Thursday, October 17, 2013

The man from the island

Sometimes at dusk we would see him come out from the hidden interiors of his island. For years we never knew who he was or what he did until one night we decided to have a stake out and watch. It was a slow night until he arrived on his boat, he was accompanied by three other strangers. My friends and I have never seen them. They were each fairly similar in shape and size, but one of them was standing out. He was inhumanely formed, almost like a wolf. From what we could tell he was standing on his hind legs, had fur, and was much taller and lanker then them. The misshaped creature had a very ominous tattoo as well on his arm. It was of a moon that was outlining a wolf. They treated him like he was a dog , like he was just a pet or something. They soon sailed back into the island and so we left as well.

The next morning I got up like it was a usual day, took a shower, brushed my teeth and ate breakfast. I gave my buddy's a call and they swung by my house.We all discussed the night before and came up with a conclusion, we were just seeing things, imagining things. They were just four men having a conversation, nothing more nothing less. So we decided to go and get lunch, we stopped and got a table at this new restaurant. The waiter let us order our food and while it was being made I went to the bathroom. I was washing my hands when someone walked in, it was the man from the island. He started asking me questions like, "What were you doing last night?" "Were you with your friends?", "What did you see?". Of course I said I had no idea what he was talking about, so he shoved me and left.

I walked out of the bathroom only to see everyone was gone, but my friends and I, they were surrounded by the men from the island. Then the same man that walked into the bathroom walked up and handed me a drink, then said "Lets talk". He just kept going on and on about lycanthropy, how it was some curse that turned men into wolves. I didn't believe him until I spotted the man with the tattoo. He still looked out of place for some reason, he was smaller and skinnier. He was fairly quiet and seemed to just be a hostage like us. The man form the island hit me and yelled at me, then the skinny man went berserk.

He started wailing on his accomplices and knocked them both back, then he ran into the bathroom. The man form the island ordered his two goons to go fetch the skinny man, they both whipped out batons and ran in there. All we heard were fighting and screams, it was a mix between snarling and punching. One of the goons came up bloodied up and ran to the island mans feet. "He got James" the goon said, the island man kicked the goon and then pulled out a pistol with a dart sticking out the muzzle end. Then something dipped out of the bathroom lightning fast and grabbed the goon, the feral beast stood easily eight feet and was holding the goon by the throat with one hand. He beast had a snout like a wolf and was hairy, he was bloodied up and had the moon tattoo. The beast crushed the goons throat and ran at the island man at full speed. Then the beast grabbed the island man and threw him across the room. Easily breaking the island mans body.

The beast walked behind the counter and disappeared. Before we could make a run for it the skinny man reappeared from behind the counter and walked up to us. "You stay away form that island" he said, then he walked out of the restaurant and disappeared. We were shocked and in fear. When the cops showed up we told them everything that happened. After that we took the skinny mans advice and stayed away for the island.
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