Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Post Visitation by the First Feral Family


Recovery from a four day First Feral Family visitation. That is, my perp-abetting mother came to visit, after I visited her and my out-of-town brother and family in Kamloops. A four day weekend in effect, first driving there, and then two days of her visiting me in Penticton.

The usual disruption fuckery and gaming; fumbling and feigning, and dragging her ass so we are further apart in any public area so gangstalkers can walk between us. Then a wait in my vehicle for 40 min. downtown while she was at the bank for a cash withdrawal with her bank card. Meanwhile, the freakshow paraded by while I was reading the paper inside my vehicle all this while. Of course there were rationalizations; new cashier, new system, wrong ID etc. The 86 y.o. doddering and hard of hearing act is played up all the more, and now a whole lot more clutching and grabbing of things to get up or out of a seat. e.g. grabbing the roof of the vehicle to aid her from getting out of the car seat. I cannot count the number of times the perps put on this pathetic act in public; vagrants leaning on posts while waiting for the traffic light to change, etc.

Four weeks for my CD to be sent up from Oregon via an Amazon used/Marketplace order. All to be there in place at my door when my perp-abetting mother was with me. There is something about taking possession of a new item that the perps want to know about, hence this obstruction skit.


At the vineyard/winery, filtering wine- addition went lumpy in a filtered batch. Bummer, but one more filtering to go, so it isn't the end of the world, thank goodness.

A sudden perp harassment attack at the end of the filtering; pulling items from my grasp, excessive visits to take a pee (three in an hour), the filter wasn't on properly, and wine dumped out, a liter or so before I caught it in a bucket. Though, the perps also dithered me as to where the off switch was, delaying me attending to the problem by at least five critical seconds. Also, fucking me out of where I put something down, even if a few seconds before, than having me spend five minutes looking for it all over the place.


I set up the vineyard/winery bottling system to no acclaim; it just sat there wetted filters for the rest of the day, from 1300h on. All in keeping with the perps' games over filtering, as if last week's relentless and senseless abuse hijinx weren't enough.

And the perps did get nasty again; items pulled from my grasp, getting scrambled as to what I went to a certain location for (never happened until this abuse began in 04-2002), dropping items, forced pee-ing every 20 minutes or so etc.

And later, games with participating employer family around having me hang around at the gate, as my vehicle was blocked from getting back to the driveway. Even the family feuders were conscripted to hang around together, though no love or expression of interest in each other.

What is the perps' obsession over me measuring things? Then a cell phone call from my boss at work while he was driving, again, more about measuring, picking bins this time. (That is, an EMF device at my ear while measuring a requested object). For years now, they would noise-stalk me at the moment of measuring something, but now it has progressed to concurrent cell phone calls and having the phoning person being 20 miles away or more.


A half hour later get-up; no torso or nuts shaving, still the now "usual" (read, imposed) routine for the second time this shortened work week, Wed-Fri. And in keeping with the perp's insane fixation over shaving, hair cutting of any kind, and I assume, also evidenced by the innumerable hairs that drop onto me, on this keyboard, my food etc. They are about 50% attributable to me, same color and length, and the remainder are from elsewhere; long grey hairs, thick long black eyelashes, 20" long black hairs etc.

Wine filtering and bottling at the vineyard/winery and one instance of condensending banter. The owners took off again, now some 90% consistent anytime I do wine filtering.

Yoga tonight, and the ever frenetic male instructor again; pot bellied and bald headed and in loose shorts; (= three Unfavored features, plus being male over 20). Then add his day-glo lime shirt with horizontal bands in it, and one has to wonder if he could attain any more Unfavored status.

Some 11 other women yoga classmates, and two young ones behind me, which is where I get to look most of the time. One was slim, the other was a medium build. Then the much-Unfavored instructor would stand in between them, as if to gain some kind of auric glow from them. Ridiculous, as to how often the Unfavored male is arranged to be in the immediate proximity of cute babes.

One case of tattoos in tonight's class; one woman, some 12' away, with two intervening classmates, had a bright green tattoo, and lo, if if didn't match her shirt exactly in color and hue. Needless to say, my vision was pointed there many more times than I would of if uninvaded. My visual attention has been radically altered since the perps went berserk/overt in 04-2002.

At least 6 forced pee-ings this morning, yesterday it was at least twice that. Events such as putting on new gloves, taking on a new task, prior to going outside, or alternatively outside to inside are all occasions for sudden onsets of "need-to-pee" moments.


Saturday, and a later start due to a sudden urge to clean the bathroom having just finished my morning routine (shower, shave, dental hygiene). The planted rationalization notion was that since it hasn't gotten cleaned in over two weeks at any other time, why not now on a weekend morning? Never mind that I had nothing on (usual "attire" at this juncture), and that is how I remained "dressed" for the extra 30 min. I took to clean up the floor, sink, mirror and shelf. The perps have a strong obsession over cleaning things, creating the many messes that they do, so it would seem that being skyclad while doing so serves their human nonconsensual experimentation agenda.

Which reminded me of long ago, during the early months of the perps going berserk/overt stage, 04-2002, they encouraged me to wear nothing at all while I was in my apartment, blinds closed of course. Then in 2003, they had me doing this again (curtains closed), and arranged a knock on the door. I got quickly changed and answered it, and lo, if it wasn't a policeman, wondering if I heard or saw anything in the night that had to do with graffiti attack at the school next door. No, sir, I didn't, but I told him that I was out running at 2200h, and that I would of smelled the paint for sure. The policeman seemed certain that it happened after 0200h to 0400h of the following morning, and that was the end of it. And it was the end of any more skyclad lounging in my residence at anytime. And seeing that the perps are so intensely fixated on my clothes, their color, the amount of time that they are worn, when they get changed etc, I assume that being clothed is the most demanding state that they wanted to investigate, which they still do.

A long planned (three months) shower caddy fix failed; and so I ordered a new one, which is what I was planning to do in the first place, but somehow changed my mind. Looking for one in the stores with my perp abetting mother last weekend in the bigger city was plain dumb. She gets lost, changes directions, puts on the dumbshit act and limits my mobility in order to compromise my shopping methods and efforts. The local fix-it guy didn't want to take on modifying this shower head pipe mounted version, what I did not want, to an over the door hanging one. All begun by the bigger-city shopping visit and the one likely store that "happened" to be out of the kind of door hung shower caddies I was looking for.


Another all day strong wind, and a cool one too. It kept me inside, save one mighty gangstalked visit to the specialty grocery store. And to VV to dump off some trashed clothes, courtesy of of the Psychopathic Thems. In handing off the clothes, the woman who took my load of items came close enough to have the back of my hand parked where her L tit was. I usually get extra physical contact (fingers and hands) at checkouts when taking the receipt, but getting a breast-full is a significant escalation.

This grocery store has a 20% off day on the last Wednesday of the month, and they send me an email notice in advance. I usually go there after work to purchase food items, even if it is an overstaffed gangstalk and obstruction hell. This past week, the same deal, but instead of stopping by, the perps had me totally forget about it for at least two days after the fact. Like WTF; what is the perp's purpose in screwing me out of $12 of savings (based on today's purchases there)?

A nap-attack for 1.5 hours this afternoon, with the same caveat as always; I didn't need the sleep as I got plenty for the last two nights

One dream sequence I recall in the night; I was having tea with Hillary Clinton (of all people), and the perps totally scrambled me into pouring it, getting the right cup and at every possible task sequence. This would be the first time that the perps introduced this state of total mind-fuck into my dreams.

Now late Sunday, and I am going to get this posted and ponder another week of abusive tyranny.
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