Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust [Animated Movie]

Having seen the first movie I thought I was being spoiled, but after having seen this I saw that animators were holding out on me. I wish they could do a lot of animation like this. It is so similar to Ninja Scroll in terms of quality I would not be surprised the animators and directors are one and the same.

In Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust the main character simply named, D, is doing his standard thing moving through the ages, a dhampir (half vampire and half human), hunting beasts, but mainly specializing in vampires in which there are plenty. This particular story gives a wider view of his world and the range of characters is astounding. We meet everything from other hunters and a variety of demons.

I feel this takes place some time after the first film, but it remains a stand alone story you can view and not even go near the first one. The first film's animation looks so rough I don't know if I'll ever go back. Looking at this current one if you want something similar just watch Ninja Scroll which is old, but from the quality of animation you would not know it.

They really have a solid technique in Bloodlust because the animation coupled with really great transition is fairly difficult to pull off. Scene following scene is seamless and makes complete sense. Part of me hopes they go back to redo the first film, but I doubt they will, same as the new Berserk and Evangelion movies and their jarring CGI....They should have just done the movies like they did this one.

Hard to think of anything wrong with this film. I just wish there was more like this.

SCORE 10/10Why they spend money on making certain movies in Hollywood I'll never know, but they should throw whatever they can to keep these animators and directors in business. If nothing else keeps coming out with this caliber of execution I weep for the human race. Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust is a milestone to measure all other hand drawn animation against.
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