Friday, July 19, 2013

What I Learned from Berserk **Spoilers**

1. OLM is cheap studio

1. a. It also stands for Oriental Light and Magic

2. The Bigger the sword, the smaller "it" is... you would think

3. Berserk's opening contrasts with the rest of the show3. a. Attention to 0:44 to 0:46 can you say "WEEEEE" in a deep manly voice?

4. Despite my earlier comment Guts is a really cool character

4. a. Guts Theme is also really good

5. Casca is the beautiful female member, that's just as deadly as she is gorgeous

6. Griffith... Female or Male you decide

6. a. He'll do anything for a kingdom... Anything

7. This is the rest of the Hawk Raiders, don't worry they're not that important

8. Did you know that Susumu Hirasawa's Forces is the Best song on this OST

9. This guy lived his life like a Kamehameha

10. If your eggs do this... Seek medical help immediately

11. Bleeding-Teary eyed red eggs... Not even once

12. So we got a Cross between King Kai from Dragonball and a baby octopus

12. a. Morrigan from Marvel vs Capcom 3

12. b. This Thing

12. c. & That Thing all at the same place about to pound some despair into our heroes

13. OLM: Oriental Limted Movement

14. The Blooper reels are extremely funny (if you find those funny)

All in all, Berserk is a definitely a high energy show with one of the most badass characters in all of anime. Its cheap-ish looking, but then again this came out at the same time as the Pokemon series. (another OLM production) At least on the production side the music as well as its use is fantastic, compositions play when they are needed, but not always.
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