Saturday, July 20, 2013

Technosphere in focus

Well, it would seem that the march to the Singularity is driving ever forward.And with it, the irrelevance of the race that ignited it.The natural world is being replaced one step at a time, and humanity is no exception.Witness the point where they dovetail; the honeybee.

It is well known that the European honey bee is dying out.They found 37 million dead in Elmwood Ontario.That's one city of 17000-or orughly 2000 dead bees per capita.And this is only the beginning.Colony Collapse disorder, as it is called, trends into ecofailure.I'm not talking about hipppies in Dead Head vans singing kumbaya; I'm talking about quantum pollination failure, leading to the extinction of natural food.Guess where that leaves Homo Sapiens; if you can't, the lovely gentlemen at Monsanto will help you out.

Insecticides are bad enough by themselves, although I personally hate all creepy crawlers.But GMO's are basically causing bees to turn off.They can't process them-because they're not actually food.Neither can humans, really, but we are remarkably adaptable.If some of us die, the rest go on.It's an effective strategy.

Which is fortunate, since we are being set up for mass extermination.That Georgia Stone objective of 500 million people globally is not far off.People-the 'useless eaters'-are no longer necessary.Japan has already built functional robots tha tcan work fast food jobs.This means that human labor is now next to obsolete.The 6 1/2 billion people that the population cap will eliminate-that's the Holocaust times 1000-are now living on borrowed time.The controllers simply no longer need humans.Anyone not in possession of the technical skills prerequisite to overseeing the machines is in dire straits.

For teh controllers, however, time is increasingly less of a problem.Having set their sights on transhumanism, and the Russia 2045 project, they are looking to download their minds into eternal android estates, immunized against any death except absolute violence-which will be impossible since they will have humanity in a control grid cradle to grave.And of course, if someone irritates them, that person can be downloaded into a body and tortured forever, unable to escape in death, which will discourage any dissent that might arise.

The truly incredible side of all this is that people are already trying to cement this technology now-to save the bees.Not biologically, but rather, to download their minds into synthetic borg-bees.I wish I was making this up.see this article:

This 'Green Brain Project' should be called Red Flag Nightmare.Let's see; loading a brain of an animal that can't possibly cope with being a cyborg, by the millions, and praying they never find out that their makers killed them and made freaks of them so the human economy wouldn't collapse.What could go wrong?Then come the cyber dogs, any cyber pet, and suddenly, they are everywhere, just waiting for a Ghost in the Machine moment to turn on mankind.

It does harkon to the passage in teh Revelation that speaks of 'one third of humanity killed by the beasts of the field'.people laugh at that, since humans run the world-right now.In a world gone berserk, converted from natural to Technosphere, the possibilities are staggering.And if the animal cyborg uprising was planned by the anti-Christ, it would take little more than a flip of the genetic switch.Of course, John may have been seeing the Boston Dynamics Terminator dogs killing people, and mistaking them for animals.

From the moment I saw the cockroach with the microchip brain-used to steer remote control cars-I knew the end was not far off.It would be helpful if inventors and scientists were required to watch sci-fi movies-and understand they are warning and not blueprints.The Terminator is not 'feel good' or inspirational.Unless you are in the Agenda 21 crowd, and people aren't your thing.
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