Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm Back From An Uncalled-For Hiatus!

Hi there! I know I haven't been around much lately, and some of you (ALL OF YOU! BWAHAHA) have been missing me because I rarely go on voluntary breaks without a legitimate explanation. As such, I'd like to come clean, and not even succinctly.

I'll just give you the low down on how my week went, in essence.

SO BASICALLYSCHOOL HAPPENED. Not that it hasn't been happening, because you know full well that both Flip That Page and my senior year trace their roots in concurrence (which is to say they began simultaneously, and I am inclined to complaining only about the latter). So at the moment you still might not get my excuse--what could have deterred me enough from a healthy cyber life (for three days! Guys, it's a record), when for a little more than three months I have [successfully] been leading a double life, student by day and blogger by midnight. To be honest, I now consider this my greatest achievement-- my tour de force, my magnum opus, my piece de resistance-- because never before would I have considered myself capable of such responsibility. If you were a student like myself, you'd totally get it.

BUT LET US NOT FORGET THAT I AM NO OCTOPUS. I have two hands, not eight. There is only so much a puny girl can muster, and at that, one too dependent on caffeine for her own benefit. My body clock has recently gone berserk. I sleep from seven to around nine on weekdays, then wake up at the ungodly hours of the night, awake two hours before the next time my eyes are forced open, ready for school (and I am never ready for school). It's been pretty hard on me, because I have been getting too easily tired, and I'm not sure if my amnesiac tendency is a product of my online activities. I have been wanting, desperately, to get back on track and give you guys something to look forward to (a new post, that is) especially since I haven't been posting discussions lately, and I know for a fact that these are the posts you like the best, since they generate overwhelming traffic. But I had to give myself time to rest, so instead of paying my own blog a visit (and yours. FORGIVE ME!), I decided to use my spare time to catch up on some sleep. And boy did I need it. I slept like a log this morning.

I ALSO HAD THIS OTHER, SLIGHTLY HEAVIER PROBLEM, one that calls itself the ACET (Ateneo College Entrance Test, or something). I'm a senior, so I have to take university exams, and pass. I sort of stressed out because I couldn't find the time enough to study, ultimately showing up armed with nothing outside of my stock knowledge, taking comfort in the fact that the people who buried themselves in reviewers found the test itself just as brain-melting as I did. So how did it go, you ask? Well, my reaction every 5 minutes was

Aca-scuse me?

my head was spinning with random monologues, like

ME: imma ace this bitch

ME: WHAAAAT 10 minutes left?!

ME: dafuq is 9 x 7

ME: I am a genius

ME: ain't no math test gon' stop me

ME: what if everyone can read my mind and thinks I'm crazy


ME: I lost my ability to can

ME: wrong gramming everywhere

ME: my English is not good looking

ME: Uh-uh-uh-uh, stayin' alive, stayin alive

Safe to say, I forgot how to form coherent sentences for a time after.

So yeah, there was that to think of in addition. I also missed a few long tests, and had to catch up, coupled with the long tests for the week (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, all the other subjects you'd rather I didn't mention), and because my grades have been sub-par (I have astronomical academic standards), I couldn't bring myself to neglect them in exchange for a post or two. Student-blogger. Tricky combination, believe you me.

So what am I trying to say here?!


It has to happen eventually.

But maybe in a million years.

GOTCHA!! OF COURSE NOT, I LOVE MY BLOG. I just needed an excuse for a Rob Sheehan gif.

Yeah, my views have been slipping, but that doesn't mean people don't take the time to stop by anymore. Yeah, I have been missing in action on Twitter and on the blog itself, but that doesn't mean I've stopped caring. When will I? I honestly can't imagine. I am in love with what I have been doing. So there! I'll try and post regularly now, both for your enjoyment and for the avoidance of my own conscience-stricken reprehension. I make no promises, apart from me trying my best, whatever that is.

AND FOR THE RECORD, I HAVE BEEN REBUILDING AN ADDICTION TO AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. One can never run out of guilty pleasures right? And this by far has been my greatest. But hey, I need my breathing space! I don't even get it, but this show is seriously relaxing (I think I mean hilarious, but all the same). And you guuuys, the eye candy. SERIOUSLY. Guys are now competing, and they're yummy. I'm honestly all for Cory now, even if he's homo and not at all my type, but since there's a comeback series, I'm hoping they give me back Jeremy. He only needs to figure his own body out, then he's more than good to go.

SOWHAT IS THERE TO LOOK FORWARD TO? Am I back the same, for-your-entertainment sort of Jasmine, or am I now the drudging, stereotyped, life-totally-sucks version? Yep, you guessed it. I am obviously still awesome (albeit egotistical).

And there are lots to look forward to! My brother's interview by yours truly will be up in a few, and my next Blogger Bites (international bloggers, relate) will come soon thereafter. And for a change, I'll give you guys a book haul of sorts to give you an idea of what my review pile currently looks like, and it's a little something like this:

WHAT DO YOU THINK? AND HOW WAS YOUR WEEK? DO YOU FORGIVE ME MY ABSENCE? Do comment, and make my day! I still love youuuuu.
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