Monday, September 16, 2013

Tekkonkinkreet [Animated Movie]

High quality animation that gets shorter every time I watch it. Based off the manga, the animated movie is a first for the American director who sparked its inception. Produced by the same studio that did TV series Berserk and Animatrix, 9 Degrees Celsius. It is a shining example on animation as an art form as it mixes hand drawn animation with computer generated animation.

Two street urchins are at the top of the food chain in Treasure Town. They are on par and at odds with the police, gangsters and the rest of the world which their town/island is isolated from. The two pseudo brothers are a great contrast to one another as one retains his childlike mindset while the other remains strong and assertive for the both of them.

The character design gives off the impression that people will either love or hate it because it is not a common style. Head shape and body type are in a style I have rarely seen. When making comparisons people can see that the animation is a great and true transition from the manga.

The variety in animated scenes also make this a must see film. This has some psychological elements in here, but nothing terrifying and at its heart is a story about two brothers and their need to survive together.

SCORE 10/10Unique character design I have not seen anywhere else and flawless hand drawn scenes. There is a great variety of animation style in this film, so much so that I can't recommend it enough.
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