Sunday, September 8, 2013

Magic Girl Ilya episode 9- Iri shows up!!!!

Iri has arrived. Finally! And she gets Illya back into fighting shape to save Miyu from the living hell known as Berserker (Hercules). But do I have anything else to say about this episode? Only that Iri was awesome and an amazing mom in this episode.Anyways Iri comes back home and tries to cheer her daughter up meanwhile Miyu, Rin, and stuck-up bitch Luvia are fighting Berserker.


Because we need some boobs in the bath.

Iri you really crack me up.

While Miyu and company fight Berserker they find out he is "immortal" thus they decide to retreat but Miyu tricks Luvia and Rin to leave while she stay behind and turns into Saber.

Well I can't complain that berserker is not as horrifying in this series as in fate/stay

Miyu what are you wearing??!?

Iri gets Illya to go and save Miyu after mother-daughter heart to heart. Miyu on the other hand is dead tired from fighting Berserker.

Awesome Iri is awesome

listen to Sapphire-san

You should be happy that you're getting a kiss from IriBut yeah all I wanted to say is IRI!!!!!!! oh and Illya goes and save Miyu. But there is only going to be 10 episodes so next week is going to be the finale.
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