Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grumble, grumble..........grumble

So what exactly is bothering me these days?

I've got a pain in my neck, quite literally. I have no idea what happened but it hurts so horribly that I find it hard to walk sometimes. So no sudden movements for me these days.

CHOGM. Traffic. Its well past 7.30 when I get home these days and well past 8 when I get to work each day.

George R.R Martin hasn't still finished the 6th book of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Alright, I'l confess to my incurable addiction to the Game of Thrones series. I'm so unashamedly obsessed! So much so, that after finishing a Dance with Dragons, I actually miss the characters quite badly. When I read something else, (I started on a Neil Gaieman book immediately afterwards), it feels quite empty. I think I'm having a book hangover. Or that period of utter devastation, doom and gloom after a book breakup. If ever there was such a thing.

The obsession started way before anyone had ever heard of Game of Thrones when the first book was only just out. I happened to stumble on it through a friend, (way back around 2000), was quite carried away with it and went about upturning bookshops for other books of the series like a woman deranged but to no avail. After a while the craze died down and then came the TV series after which it got too mainstream and I lost interest altogether. It was at the Colombo bookfair this time that I saw all 5 books together that I thought to myself, hmmm....might as well try reading it this time since it all there. And then, I was hooked with no escape, no way of turning back. And now, I can't believe that I'm waiting for the author to finish his next book!

Haiyo :(

I also want to start on food again. Cooking and baking being an ardent passion, I want to spend more time on it, trying out, creating and experimenting. Cooking always makes me feel like a mad scientist going berserk in his crazy lab. Its a good feeling :)

In the meantime, I started a food blog. Here's the link.

Also, the Darling wants to do a short film. Well, two actually and we are short of one actress. So finding one is on the cards as well.

Anyways, right now I want

1. My neck to stop hurting.

2. George R.R to finish his book.

3. My neck to stop hurting.

4. Traffic to cease existing.

5. An actress for one of our shorts.

6. CHOGM week to be declared public holidays.

7. My neck to stop hurting.

8. Jerome de Silva to do Phantom of the Opera here (Omg! *swoon*)

9. To start something based on cooking.

10. My neck to stop hurting.

Yeah well, its not fun when the simple task of angling your head a few degrees makes you cringe with dread.

Anyways, I'm off to bed. Hoping against hope that my neck would be alright tomorrow. I'd like to turn my head without looking like a joint-locked robot low on battery life thank you! So annoying :/
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