Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dragon's Crown patch 1.4 is up.

The latest patch continues to refine character abilities and stats and allows cross-play between players on PS3 and Vita.

For me, of course, the most important thing was checkin' out how my Amazon has fared, as recent patches have all but obliterated her trademark ability, Berserk - which allows her initially slow, swooping axe swings to build to a flurry of heavy-hitting speed the longer she attacks without being knocked down.

As we heard from the Japanese release of the patch, the Amazon's 'zerk is now accompanied by an orange flame effect, so the player can always see what level of the ability they've reached (Berserk has 3 tiers of effect), and while I've found it's definitely easier to build my 'zerk up to tier 2 or 3, normal hits from enemies will still decrease by level of Berserk by at least one tier.

Still, far better than it was - she, at least, feels powerful again.

As she should.
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