Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'Goliath' Teaser Promises Something Huge...

Filmmakers Eric Bross, Sean Albertson and Matt Lazarus announced today the January, 2014, online release of their short film GOLIATH. The 10-minute film will be available worldwide to watch for free. The announcement is accompanied by a teaser trailer shared below.

Goliath tells the story of a prison with a gang problem that installs a 12-foot robot guard: Goliath. When it goes berserk, the convicts must work together to take it down.

Principal photography was completed earlier in the year, starring Luis and Daniel Moncada of "Breaking Bad" fame, as well as Fernanda Andrade (The Devil Inside), with a cameo by Godsmack's Sully Erna.

The short film is based on an original concept by Bross, and his brothers Jonathan and Scott Bross. Goliath was written by Lazarus, directed by Bross, and co-produced by Albertson, Bross and Lazarus. Kenny Roy is overseeing visual effects duties along with visual effects supervisor Rob Stauffer.

"We completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finish animating Goliath, and Kenny Roy and Rob Stauffer are working on that now," said director Eric Bross.

Producer Sean Albertson adds, "While we are looking forward to producing this as a feature film, we thought the story was too cool to wait to get something out there for people to see. So we did everything ourselves on a much faster time line for this short film."

Visual effects supervisor Kenny Roy says, "For Goliath I'm excited to bring a level of detail that the industry normally reserves for tent-pole projects; the robot is too badass not to pull out all the stops."

Goliath aims to follow in the footsteps of Neill Blomkamp's District 9, which began as the sci-fi short film "Alive in Joburg," before being adapted into a feature film and released by Sony Pictures.

Watch the teaser trailer below. Goliath will be released for free online in January, 2014.
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