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Fate/kaleid liner10 ( )Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Ep10 (Finale) Review

10 ( )kaleidoscope

While intercepting the lethal strike against Miyu, Illya, Rin and Luvia came to rescue. The duo came up with a plan destructive enough to bring Berserker down with a single strike - they employed all the class cards in a single try, summoning a massive magic and having both of them wielding Saber's Excalibur. With a perfect synchronization, the team brought down Berserker, completing the mission of retrieving the seven class cards.

The ordinary life of the girls returns and got closer as friends. Meanwhile Rin and Luvia were in a conflict of getting credits for retrieving the class cards, only to receive a new message regarding to their mission.

Someone is coming, the lady in suit is here to finish her job.

Well well well, the graphics won my heart, and the plot goes shaky and steady with a sequel provoking scene with possibly the appearance ofreturning for her job that Rin and Luvia took over with.

The opening sequence had a little cliche element but was quick with building the tempo for the battle to continue with their return as a team. The blazing graphic contrasts works magically with the large scale event being viewed from a far distance (Finally) and giving a better perspective of it as something humongous is happening and better convince that being deadly of an union power.

The audio worked perfectly with the graphics this time round - an overwhelming effect was brought forth and ending off the events with silence, closing the curtains of chaos and returning to the daily lives.

To end things off with a possible bridging to any future works, we get to see a new main character that was originally in charge of the entire plan of what we have seen in this series. Appearing all mysterious and no vocal context, the series remain secretive with the cast and other relevant information regarding to this particular character. That is most probablyof the Fate/kaleid linerseries coming for Rin and Luvia.

Looking at how the series ended with this 10 episode series, it is pretty possible to see a second season with the complex plot development since OVA may not do the job well. Will be looking forward to see what the production has in store and will be updating it on our facebook if any official news have been released.
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