Thursday, October 10, 2013

September in Review

MILES PLANNED/RAN: 68/62.It was time to cut it back this month, after a big push in August.


NON-WORKOUT DAYS PLANNED/TAKEN: 6/13.I was sick for a week, then took advantage and built on it.


State #27- .


LONG RUNS PLANNED/RAN: 4/3.Because 6 miles is a long run.

SWIM YARDS PLANNED/SWUM:4000/3000.I would have made them all, but the pool was closed yesterday.Bummer.

WEIGHTS/ABS: 3/0.Bad, bad month.

CURRENT ACHE/PAIN: My hips hurt.This inspired me to back off the mileage during the last half of this month.

CURRENT BOOK (S): by Kwan.

by Thompson.

CURRENT WISH LIST:To find all the pieces to make S and my Halloween costumes.We're going to be Walter and Skyler White from Breaking Bad.Did you see the finale?Awesome television.

CURRENT DRINK:A breakfast smoothie.

1/2 c. strawberries

1/2 avocado

1/2 c. coconut milk

5 macadamia nuts

4 T water

2 ice cubes

Blend (in your husband's NutriBullet).

CURRENT SONG (S): Any song but Berserk by Eminem.I will change the channel when this one comes on.

CURRENT GRATITUDE:So thankful that S is traveling with me to Connecticut and Rhode Island later this month.We're flying in to Boston and driving around for a half marathon double weekend.He is a very good sport.

CURRENT DISLIKE:Training runs.I need to find my run love again.The Oregon rain and wind are not helping.

CURRENT GOAL:Research a whole foods/Paleo diet and actually implement some dietary changes. Find recipes and make them, in spite of potential criticism from the family.Commit to these changes for two weeks later this month.

CURRENT TREAT: Godiva chocolate.

CURRENT EXCITEMENT:I will not be prepared for, but am excited about the and the double weekend.Connecticut and Rhode Island, states #28 and #29, October 12/13.I don't advise cutting back your training before a double weekend, but we'll see how it goes.A double deserves its own weeks of training, but it didn't work out in my schedule very well this year. Three races in August kind of kicked my behind.
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