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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 9

Just my flying and talking magical girl wand. Nothing to see here. See? I had posts nearly ready to go. XD Just need to go the final step and get the pictures. A lot of catching up to do this week. Got to focus and buckle down before the next event. So onward to Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 9. You know, before the series is over and Fall Anime 2013 is upon us. Spoilers for Illya's mom bringing on the wisdom.

Way cooler than me! Episode Summary: Because this is anime it is necessary to show 11 year olds taking a bath. Thank goodness for smoke and bubbles. Illya is like this is the life. Ruby is soaking in her own tub as Illya realizes this is the first normal night she has had in a while. Ruby wonders why Illya isn't more happy. At that moment Illya's Mom (just going with mom because you know..the names) comes home. She is in a mini break from work but will go back soon since Dad is still there. Because animes are inappropriate Mom gets in the bath with Illya for some bonding and boobies rubbing to make them grow. Mom picks up on the fact that Illya seems off. Illya thinks Mom is going to guess about the magical girl stuff. Instead Mom is like um no there is a new mansion across the street? Illya is like oh yeah Miyu lives there. Illya starts talking about how a girl named Miyu moved in recently and goes to her school. She is careful how she talks about Miyu, She says that Miyu is a quiet girl who is super smart and strong. That they were friends and were working on something together. Illya really messed up though because she can't be amazing like Miyu and that Miyu would be better on her own. Mom says that everyone needs someone...sometime. That people like Miyu need people the most. That Miyu probably agreed to do this project alone not to hurt Illya or that she thinks she is better. But because she likes Illya. Illya is like thanks Mom. She runs out of the house and towards the direction of the last card, asking Ruby to transform her again.

During/alongside all of this Miyu meets up with Rin and Luvia on top of a huge building. They enter the Mirror World where they find it extremely small. They don't have to look for the last card as Berserker finds them, the Hercules one. He starts thrashing around. Sapphire warns he is too strong for her barrier to work. All the girls attack but nothing really seems to stick. Almost like his super spell is protection. Eventually Miyu lands a serious blow, stabbing him in the heart. There is hardly any rejoicing as Miyu is nearly splatted when Berserker...dies and comes back. Like some sort of lava makes him resurrected. Rin and Luvia finally understand what his true ability is, to bring himself back to life. Luvia takes Miyu and escapes with Rin inside the building. They decide they are going to try another day since he is much too strong. Miyu creates the pathway and....walks out, with Rin and Luvia sent away. Sapphire is like what are you doing?!? Miyu wants to end this today as Rin and Luvia will make Illya fight next time. Miyu has a secret weapon. She will become a heroic spirit just like Illya did. Before Berserker smashes her face in Miyu transforms into Saber. Looking amazing Miyu kills Berserker again. Sapphire is like he has infinite lives, we have to leave. Miyu says that would be too powerful and she will eventually kill him for good. Berserker starts to learn and is able to stop previous attacks. Miyu uses Saber's ultimate attack. As Berserker dies into sparkles Miyu thinks about how she is doing this for Illya. That she wants to do it alone, to take the burden away from Illya, and that she is afraid she might have a crazy power attack like Illya. That is all for the first person who called her friend. Berserker comes back and Miyu is awfully tired. Sapphire starts to worry as Miyu gets her butt kicked. Then BAM Berserker is dead again. Illya has appeared to save her precious friend. THE END!

Illya really does like the simple things in life doesn't she? Funny how this series is so short, so very short, and yet it seems like it is the master of stretching things out. I guess they needed to fill the episodes somehow since 2 of the 7 cards were already before the series. Still so much talking.

Why hello there brother of not around muchness. I sorta broke this episode up by sections. Like what happened with Miyu and what happened with Illya. Even though things were taking place at the same time. Hope things still make sense. Even if I am famous for my misspellings and confusion.

....Are men that lonely? Is there something wrong with the male population in Japan? Because I don't need to see 11 year olds taking baths. No I don't. Nor do I need to see their mothers rubbing their boobies to make them grow. Perhaps I am just a prude and rather see Titans munch on people, grinding them into tiny pieces. But really I don't see why this is necessary. Just to sell the Blu-Ray when they come out so pervs can see the uncensored bathing scene? No thanks. Illya could have gotten her hair brushed the entire time instead.

This smile was deceitful. Since she didn't though....onward to talking. Must fill in the gaps of time. Somehow. For some reason I just assumed Mom knew about this. That they aren't neglectful parents and know about the magical world too. That they are off saving people as well. That Mom came back on purpose to help push Illya along. However...hope. Mom is here just to be here. At least she noticed the HUGE house. Like really folks?!

