Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Read this early on and it was fairly interesting. I thought this did better than the Berserk manga (after the Golden Arc). It is fairly violent, but not extremely graphic (like Berserk), and the plot is better developed. The art style is consistent so thank goodness for that. All in all it is something similar to the previously mentioned series, but with a different back story and much stronger delivery overall.

We follow a man on the quest for vengeance against God or rather those who claim to be servants of God. Fanatics, who ruined his life and made him suffer to the point of madness. He carves his path through what is mostly a western setting with some European influence. Leaving in his wake destruction, but always moving toward the enemy.

The villains and the main character's back story will be the main draw for this series and the mild twisted fictional connection to Christianity. The art looks gritty and American/European, you wouldn't think that the art is actually Korean, so it goes really well with the English translation.

SCORE 10/10An original telling as far as people on a quest for vengeance go, but there are others out there if you don't like the art. If you want another series on revenge to dig into this is not a bad way to go. Also I want to state again for emphasis that I hold this in higher regard than the Berserk manga as a whole because it just gets awful after the first arc.
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