Sunday, October 20, 2013

INCREDIBLE: unfathomable, unbelievable, fantastic

I don't often repeat a word I have previously featured on this blog, but I have to say that yesterday was an INCREDIBLE day.It deserves a spot today.

Oh, it was a usual Sunday.Two newspapers thoroughly searched.Church.Wrote my blog.Did a couple of chores.And then

settled down in front of the TV for an afternoon of football and an evening of baseball.All to be interrupted at 9:00 for The Good Wife, of course."

I thought the afternoon was going to be a sad one.With just a fewminutes to go in the New England Patriotsand New Orleans Saints game the Saints were ahead .The crowd began to leave the stadium (at home!) and the announcers had all but placed the wreaths of victory on the heads of the Saints.Belicheck called a "go for it" 4th down that failed and Saints took over.Theydid their thing, and the Patriots took over on about the 20 yard line (of New England!)New Orleans was ahead by 6.No way the Patriots could pull this off unless they scored a touchdown.Chances were minimal at best.

But Tom Brady took over, leading the Patriots down the field (pretty much all the way) with a flurry of unbelievably accurate passes, culminating in a "Hail Mary" pass to the endzone to win the game with just 5 seconds left on the clock.It was INCREDIBLE.

I had just calmed down from that exciting moment when the Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers came on in the second of their 3 out of 5 series in post-season qualifying games.They had lost the first one.

Again, it was a pitching duel interspersed with a terrible 4th inning when the Saints scored 5 runs.The Red Sox managed only 1 run and as we went into the bottom of the 8th inning it was pretty much over.Unlike the football fans, however, the Red Sox Nation stayed put.They had seen the season and knew that it wasn't over until the last out.Almost nobody left the stands.

The bases were loaded.David Ortiz came up to bat.On the first pitch he slammed one into the Red Sox bull pen, tying the score. The place went berserk.What we had seen happen all summer long had happened again.The Red Sox had overcome several innings of innefective ability to hit and score.The Tigers discovered what the fantastic closer for the Red Sox, Koji Uehara, could do.He pitched a 3 up/3 down inning, and the adrenellin was pumping in everyone at Fenway and everyone watching from home.I could feel my damaged heart pounding and reached to be sure I had my nitro pills with me.No problem.

And then it happened.Bottom of the 9th.Jonny Gomes hits a shaky single, but the throw to first is off, careening into the Red Sox dugout.He gets to trot down to 2nd base.And then a wild pitch really goes wandering somewhere behind home plate and Gomes almost saunters to 3rd.Saltalamacchia at bat.He hits a single and Gomes speeds home.The Red Sox have won!

I screamed just as my wife returned home through the front door.She knew what it meant and we did a high five.Then we watched the replay over and over again.It was mind-blowing.It was fantastic.It was unbelievable.It was INCREDIBLE.

It isn't over yet.There are other games to be played, this time in Detroit.But instead of going into the 3rd and 4th games at a severe disadvantage, the Sox have a clean slate.Granted, they blew one home game which would have been nice to have under their belts.But going into this 1-1, especially after such a dramatic comeback is remarkable.

No, it's INCREDIBLE!Photo Credits: (Brady)

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