Thursday, September 26, 2013


If you like Karen Black this is the most Karen Black-iest movie you will find. All in one classic 70's TV-movie you get three stories starring Ms. Black. The first one features her as a teacher that one of her students has the hots for. So naturally he takes her to the drive-in, drugs her and date-rapes her. Luckily there's a twist ending that's sorta happy but not really. Then we get Black in what's basically a dual-role as a woman with a crazy split-personality. That story's kind of forgettable but the last story, and the one everyone whose ever heard of this movie knows, is very memorable since it stars a little wild Zuni-fetish doll who goes ape-shit and tries to kill Karen. This is one of those things that if you saw it when you were a kid you may have been scarred for life. There were quite a few 70's TV-flicks like that and this is one of the best ones just for this last tale alone.

There was a TV-movie sequel in 1996 that I've never seen but since the 90's were generally so awful, and TV in the 90's was probably the worst thing ever, I'll just say it blew.

If you want to see a whole Island full of angry murderous Zuni-fetish dolls gone berserk check out .

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