Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Prisma Illya

This anime originates from a two volume manga series. It is a part of the fate series, yet this part embraces the genre of magical girls.

Rin and Luvia, rivals from the magical academy, are sent to Japan to collect class cards. They can get help from two magical wands named Ruby and Sapphire, who turn them into magical girls. Yet, after they use the wands in a quarrel, the wands abandon them and choose two small girls in their place. The small girls are Illyasviel and Miyu. Illya is recognised from the other series as the master of berserker. Together, the four of them fight and collect the class cards.

The anime is full of great graphics, using colour to highlight the battles. The class cards, who are the evil versions of the heroic spirits from the other series, use these graphics to show their volcanic power. They have the evil laughs, the explosive power and the feeling off uneasiness that is not easily created. Yet, amongst the power and fighting, the anime appeals to the lolicon audiences. The girls look cute, there is humour and they sparkle so much. The outfits are short, yet far from provocative. Yet, overall they look adorable. I would recommend any magical girl fan or fate fan to watch this.
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