Monday, October 14, 2013

Summer Stream: Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 10 and final thoughts

The battle with Beserker draws to a close and the first arc ends with Myu and Illya now the closest of friends, and back to the funny school hijinx of the first few epsidoes and it's also nice to see an alternite universe where Kiri and Iri are at least given some kind of happy ending also the animation is supirb with the big team up battle in wich Myu and Illya combine there powers to defeat Berserker is done epicly sadlly still no Ulimted Blade Works Cahnt but this first season had some choppy moments in wich the humor and drma felt un concected and a little lost toward the middle. Overall this has a roght ballance of hmour and can be enjoyed by MAgical girl fans, people who like Moe but esepically Fate/stay addicts. Also Rin and Luvia getting sutck in Japan was great becuese ther back and forth was fun in so many ways. A series that shows it's possible to juggle idealism and cynicism in a post-Madoka Magical Girl universe now I'll just have to wait for season two but this was so good I'm glad I stayed with it.
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