Because she is too awesome yes? I was kinda surprised that Illya said she and Miyu were friends. Maybe that is just what she said in front of her mom. Like is too complicated to really explain the entire story. Because Illya wants to be Miyu's friend. It looks like Miyu doesn't want Illya's help or friendship. But since Illya gave Mom the water down version of the events we will just file this's complicated.

Don't you hate it when mom's are right? To Illya Miyu is just amazing. The best person who has ever lived. She can do no wrong. Miyu is smart and athletic. Powerful in battle. Sure she can't fly but she managed to turn a negative into a positive. Well with a bit of Sapphire's help. So Illya lame next to her. Do people still say lame? However Mom was able to separate herself from the situation. Like just because someone seems awesome and untouchable doesn't mean they are. Everybooooooody hurts. Why maybe that is what Illya is good at, being friends with people. Miyu the shy one needs Illya to pull her out of her shell. That is where Illya is important. Captain Planet needs HEART to be formed folks.

Because she almost HURT you right? I am sorta not buying the reason Mom and Miyu came up with though to why Miyu decide to go with alone. Because it really looks like Miyu was scared of Illya's uncontrollable powers. Maybe I think that because that should be the reason. Because it's a damn good reason!! Illya did almost blow them up. So with Mom she was like...maybe Miyu wants to take on this burden for you. With Miyu it was I want to protect the one who calls me friend. Maybe this was the fluffy dose of magical girl sparkles. Seems like a stretch to me and the Japanese do do things in a roundabout way to avoid conflict. I get what Miyu was doing though. I push you away Illya to protect you!!! Only I think she had the right to be angry.

I believe in the heart of the cards...I mean myself. In any event Mom's speech was enough for Illya. That and I think Illya had guilt gut. Like I left all this hard fighting stuff to Miyu, I am a bad person. But yes it is time to dramatically run off to find Miyu. Good thing at the beginning of this mess all the girls were shown where all the cards were. Although it would have made just as much sense if Luvia and Rin at this time made it back to Illya to get more help. It also would have made just as much sense if Illya hadn't done any dramatic running and flown the whole way. But I guess we need our dramatics.

Is it already ass kicking time?! Somewhere else, also bad the other girls were getting ready to fight the last card. It's the FINALLLLLL COUNTDOWN!!! have you noticed each boss is the toughest boss ever fought EVER?! I mean I guess it makes sense that the Heroic Cards were powerful. Except Assassin who is destined to suck no matter what. But yeah Luvia and Rin advocating running each time. Except when Miyu took out Rider in one hit. But Rin had been telling Illya to run at that time too. BUT...just kidding. Perhaps that is a play on the genre, that most magical girls fight until the bitter end? These girls were like um no, too hard bye!

Finally his time to shine! It makes sense that Berserker was saved until last. Since he was Illya's servant. He really wasn't a pushover though. Like look at my huge/gross muscles. Your attacks bounce off me and stick to you. And even if you do manage to kill me I will just lava myself back to life. Because these girls never learn. Victory dance after the card is thrown on the ground.

I can do this for hours ladies. It seems Berserker was much strong than I remember. Or maybe I am remembering wrong since Archer was taken out with Berserker in Fate/Stay. Still he was a bad ass. It did look like lava to me people. Lava all over his body powering him up, back to life. Miyu was doing...well as well as she could. I personally thought Saber's battle was more intense. Miyu should have gotten in a few more kills before being splatted and down for the count.

That is their favorite thing to say weee! Rin and Luvia had enough sense to run away. You know, live to fight another day. However there is only so much they can do with the escaping. If the spell maker decides to stay and fight, locking you out well you are screwed. I do think they should have fetched Illya. In any event Miyu at least had a reason and plan. Keep Illya the innocent from getting dragged into fighting again. Because Miyu was just pretending to be mad last time, to protect Illya. Or you know...she had a legit reason to be mad, either way.

She held her own...for a few minutes. Part of me was a little bummed Illya wasn't going to be Saber. But I guess it makes sense this way. Illya is technically wearing her brother and Miyu is wearing the "girlfriend"/ I guess Miyu needed to look amazing too. I just thought maybe she get a few more blows on Berserker before being down for the count again. But Berserker was learning all her moves and being amazing Saber requires a lot of magic.

My best friend ever! In the end it doesn't matter because Illya arrived on the scene to save the day. Like I know you were just harsh on me to protect me and that makes me want to cry friendship tears. But now I am going to risk it all for you because you are worth friendship tears. It goes both ways! Friendship is indeed magical. Up episode!!!
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