Monday, September 9, 2013

I MIGHT start my next project this week

I completely knocked out yesterday when I was thinking of what to write for my blog. So I'll briefly write what happened yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I was helping out my friend look for old VHS tapes and his Beast Wars toys that were in his garage. After some heavy lifting and searching, we found 10 boxes that might contain what we were looking for.

In the end, we were able to find a box that contained all of his Beast Wars toys and a tape that had Batman the animated series from the 90s recorded on it. We watched an episode together, which was the episode after Harvey Dent turned into Two-Face. However, because my friend wanted to watch this tape mainly for the commercials, we watched the rest of the video while fast forwarding the actual show.

It was surprising to see how different the fashion, hairstyle, music selection, etc were compared to the modern commercials. It was a painful reminder to me that 15~20 years has really passed since the 90s.

We enjoyed watching this tape but sadly, we were unable to find the other VHS tape that he was looking for which contained a recording of his childhood animated series that was either made in Korea or Japan. Apparently, the main mech has two forms and the enemy space ships look like fishes. My friend looked up on Google multiple times but he was unable to identify what show it was. It'll be cool if we ever find out....

We also enjoyed talking about the Beast Wars toys while figuring out how to transform them and what not. Oh, and I also watched the first episode of Gatchaman Crowds with my friend because he recommended it to me. For me, it felt more like a new Tiger & Bunny series than a Gatchaman series because of the suit designs. The pacing also felt really fast for the first episode as well. I did like the music though.

As for today, I went to another friend's house to hang out. We watched 3 episodes of 81 Diver and the first episode of the original animated series for Berserk. 81 Diver was ridiculous as always, and I was amazed at how the actor for the main character was capable of making such a pathetic face! As for Berserk, I really enjoyed this as well! It's kind of embarrassing to say, but I've only read volume 33~35 so I don't know anything about the Golden Age arc that the anime is based off of. I really need to read the entire series....

So yeah, I was busy hanging out this weekend but that wasn't the only thing I was doing. Once I got back home, I kept on brainstorming and drawing so I could get started on my next project.

I wanted my next project to be a horror manga so I was brainstorming off of a basic concept that I had years ago. However, today I learned that some scenes and ideas that I wanted to use was better to be written as a stand alone short story. After much debate, I decided that I'm going to work on a short story compilation regarding a certain topic instead of a story manga. I feel like my project is finally getting into shape! I'll require a little more time to organize what the stories are going to be about but I should be able to start drawing by later this week.

And I'll also upload Ultra G tomorrow so stay tuned!
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