Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hot D**n, James Franco's About to Get Roasted

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Well, it's about time, really.

Following in the footsteps of fellow celebrity oddballs like , Roseanne Barr, Donald "You're Fired" Trump and Captain Kirk is the one and only , Hollywood's resident Renaissance Man, who's now on deck to get flayed by way a full-on Comedy Central Roast.

Yep, Franco postedof himself on Tuesday -- apparently shot with him laying down in a very dark room for some reason -- saying "Hey yo what's up. I'm gonna get roasted on Comedy Central. Be sure you check it out. They wanted me to tell you that. Alright ... Haha."

The network confirmed the same and then followed up with its ownyesterday, quoting roastee-to-be Franco to state, "I've dreamed about this Roast for as long as I can remember." We share the sentiment.

Meanwhile, Comedy Central prez Kent Alterman cheekily added, "If only James Franco was a more successful, multi-hyphenated, incessant creative risk taker in different media, he'd be the perfect person to roast. Oh wellI suppose we'll just have to make do." Heh.

The "Comedy Central Roast of James Franco" will be taped in L.A. this August and will air on Labor Day.

In anticipation, the Twitter world has been going pretty berserk about the news via the network's chosen hashtag . As a sample of the hubbub, here are a few of those peanut gallery-style predictions:

is either gonna be super awesome ... or super terrible. I don't see any gray area. I see lots of pot shots, but that's it. lol

-- Nova Q. Wonder (@THATDARNNOVA)

The only upside to the is that they might get actually funny people to roast him.

-- James Barrett (@JamesBarretts)

I am currently in a state of utter-anticipation in light of the . I know Lisa Lampanelli is 'BOUT TA RIP IT!!!


Not everyone is so thrilled, of course.

He's got his tentacles in everything. Stop! Chill out dude, we know you're here.

-- Patrick Trotti (@PatrickTrotti)

We say bring. it. on.

Note: The airing will be immediately followed with the digital release of that 90-minute Franco-directed "humorous psycho-thriller" doc calleda behind-the-scenes peek at Franco's early days at the "General Hospital."
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