Thursday, September 19, 2013


"Holy shit, Custom Robo? God damn that game was fucking dope."

You bet it was, nameless fictional person I use to set myself up subject matters. The Custom Robo series made by NOISE studios focused on making strong combinations of mechs. guns. bombs, and pods to anally annihilate your opponents, and by extension, your friends. While being a popular series in Japan, the U.S. saw a relatively small cult following most likely due to its lack of marketing. Sales were stable, however, as Custom Robo Arena for the DS saw an overseas release as well. I'm not a big fan of the DS game, as this type of game on a super small screen felt clunky to me, but the Gamecube version will always be in my hall of fame.

While not being as well known as other Gamecube games like Super Smash Bros. Melee, F Zero GX, Timesplitters, and Mario Kart, Custom Robo managed to engross players in its fast pace, customizing gameplay. In fact, I fell in love with the gameplay so hard the day I bought Custom Robo, I had the story beat nine hours later. Yeah, I fucking like Custom Robo.

Yeah, I"m a baller. I know,

Anyways, while normally I'd talk about how I haven't played a game in years, this is an exception. I actually played this two days ago for the first time in months, and goddamn I wish more people played this more often. While playing this game is a rare treat, I even had the pleasure of playing with four people. I mean, one other person's a miracle, but four is shit I'd hear about in legends.

We played random stages, and everyone took their time looking through parts and making builds that were to their tailoring. the fact that there's hundreds of parts to choose makes for an overwhelming amount of combinations. The best part was that since there was the amount of parts it had, there was a part for everyone's playstyle. If you wanted to be a bulky robo with a gun that shot around walls and with different angles, or a small, fast robo that took advantage of short range powerhouse weapons, you could make it. A flying robo with a gun that shoots drills? Sure. High jumping robo with homing shots so your opponents can't hide? Go for it. A teleporting build that dominated the airspace? All day everyday.

While it may seem a bit weird to be including memories from, well, two fucking days ago, I'm trying my best to just talk about the game in general. Custom Robo was one of my favorite party games, and I still bring it with me for video game get togethers, along with a few that I can't bring myself to completely hate. For a while, my old neighborhood had Custom Robo clubs where everyone just got together at some kid's house and murdered each other. It was nice to have people to play this with, and I was kind of bummed when I realized that the game wasn't as popular as I thought it was. It always fell backseat to Smash Bros. Melee or Mario Kart, but when it did get picked, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT it went down.Everybody got pissed, fights were had, insults were thrown, and I (usually) stood atop the burning pile of my defeated enemies with a smug grin stretched across my face. Then more fighting and butthurt.

Damn, good times.

I had/have three builds I like to cycle through, and I managed to use each of them for the first time in ages yesterday. I think you'd like them, so I'll post them here for you as a parting gift.


Robo: Breaker

Gun: Sniper/Eagle

Bomb: Acrobat

Pod: Spider

Legs: Feather

This is my tried and true, bread and butter set. This set focuses on manipulating distances and baiting aggression from your opponent. Breaker allows me to fly across the map, and Sniper utilizes the ability to create distance easily with fly by attacks and, my favorite, sniping enemies as they land. While flying, I can lay Spider pods across the map as hazards to the less aerial opponents, and with the Acrobat bomb launching me high into the air and Feather to slow my descents, I can be a terrifying opponent at any distance and at any height. I don't lose many matches with this, so if you're looking for a set that really takes advantage of all of your parts, this is it. Keep in mind that this set has trouble in arenas that aren't medium sized, but with changed tactics, you can manage.


obo: Swift

Gun: Shotgun

Bomb: Wall

Pod: Satellite

Legs: Formula/ Quick Jump/Stabilizer

I like to use this set when I'm feeling brave, or when I don't have enough room to fly with Old Reliable. The Swift and Shotgun combo allows me to run up to enemies and get them with a big burst of damage, where I usually follow up with more blasts or a charge attack. Satellite pods let me keep flyers grounded, or at least wary of their positions, so I can rush them with my Shotgun. The Wall bomb can be used to cut off slower opponents on the ground or funnel your enemy to where you want them to be. And finally, the legs are a special note. Your leg choice is determined by how aggressive you want to be with this. Use formula for increased speed, Quick Jump if you want to stay out of the air (where you'll be at a crippling disadvantage), or Stabilizer for more precise turning. This is a very offensive build, almost Berserker-like, but in skilled hands, it has the ability to end matches in a flash. Just don't use it in big arenas or places without cover, or you'll have a difficult time due to your low defenses.


obo: Halberd

Gun: Sniper


Pod: Satellite/Dolphin/Spider


While being very similar to Old Reliable, my Halberd build focuses on misdirection more than distance manipulation. Use Acrobat/Feather to stay in the air longer, so you can abuse the Strike Vanisher's model feature of teleporation. A Wall bomb or some kind of flanking bomb can also be used here, like the Tomahawk. For pods, there's options much like my previous builds' legs. For a complete aerial lockdown, Satellites pods can help you abuse all robo's inherit weakness of long landing animations, if not scarring them from jumping outright. Dolphin pods, while a bit erratic, can help you cover more ground by having them dash all over the map, which puts pressure on your opponent to move from cover.
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