Saturday, September 14, 2013

4Fantasista Doll Ep4 Review


This is a scheduled post of skip review.

Original Broadcast Date: 27/7/2013

This review is written on 13th August 2013.

Shimeji was working hard to give Uzume her best while Uzume is changing herself to be a better person. She tried to be honest with her friends and find it easier to let go than imagined. Flash backs of Shimeji's past master came by showing another doll - Aroe whom used to be another doll that her master owned.

Suzume had to figure a way to reduce the usage of daily necessities and thought of one hell of an idea, allowing her dolls to take bath at a random manner based on a spinning wheel. The dolls rejected that idea and Shimeji was not even able to catch up with the issue.

Knowing something was wrong, Uzume tried to cheer Shimeji with a treat and wanted to give her a hair accessory as a gift. Shimeji remembered how her past owner left her with a ring and was furious, thinking that Uzume wants to ditch her already.

Uzume was once again being assault for her cards and this time doing a cruel manner than will sacrifice dolls to achieve. Uzume ran out of choice and even tried to used own body to save Shimeji from pain. Shimeji was touched by that determination of Uzume to protect her, and went into berserk mode and throwing off their opponent. With a change of hearts, the dolls decides to go against their cruel master to protect both Uzume and the other dolls.

Uzume promised that Shimeji for she will not leave her alone. Shimeji was on cloud nine and treasures the gift from Uzume as much as the ring from her past master, having a joyous smile in the dark lonely room.

That clichbattle aside, the dim room of Shimeji really worked out well for me, the image was etched in my mind. It somehow showed a lot more than just an empty room. that atmosphere was matching with Shimeji's struggle featured in the front portion and likewise for the closing scene the satisfaction of Shimeji exhibited really was bitter sweet in some way. Previously labelling the series being under performing than was was anticipated, the series is slowly showcasing different scenes that intrigues lots of thoughts.

The anime still does not have any short scenes with higher quality graphics, don't even mention comparing to the original illustrations's "fantasista" look. I currently do not have any spare time for the original manga but I may bring it along on my service to read through during my admin time.

Have queued several more episode review of the series (Episode 4-6) before I leave my place in September, currently the seventh week and I have no idea if I will continue it's weekly review by this week (Episode 7). Shall stay tuned to the next episode to make any decision.

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