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(Sun) 2013/07/14 08:48:10.63 ID:day was called Aunt Source:: 1

(Sun) 2013/07/14 08:48:10.63 ID:day was called Aunt Source:: 1 ? 0 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, solidified its intention to attend the International Olympic international phone code germany Committee to be held in Buenos international phone code germany Aires, Argentina on September 7 in (IOC) General Assembly. It's aim is to expand the "top diplomacy" in the General Assembly in 2020 Summer Olympics

venue is decided, and that appeal the Tokyo bid in both the public and private

sectors. Prime Minister attended the 20 countries and major regions

in Russia St. Petersburg (G20) summit in the last two days 5 and 6. On rounded up to participate, it's direction to become mandatory dates to move to Buenos Aires over more than half a day. will prime minister in Buenos Aires, to lecture to attend the reception of the IOC General Assembly related. It is thought that complained of, such as the height of the Olympics ability of Japan to officials, call for Tokyo bid. In the battle of the Olympics bid, Tokyo situation are competing fiercely Istanbul (Turkey), Madrid (Spain). According to Japanese government international phone code germany officials, and is expected to summit class to attend Turkey, also from Spain both countries. Prime Minister around talking "three candidate sites because it is three-cornered situation, Prime Minister himself to one final push" he said. (Sun) 08:55:49.03 ID 2013/07/14:: a df4tQqUE0 >> 1 active Asad @ 13 Anniversary: 6 source not a school but Tokyo bid, w 17 in Tokyo held in Korea because rejoice: Nameless @ 13 Anniversary: Bid PV of 98XV/Qi5P countries (Sun) 09:01:30.48 ID 2013/07/14

(Sun) 09:13:12.58 ID 2013/07/14:: 51: Nameless @ 13 anniversary promotion of Olympic Yeah 98XV/Qi5P international phone code germany >> 38 is not it too made. I do not need such as street basketball then it is the feeling that appeal of Tokyo itself is not enough but a little Japanese international phone code germany to w reverse 18: especially xPQ + at9bO: (day) 2013/07/14 09:01:30.55 ID: Nameless @ 13 anniversary I had thought I do not have to done in Tokyo, recently pro from being tried to stop left-wing do not want to see Japanese flag is dark desperate

Of Ne Ja Japan do a real one selected another ... Na from dangerous financial 20 Spain itself z8MHJQkUP >> is: (Sun) 2013/07/14 09:05:29.43 ID: 27: Nameless @ 13 anniversary? I do not want to do massage but 23 (Sun) 09:03:45.67 ID 2013/07/14:: Anonymous @ 13 anniversary When you decided to 1RWJ/9s10 Tokyo, "only two countries" international phone code germany in South Korea and Sino to boycott seems me. It was against the Tokyo bid, but the story will vary and if it becomes so. I think it would be great to content or Lose any game, even if I won. (Sun) 2013/07/14 09:04:33.93 ID:: international sports event is 25 us to achieve the Olympic Games without a South Korea and Sino Ganbare Tokyo will bid should be this: Anonymous @ 13 anniversary international phone code germany DDkoM + Oq0> > 26 trap does is to run away talks meaningless with a woman chief of Korean peace under this one: (Sun) 09:05:07.58 ID 2013/07/14:: international phone code germany Anonymous @ 13 anniversary e5j81pwT0 Korea to Tokyo bid opposition The is repugnant. Pray sincerely Tokyo Olympics realized in order to talk down to those guys. I'm boycotting Once supposed to be held in Tokyo, South Korea to wage a despicable opposition movement, of course.

All As or not in the north of the peninsula is unified by large hospitality interesting North Korea you were PN2IYpUc0 >> 26 South Korean non-participation: international phone code germany (Sun) 09:11:19.01 ID 2013/07/14: 44: Nameless @ 13 anniversary nameless: 53 I think it would be interesting considerably each competition to boycott South Korea and China in DDkoM + Oq0 this: Nameless @ 13 anniversary: 36 I'll show the world (Sun) 09:08:38.79 ID 2013/07/14 Mr. @ 13 Anniversary: (Sun) 09:13:48.41 ID 2013/07/14: 6IhassSa0 own 's Tokyo Olympics opponents. international phone code germany Reason to congestion further from the Olympics before in the regulations associated with road maintenance if decided, to congestion even for free. And then is restricted people gathered again Olympics if Hajimare. There is no choice 's

not go to Tokyo because it is job and does dead in the water. Anonymous international phone code germany @ 13 anniversary: 67 I think Yareyo at Toko there is room to land a little more, not G3xZRnJJ0 Tokyo (Sun) 09:18:00.29 ID 2013/07/14: 64: Nameless @ 13 anniversary 2013 / great-grandfather's 97-year-old Na was saying Olympics in Tokyo watch me again while I live 7rWJg2Fh0: 07/14 (Sun) 09:19:09.32 ID

