Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This I also wonder a bit! Could it be okay to replace some meals with fat as the main energy source

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Today I have actually been up since five o'clock. On a Saturday! Can not remember the last time I was so grn. The reason of course is that Lars-Kristian vegetables preservation was leaving. So now I sit here with how much energy any time, in that I allready have grown to include amounts of caffeine. At seven hours have I poured into me three cups of coffee, espresso and eight. Feel your stomach is quite black now. Gurgling. Delicious. I have at least an outlet for my ADHD tendencies on the SATs, and then I almost went berserk in a shoe store Managed to limit myself to one purchase. And it was needed. Showing you later.

Marianne Rekdahl says:

I know you and Lars K has gone on LCHF "diet" for a while now, and wondering just how you think it works? I actually started trying it a bit myself, but am so unsure of what to eat and not. The muesli recipe you made need to exclude it entirely, and I eat some bananas (about 2 a day), they have also gone? Would you like to write a small post about what can be eaten in LCHF diet, if you have time? Do you feel more satisfied vegetables preservation even when the portions are small? I eat 5-6 times a day, 3 large and 2-3 small, but often feel bloated afterwards, so hope this diet might help it and! :)

Bananas have to cut out, but muesli I've posted the recipe vegetables preservation is for those who have a LCHF-diet, as this can have. It contains a lot of fat, and low in carbohydrates. Perfect in yogurt for breakfast or lunch, or just as a snack.

We eat three large meals a day and are never hungry. It is important that you eat a full meal at each meal, and you get enough fat. Then you will avoid having to eat as often as you do, in addition shall not hunger to be there.

Buy your books and read up before you start in full, it is not fun or good to make mistakes in the beginning. We have read the scroll. Fresh with low carbon by Dr. Hexeberg, in addition to that we are regular users of the cookbook vegetables preservation to Dr. Dahlqvist. There are also lots of useful info on the forum lavkarbo.no.

- C

Nu ska jag hurried me into SATS och Kora one grymt passport. Or can inte Kora hard core user who rush when rush has a small stomach and and must take the little lugnare ;-) Hehe .. Interest entirely van vid it =) But soo underbart!

I have a "normal" diet where I eat both carbohydrates and fat. I eat mostly products keyhole mark. What I'm wondering is if there is any point in me to cut out some carbs nevertheless? vegetables preservation Potatoes and rice I depend on for dinner, so I can not drop, but is there any point for me to eat cottage cheese, etc. for breakfast vegetables preservation instead of sandwich then? :)

This I also wonder a bit! Could it be okay to replace some meals with fat as the main energy source, even if I eat carbs in the form of potatoes, extra wholemeal bread, fruit etc at other meals? Or will you then have a very unfavorable accumulation of both carbs and fat? Is very fond of proper grease vegetables preservation (not easy-products) as single cream, vegetables preservation fatty sauces, bacon, avocado, cottage cheese, nuts, etc., and try to limit myself when when it comes to rice, pasta (whole grain), etc., especially when I eat a lot of fat, but is a little hard to cut it out completely, as it is cheap, quick, and easy. Thank you for a very nice blog, you are a great role model! :)

If you eat a lot of carbohydrates, it is best to be very careful with fat. It would be unfortunate to combine fat sources such as sour cream and cream with eg. paste and potato. It is this that leads to obesity.

Alina says:

Linn says:

I think you write about so many different things and everything falls in interest in me; fitness, fashion and especially diet! Now immerse myself thoroughly vegetables preservation in protein synthesis, with a stooor cup of coffee with a splash of cream and chocolate protein powder vegetables preservation (zero carb). Magic!

February 5, 2011 at 2:10 p.m.

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