Friday, October 25, 2013

Epic Fantasies in Anime

Because of how complex the epic stories are it's hard to find series in this style and even less that are really good because many times they overdo it having a very pretentious tone or making them too complex and hard to watch. Fortunately I'll recommend you two series that have all in its stories in just measure balancing thes tories between personal and epic developing a fantastic world vaery fascinating and complete. These two series are Berserk and Juni Kokki which despite telling stories with different goal they share a memorable story and characters developed in detail.


A series that follows the life of protagonist Guts or Gatz in world very similar to medieval Europe in which there were constantly wars between kingdoms for power, lands and religion appearing even a religious group similar to the Catholic Church. Along this story we watch the very unfortunate life of the protagonist learning to survive to wars since he was little becoming very skillful with the giant sword and because of this he'll lead a very lonely life most of the time. But as he matures he meets people whom he'll cherish and protect making himself a legend when he becomes involved not only in battles that will change the nations but also the perception of reality between the people. The fantasy feature shows up little by little when he's involved in incidents and fights with with supernatural creatures, mostly very powerful demons and ghosts being him the only human capable of facing them when he becomes more powerful and skillful. The only bad thing about this series it's that it has been animated only twice, in a TV series and movies, telling in both of them the same segment of the story in which he meets Griffith, a character that will be very important for him, so the rest of the long story it's only available in a manga that's still running.


This series start in a very generic way following the story of Yoko Nakajima, a high school student, that leads a depressing life being the target of bullying of her classmates and underestimated by her parents and together with her classmates Ikuya Asano and Yuka Sugimoto are taken to a strange world by Keiki. This new world is similar to feudal China in which there are twelve kingdoms created by sacred beings that among them there are born creatures that can take human form which mission will be to find their master for liife wich inmediately will become the governor of his or her kingdom when found and to which they will serve and guide to become a good ruler. Keiki is one of thos creatures that visited our world in search of his master which is Yoko, turning her into the new queen, but after being transported they are separated when they were attacked by evil creatures so her, her friend's and her kingdom's destiny is uncertain in addition that they'll have to learn by themselves how it is and works that world. This story is vary complex but very well written where practically each character, as small as he or she is , will have an important role in the story. This series despite being long it isn't able to cover everything that we want to see being based on a novel with a well writter mythology in which the supernatural creatures play a role in how the world works and not only covers Yoko's story but the story of the persons from our world that have been there.

Both stories despite being full of info they are very interesting and fun mantaining the interest in what each character lives and their worlds, which I consider that have a status above of any other series thinking of them as outstanding.
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