(Sun) 09:21:54.42 ID 2013/07/14:: rGxQj7rH0 >> international phone code germany 67 grandfather grandfather 76: Nameless @ 13 anniversary. 7 years later, international phone code germany Tokyo is also determined to venue temporarily, be held actually yo is 2020! (Sun) 2013/07/14 09:25:37.34 ID:: 81: Nameless @ 13 anniversary I think there is no need to do it by force 0CCmmagwO now, and you do not it a little too impatient? (Sun) 09:27:10.31 ID 2013/07/14:: 84: Nameless @ 13 anniversary on both days 5 and 6 the last 20 countries international phone code germany and major regions in Saint-Petersburg, international phone code germany Russia sy0B7JFY0> Prime Minister (G20) summit attended to. > On rounded up to participate, it's direction to become mandatory dates to move to Buenos Aires over more than half a day. Southeast Asia, in August I'm a Middle East tour in the end of July? And this on top of all that? Too terrible ... Prime Minister said that hard work, it's the difference that wear Abe, but I have come to really worry. Onashasu in Tokyo because it is a good opportunity for infrastructure development that was dQdRjjPbO aging (Sun) 09:28:52.17 ID 2013/07/14: 86: Nameless @ 13 anniversary. international phone code germany If you can except Korea by Olympic cP8CS8q80 no problem 104: (Sun) 09:33:06.00 ID 2013/07/14: 91: Nameless @ 13 anniversary Asad @ 13 Anniversary: 2013/07/14 (Sun) 09: The Olympic and use gold to ibEFbETMO Land, toughening: (Sun) 09:59:24.11 international phone code germany ID 2013/07/14: Anonymous @ 13 anniversary: 106 I Irane Because I've found that I do not have economic effects in the first place hqTva19R0: 54:38.16 ID I'll I do not need something. I Ja do is give up nice and do smth. Completely useless if in 5eKlgAL10 international phone code germany this: (Sun) 10:37:46.86 ID 2013/07/14: 116: Nameless @ 13 anniversary? international phone code germany Not a heat stroke international phone code germany after another After Ya~tsu Olympics in Tokyo 9npIEhlCO summer (Sun) 10:38:16.82 ID 2013/07/14: 117: Nameless @ 13 anniversary? All right? (Sun) 10:42:16.07 ID 2013/07/14:: 119: Nameless @ 13 anniversary ziuVYOk / 0 China non-participation aside, would not anymore Korea in 2020. I wonder bring up such as Japan and South Korea co-hosted and also you decide to DDkoM + Oq0 Tokyo (Sun) 10:43:21.75 ID 2013/07/14: 121: Nameless @ 13 anniversary? Harassment activities in South Korea and Shina is Na begin future international

phone code germany over that Te iYBjYxM40: (Sun) 10:51:37.57 ID 2013/07/14: 124: Nameless @ 13 anniversary. (Sun) 11:00:37.13 ID 2013/07/14:: 131: Nameless @ 13 anniversary to favor China and South Korea if me not come When you have decided to AMYPsXw60 Tokyo but I wonder international phone code germany flock in droves anyway

(Sun) 11:31:04.64 ID 2013/07/14:: 144: Nameless @ 13 anniversary Yeah OXGFSPv / 0 >> 143, including it, if so that the paranoia, I'm not in a stage to be held . ! 163: Nameless @ 13 Anniversary: (Sun) 12:30:52.87 ID 2013/07/14: some consultations in Sendai and 6t4LPyO / 0 Sapporo international phone code germany then possible to do in provincial cities, the conditioning (soccer) players There is also resistance. The economic effects after, there will also be foreigners who come to watch to visit other cities on the trip, it'll be spread to local 166: Nameless @ 13 Anniversary: 2013/07/14 (Sun) 12 : 41:31.08 ID: But 6SWRwD1w0, what Olympic I do not open the Olympic Games in the East ... and West much Nagano, Sapporo, Tokyo might be about just by the Great East Japan in Japan?

(Sun) 12:46:55.94 ID 2013/07/14:: 170: Nameless @ 13 anniversary of the Olympics Skyvcb/W0 >> 166 winter because it is where there is snow, I Ja does the 'from east inevitably. Financial resources of severe, including the Osaka Do not a cause. 1001: below, Daikan slugger liberal will send it has changed the nameless Mr.: (Sun) 12:20:40.20 ID 2011/7/24: I'm international phone code germany out too condominium live milio boll Miki Watanabe Mr. wwwwwwww the "foreign Korea faved made a comeback of invulnerability also downfall Koreans to ridicule "very bottom the unenlightened

of the Chinese do not understand the greatness of" Korea reaction international phone code germany of attrition "overseas will fit into the character of Dragon Ball and international

. 1 Nameless: 17:05 ID 14 July 2013:. To see tournament itself of sports dirtiness of uvCcgfNX0 Korea was supposed to hate, but two nameless Olympic

and w I want to see South Korea If the boycott: welcome w 4 if YlSunZtQ0 neighbor non-participation:. international phone code germany 3 Nameless ... Nida w give an imitation of 9kSneVPu0 international phone code germany absolute ... block:: 17:05 ID 14 July 2013 17:11 ID 14 July 2013. Nameless: 17:11 ID 14 July 2013: w China's medal superpower

China Korea will come while saying IMUkvhWE0 international phone code germany dissatisfaction international phone code germany and Korea medal in Olympic international phone code germany led Japan ... was taking medals in previous judo per .. 6 Asad wwwwwwww gonna go berserk ethnic groups that zKWQ8aPC0:: 17:13 ID 14 July 2013: 5 Nameless coming guys in order to rush first xngjKb0d0 I: 17:13 ID 14 July 2013 It 's push Tokyo now it was pushing in Istanbul that the world of Islam, but because unlikely to attract much in the recent riots. 17:16 ID 14 July 2013:. 7 Nameless Fih5EnNZ0 I too crowded to be a Tokyo would not be a negative because international phone code germany a good relationship with Turkey is more of Turkey be a good thing from Tokyo. Do not favor OGOlf160 China and South Korea is Because I boycott:. international phone code germany 8 Nameless:. 17:19 ID 14 July 2013. Tokyo Do your best! . 10 Nameless in Sendai bid activity in the future and you miss if to do in Sendai If you say 's symbol of t.BKG3XN0 reconstruction: the 14th July 2013 17:20 ID 14 July 2013:. 9 Nameless 17:20 ID: refers demo is going on now I'm a good city but BangKLBN0 Istanbul, Istanbul size of 15 million people
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