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Huhu,ever since I installed Blogger as my phone application,I felt like posting a lot of entry duh.. :p

Seven days in a week,there are few days that I await patiently,eagerly and happily.

-Wednesday(Naruto),Friday(Fairy Tail),Saturday(Kuroko no Basuke)-

Speaking of FT,when reading it my feelings were mixed.Annoyed.Shocked.

This chapter;Sin and Sacrifice and Gray was on the cover page.

The tittle creeped me a bitt...i was like what sacrifice?human's sacrifice? And top of that,did the mangaka was hinting sth happened to Gray...huh?!

*As far I could remembered,the chapter started off with a shocking reunion and

continued with gloomy,moody air.haha.Jellal,Erza encountered a fated reunion with Milliana.She(M) blamed J for Simon's death.However,Erza said that she already forgiven Jellal and defended him by saying him being posessed.

*ultear appeared out of nowhere.

She joined the conversation.Facing M she said that it was her fault so if she(M) can get through the war/not being died,she(M) can take on the anger on her.

*Not far from there,Kagura eavesdropped,hiding behind a wall.

*Meanwhile,walking aimless ultear was troubled with her past and feelings.She got wavered over her decision to kill Present Rogue.

In the end..her resolution is not to kill him as he was innocent.

*at somewhere else,Sting brought/lured a dragon to a place where Rogue was situated which was to Rogue's shock.btw,sting was looking super happy about looked so cute.He(S) said that it is the time they show their twins' dragons power.

*My bad omen turned out into a reality/ the drawing.In order to protect Juvia,Gray accepted few beam attacks from the small dragons.His abdomen,hand and even his head got hit.Meanwhile,Juvia was already in tears( went berserk)...


The last few pages were shoking.

As the tittle displayed,then will Gray be one who will be leaving the battle ground.

Beats me,i dont know.However,seeing the beam that tragically hit his body I doubted of him being left,alived.

I am looking forward for the twins dragons fight.Bring it on.

No natsu,happy and lucy huh... :(

I guess I gonna meet them next week?

This is my first summary.

I am sucks at summarizing so I guess I will to improve huh. :0
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