Monday, September 16, 2013

Jessie J's new album 'Alive' leaks online a week before release and her fans go berserk

OH NO! Jessie J's forthcoming second studio album 'Alive' leaked in its entirely online last night! *shakes fist*

Jessie J's second studio album is highly anticipated following the HUGE success of her debut album, Who You Are and someone has decided to ruin the fun and leak the album in full online.

As we're good people over here at Unreality TV, we've not downloaded the album and from the fan response online we feel like we're missing out. We hear the album is amazing!

Some excited fans have been waiting over two years to get their hands on the second studio album and excitement took over as they downloaded the album early. Some Heartbeats are willing to stand by Jessie and wait for the album to be released next Monday (September 23).

One fan wrote: "Jessie J's new album is dope!!! "

Another wrote: "If you've got Alive from the leak then good for you but don't ruin it for everyone else who are willing to wait and show Jessie respect!"

Another Heartbeat added: "Can't believe someone would leak alive! I'm definitely not listening to it until it's out!"

Sometimes, leaks happen in the music industry. Jessie J's new album will now be in the hands of delivery drivers ahead of next Monday's premiere date, online website will be streaming the album, and of course there's hackers online. It only takes the album to be in the hands of one wrong person and the album surfaces online!

In an interview back in February with the Daily Star, Jessie said she was absolutely terrified of her new album leaking online, and that's why only her parents get to hear her new materialas nobody can be trusted!

"I haven't played them to anyone," she told the Daily Star. "I'm so paranoid the songs will get leaked or my computer hacked that nobody gets to hear them until they're ready - only mum and dad."

Come back next Monday (September 23) and our review of Jessie J's highly anticipated second studio album will be live!

Jessie J's latest single, It's My Party, is out now!

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