Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pokemon Y Story Complete!

So yeah, finally completed the story for Pokemon Y. Now starting to gather items and breeding tools and starting to raise some Pokemon.

Thoughts below on the game. And my story mode team.

So first is my team, then the thoughts:

Starter is the fire fox. Visually, the remaining two just weren't that pleasant. The water one gets better, but the grass is fairly bad to the end...

Can use both Fly and Surf, so I used Swanna. Saves me a space in my party.

False Swipe.

Just because I like her design. Hypnosis also works against Grass types, since Powder moves no longer work.

Stun Spore to paralyze wild Pokemon. Weak stat-wise, but enough for Story mode.

Cut, Strength, Rock Smash. And Ground type to negate Electric, which my party is not particularly strong to.

So anyways, thoughts about the game. And spoilers.

Difficulty-wise, it was very easy. Thanks to the new effect of Exp Share, your Pokemon's level grow at a very fast rate and will always be higher than the opposing trainers. I was around 10 levels higher than the Champion and I didn't even grind! Practically every gym leader and elite four lost a

Pokemon each turn. Lasted as many turns as they had Pokemon. Very easy.

Story-wise, it honestly was lacking. It is not like the original Pokemon plots were that incredible either, but the older games never tried to be anything incredible. Some team that wants to do bad stuff and you stop them. But this game? We get the whole "The world sucks so I'm gonna kill everyone" stuff. And the thing is that like other Pokemon games, there really isn't much leading into the events. All of a sudden, this man in poor clothes start talking about how he was king and accidentally went berserk. So? Even if you tell me that all of a sudden, I don't even know you. Team Flare's boss's whole "destroy the world thing" had a level of build-up, but it isn't convincing. Why does Team Flare get to live? They have done NOTHING to convince the player that they are "clean" humans that deserve to live. Yet this boss leads this team of criminals and considers them the people worthy of living? WHAT?!

The Champion wasn't particularly interesting either, despite being a female Champion. But perhaps Cynthia just had more impact. Heck, the way she talks reminds me of some cult about light and all.

And along with the Champion, the Gym Leaders practically make no appearance in the story. A couple of lines and you enter battle. As short as the original games. The only one that left an impact was the rollerskating girl gym leader. Thanks to her role. And I do like her character designs.

The other female gym leaders are lacking in design. The Fairy gym leader has these bug eyes and the Psychic one is an old lady. And I almost forgot about the first gym leader.

Another problem is the Sky Battles. They sucked. It didn't really need a strategy for it. Triple and Rotation, etc. all had their own strategies, but not Sky Battles. Just battles with only flying Pokemon. And another annoyance is that the trainers you fight the Sky Battles are hard to fight, because you have to stand in a certain spot. On top of that, they use Flying Pokemon that are strong against other Flyings, like Emolga. Well isn't that interesting (sarcasm)

On top of that, because of the Sky Battles, the flying Pokemon's 3D models are all flying and generally feel weird, especially on the ground battles.

Other than that, it is a big game and a Pokemon game, for better or worse. The mob trainers are still artworks, which is a wonderful thing, as while Pokemon 3D models are fine, I'd prefer to see artworks for the trainers.

It is also nice to see the level of variety available that you can capture. The dressing up is fun too.

And most of all, no need to use the Dream World is relieving.
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