Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pok mon the Series: XY // First Impressions

So how's Pok mon X and Y treating you all? Me, I've made it to the 8th Gym as of this typing and almost built my dream team. Now if only I can tear myself off my 3DS for one hour so I can type this up!

Pok mon the Series: XY is the fifth entry in Oriental Light and Magic's Pok mon anime, this one based on the Nintendo 3DS game Pok mon X and Y. Ash Ketchum's journey to become a Pok mon Master brings him to the Kalos region, where he meets a trainer named Clemont and his sister Bonnie. During a scuffle with Team Rocket, the Water-type starter Pok mon Froakie arrives and helps Ash and Pikachu, but gets severely injured. They take it to Professor Sycamore, a Pok mon Professor researching the evolution of Pok mon, particularly Mega Evolution.

Team Rocket's attempt to capture a Garchomp ends in failure and cause it to go berserk inCity. Ash chases it to the top of the Prism Tower to calm it down. With the help of a mysterious man who owns a Mega Blaziken, Ash stops the rampaging Garchomp. And as Ash begins the journey in Kalos, he gains a new Pok mon in Froakie.

So. Wobbuffet actually is being used now. Quite efficiently, too. Really, Team Rocket has such a uber on their team, yet is never used right. Such is the consequence of Story Breaker Power. Anyway, good start to the series. Really excited for this.

Also, did Pikachu smooch the screen in the opening?
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