Monday, July 22, 2013

Gear, Android, U.R.T.V Episode 2

A years later after Xenosaga Ep 1: Der Wille Zur Macht has been released, I anticipate the release for Ep 2 and man, I was deeply .. disappointedwith the game. Especially for the change in VA in main characters. They were like a mess to an average game. The best part was that the battle now was 'stupendous' till I can say it was ridiculous at some point. I can see the game will potentially rivaled the powerhouses of RPG such as Wild Arms, or even SquareSoft own RPG namely Star Ocean or maybe Final Fantasy in every terms. Maybe that was a bit much for them but I loved the series. Anyway .

Kos-Mos: Shion, there is 99.9999998% probability your face is .. Shion: Oh, shut up. Your face is changing too beyond recognizable.

The story of Xenosaga episode 2, titled as Jenseits Gud und Bose (or literally, Beyond Good and Evil) starts with flashback to the first Militian Conflict where he was partnered with Canaan to stop berserks of U.R.T.V. Along the way, they met with Jin Uzuki who wants to prove who is behind the raging conflict. After battle with Margullis, chaos and Canaan left the planet with the evidence. Years later where Xenosaga Episode 1 left off, Shion arrives to their destination and parts way with Ziggy, MOMO, Jr and chaos to sent Kos-Mos to maintenance. After a while, MOMO shut herself down to prevent the data inside her leaking after a trap done by Albedo in Episode 1 is tripped. When the party try to revive her though Enchepalon, Both Jr and MOMO secrets were unveiled to rest of party. What the secrets? Why is the Y-Data is so essential to Albedo's mission?

An earth typed attack against flying enemy? How is this possible?

There are a major revamps to the previous episode. The most noticeable at first was the usage of E.S rather than the previous A.G.W.S which is interconnected with its spiritual predecessors,Xenogears in case of E.S are powered by Vessel of Anima. Secondly it was the characters design, especially in Shion where she isn't nerdy anymore. Changes in Kos-Mos VA truly annoyed me to the point where the character isn't to what I know before. Everything though still the same, the button combination, the cut scenes and so on. The major thing in battles however the inclusion of Ether Combination Attack where two characters can do a combine each others to make one heavy-attacks and also the introduction of break zone where the party can exposed the enemy weaknesses. Although it was barely noticeable, the battles seems to be draggy, longer than episode 1. Maybe due the slow flow of combat? The good thing about the story though I can say that unanswered secrets on Episode 1 exposed in Episode 2 but more of them are left unexposed for future episodes. The tree skills in the game was confusing as it can get. Unfortunately, Episode 3 was the final saga of Xenosaga.
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