest of deception.

On the tyranny-at-work front, at this time, the IRS super scandals have caused a major shift in thinking among Americans. This will continue like an avalanche.

For those currently brave enough to face this truth: blurb ~ "Former IRS Special Agent Joe Banister joined John B. Wells for a discussion on the recent IRS scandal, and why he's spoken out against the fraudulent administration and enforcement of the federal income tax ever since being fired after confronting top IRS officials."

On the communication front, more and more, our dreams, our dreamtime, will be recognized as a way to communicate with each other. And, of course, with those on the other side.

Dream communication will also include ETs, and the sentient beings who inhabit realms and dimensions surrounding us. If this is something you find intriguing, paying more attention to your dreams will assist you in discovering this type of interaction.

On the home front, more of us begin to 'stand in our own authority', rejecting any form of authoritarianism. This is comparable to a child moving into adulthood.

At the same time, a large segment of the population will become more emotionally dependent on the system. And like crabs in a bucket, they will try to stop anyone else from getting out, and living free.

However overall, now the people rise faster, exploding the shackles that have kept them from their true spiritual natures, their true power.

On the food front, HEADLINE: "Monsanto Video Revolt: Global anti-GMO online rally launches ~ RT | New initiative to bypass the corporate media blackout on GMO foods and bring the issue to world attention has been launched."

If you haven't investigated how to grow food plants indoors, this is a good time. There are new methods which may work for your circumstances.

On the energy front, be aware that sources of electrical power are being shut down by the government. This is being done under the save-the-environment guise. However, the real intent is to limit energy, and to let a few companies monopolize the production end. This will, of course, force people to pay more -- further impoverishing and enslaving them.

Look for practical and ingenious ways to overcome the denial of energy. If you can work with others, so much the better for All.

On the really bad news front, the following week will dramatically widen the split between many Americans and the current administration. Verbalized open revolt goes viral, and hot.

In reaction, the other side becomes brutal, demanding the persecution of those who stand for liberty. Sadly, there will be no lessening of Americans targeted by federal agencies like the IRS. Instead, the targeting will increase tenfold as fascism gains an ugly foothold.

On the good news front, as the Aquarian Age vibes saturate the planet with blue and golden goodness, more of us move into a renaissance mind set. Thus,the desire to invent, to create for the good of self, and everyone else becomes the dominant trend.

On the global mafia cabal front, a complicated week ahead. More and more, there will be mafia-typical moves made against high-profile enemies. This will be happening, even as the split between factions goes brutally hot and heavy-handed. It's "The Godfather" gone berserker-wild.

On the heroine front, Doreen Hannes is an amazing women who informs the public about the latest food and farm issues that endanger everyone of us, and Mother Earth. Doreen is one of the most effective agricultural advocates. Website:

On the hero front, a memoriam to Aaron Russo ~ "Esteemed filmmaker, ardent activist and loyal patriot Aaron Russo... His documentary film, "America: From Freedom to Fascism", debunked the justification of both the IRS and the Federal Reserve as well as exposed their crooked basis. -

On the freedom front, the Renegade Times Are Here *or* Go Lawless: Time to Break All the Rules. That is, live according to your conscience, your heart, your soul. This includes your experiences, your discernment, your judgement. For, according to the cosmic time clock, you are now responsible for yourself.

In the near future, Arkansas becomes a hot spot for freedom lovers.

Trendwise, to continue with the themes of this forecast... can you feel it?

The worldwide paradigm shift is upon us.

In part, this is because 'the people' realize overall, they are being forced to metaphorically kneel and obey. Also, as many are being savaged by authorities, as the politician-criminals run roughshod over the public, the people have begun to understand these officials do not follow 'one' law -- even the ones they have enacted.

As well, many now know the bankster gangsters, the super robber barons, answer to *no law*. Thus, at this point in history, the rule of law is over.

That is, the 'rule of law' cannot and will not be re-established. It is gone with the superstorm winds of these times.

The coming times are about 'being your own boss' while 'working alongside' each other for the GOOD of All.

As always, prepare. For, societies all over the globe are tearing apart at the seams.

This week, the desire to live a beautiful life soars inside each one of us. Take moments to daydream, to gaze inward at the future possibilities.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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