Monday, October 28, 2013

#Trends, #Fifty Shades, #ChristianGrey, and #IanSomerhalder: Who will get the part?

What's this week? #Monday is hot. I have no idea why since it shows up regularly after Sunday every week. is easily understandable if you cross reference and are making a splash because they have to recast the lead male role. Not there there wasn't enough hype when they first announced they were looking for the perfect . My personal choice from the beginning has been , () and if you agree vote . although with his busy schedule, I wonder if things would be any different.

How different is casting from writing the original description of the character? I imagine my next main character in theseries (vampire/berserker)in the beginning of the book, looking somewhat like in this photo:(Click to see the trailer)

In the first book in the series, , I imagined him better groomed and, in the second half of the next book, DAMN THE DARKNESS, he will be. But in the beginning he is a hybrid son of a halfling mother and a berserker father. Stronger, faster, bigger than most men, he battles his way through the years until his soft side makes him risk everything to save a child. The dark immortal, Niccolai Xenos is waiting to turn him and give him another chance to achieve the light. So then, I had to imagine what Niccolai would be like...I'll tell you in the next blog.
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