Saturday, July 13, 2013

Running on the heart there is good or bad effect

When you run it, you will feel the affection exhausted too fast, and heavy. Why affection will exhaust so berserk it?

Sleep or rest, the cardiac achievement of blood, about 3-5 liters per minute or so will be enough, so the affection exhausted a little slower abbreviating was mildly, save some effort.

Muscle activity, the charge for added nutrients than at rest, so the cardiac achievement of claret accepts to as well be a agnate access in adjustment to accommodated its needs. Even actual slight movement, like a additional angled knees, cardiac achievement of claret will as well access exponentially. Sports (like running, swimming); the access in cardiac achievement of claret and exercise acuteness and continuance is proportional to

Most people's affection has this ability, able to clasp in one minute about 20 liters of blood, 5 or six times added than the rest. Trained athletes affection is added powerful, the bulk of claret per minute achievement of up to 30-35 liters, or even added than 40 liters.

You ability wonder, exercise increases claret from area it? Aboriginal one is actively activate accumulation in the liver, spleen, and derma claret ran out, to participate actively alteration nutrients and decay transported plan to ensure that the anatomy affective too adjustable and powerful;

On the other hand, the blood circulation in the body much faster, usually quiet flow per minute body 4-5 times a week, exercise dissecting the body seven times stream coming weeks,within 1 minute to increase the amount of blood flowing to the heart, from Cardiac output is the amount of blood course more. Healthy heart is so according to the different needs of various tasks well done.

In physical activity, especially running, because of sympathetic nerve activity, heart rate, contraction strength enhancement, so you will feel the heartbeat too fast, and heavy, very intense.

That being said, running and other sports increased the burden on the heart, the heart-healthy benefits out of this? Benefit greatly, the original heart is to take some of the load to improve health, because in the double work,through the supply to the heart itself needs greatly increased coronary blood flow, myocardial itself get more supply of nutrients and oxygen, cardiac in this "hard work" and growing.

Yes, runners can enhance heart function, but also has a degree everything Oh, here is just to remind scare Dear friends, do not go to patronize enhanced and should have a degree, everything over the bad.
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