Monday, September 9, 2013

Skylanders Punch Pop Fizz Figure

Everyone knows that Chester likes Skylanders, in fact he loves them. A lot. I think the look on his face when he opened up a parcel to find Punch Pop Fizz says it all....

For those of you that may of let this craze go over your head, Skylanders is a video game. In short, you have a special portal of power, which connects to your game console. Then when you place a Skylander figure (these are purchased separately) onto your portal it comes alive on the game. Making the game very exciting and different everytime.

Punch Pop Fizz is a version of Pop Fizz, this is his story. After years of experimenting with magic, Pop Fizz's appearance has changed quite significantly. His latest experiment has resulted in the creation of an all-new limited edition* Pop Fizz, known as Punch Pop Fizz.But hurry, the potion only created a limited amount of these characters so you will need to get him quickly!

Punch Pop Fizz is known to be a little crazy and in his attempts to create the most effective charm potion he ended up with a potion that turned him into a big, wild, berserker!His antics and wild child behaviour makes him an exciting addition to any Skylanders Giants collection as he now joins the other Giants in their fight against Kaos to save their world! Punch Pop Fizz needs a new lab partner so hurry up and get your hands on this toy and remember, as Punch Pop Fizz would say, the motion is in the potion!

Of course Chester already knew most of this info. It really amazes me how much Skylander information he knows, his brain is like a Skylander sponge!

He excitedly placed Punch Pop Fizz onto the Skylanders portal of power. I sat and watched him in amazement, whilst he found some secret ways to quickly get enough coins to upgrade Punch Pop Fizz' powers! Chester did mention that he was a bit sad that his upgrade area showed Punch Pop Fizz in Pop Fizz' colour blue. Even though he is his red colour on every other part of the game.

Chester soon worked out that Punch Pop Fizz' soul gem is in Wilikin Village, he has spent a good few hours trying to find it! Daddy knows where it is, but he is not giving Chester any clues. Meany!

Punch Pop Fizz is a mischievous and quick character, Chester likes to play him on the challenges and apparently he is good at throwing his potion bottle at the naughty little chompy's on the levels!

After playing with Punch Pop Fizz lots, Chester told me that 'he is a great new Skylander for my collection. So far he has won every time in battle mode and his upgrades are really cool, he is very cheeky...just like me' I asked Chester if he would recommend him to other people and his reply was 'yeah, everyone needs to have Punch Pop Fizz, he is super powerful and cool'. So there you have it, he highly rates this character, and if you have the Skylanders game, according to Chester, you should get Punch Pop Fizz!

Punch Pop Fizz is out NOW in the United Kingdom and Ireland from all the usual Skylanders retailers, but is limited edition, so once he's gone, he's gone!
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