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'Dancing with the Stars' week 5 rankings: Snooki, Corbin Bleu close in on Amber Riley

Another week, and another edition of our "" rankings to try and pick over. Is there a favorite to win this show? You know it, and it's someone who we have ranked #1 for the entire season. The only debate this time comes in the bottom of the pack, where there are a number of dancers who could all be in trouble depending on the always-unknown factor known as audience voted. Since they've hidden behind that dreaded "in jeopardy" label, there really is no telling who is in danger, and who the producers are just tricking by putting them there (On a personal note, we like knowing a bottom two, just since it gives you a little more knowledge.)

Our rankings, as per always, are a combination of dance ability, personality, edit on the show, and fan base size all rolled into one number. We've picked the last three eliminations correctly, but this is one we are a little bit unsure about.

9. BILL ENGVALL AND EMMA SLATER (: 9) - The last two weeks, the for-certain worst dancer in the competition has gone home, but we're now at the point where no one left is really that much further below the other dancers. Therefore, we're just thinking that the lower scores for Bill is going to be what seals his fate this time around.

8. LEAH REMINI AND TONY DOVOLANI (7) - If you look at everyone ranked higher than Leah, they've all had more iconic dances. It's as simple as that. We don't see any huge fansites voting to save her, and Tony's fanbase can at times be inconsistent. They're probably safe this week, but don't be too stunned if something crazy goes down.

7. BRANT DAUGHERTY AND PETA MURGATROYD (3) - Just based on one weak performance, Brnat goes from would-be contender to guy in trouble. He just has been left "in jeopardy" a few too many times for us to really think of it as anything coincidental at all. The guy's not picking up the fans that he needs to in order to succeed, and it's sad since he seems like a nice, likable dude.

6. ELIZABETH BERKLEY AND VAL CHMERKOVSKIY (8) - We're starting to come around somewhat on Elizabeth, and what she's capable of doing on the show. Why is that? The simplest explanation that we can offer is that she hasn't really been in danger, and the scores she's getting are consistently strong. Plus, we hear that she's returning to her "Saved by the Bell" roots on Monday for a routine that will make fans go berserk.

5. CHRISTINA MILIAN AND MARK BALLAS (5) - The best thing that Mark could have received was Julianne Hough calling him out. Suddenly, he's got his fans really rallying for him! Given that we don't see Christina as someone with just this huge legion of supporters out there, this could be really valuable in getting them over the hump.

4. JACK OSBOURNE AND CHERYL BURKE (6) - Jack's big achievement so far this season is not just great dancing for the most part, but reminding you time and time again that he is someone you want to root for. He's got the inspirational angle, the comedy angle, and the famous friends angle. It's interesting that for whatever reason, the Osbournes have avoided the reality TV deathtrap that caught many of the Kardashians and the "Jersey Shore" cast members.

3. SNOOKI AND SASHA FARBER (4) - Speaking of the Shore, we turn to Snooki for a minute. She is a great dancer, and at this point, she really only has one weak performance to her name. That's not bad at all for this stage in the game. Add to this the fact that she has never felt like she is in big danger, and she may be performing far and away better with fans than we ever thought.

2. CORBIN BLEU AND KARINA SMIRNOFF (2) - Yay for Corbin! He remains likable, remains talented, and remains completely and utterly safe. He's also the biggest threat to Amber's reign at the end of the showand he probably is actually the better performer when it comes to pure technical skill.

1. AMBER RILEY AND DEREK HOUGH (1) - But, this is all about votes, and there is still something for everyone with Amber: A great partner, a great dancer, a popular name with famous friends, and an inspiration. She's also got it going for her that she is coming off an episode of "Glee" that tributed her friend and co-star Cory Monteith.

Who is at the top of your "Dancing with the Stars" ranking! Vote below, and we'll have some more scoop from the show soon. .
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