Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Polytechnic students run amok

HOW long should the public have to put up with the kind of utterly despicable behaviour that the polytechnic students had resorted to in the last few days in support of their two-point demand, which came to a head on Sunday. The violence perpetrated by the rampaging students left more than 200 injured and a large number of vehicles damaged. Such acts have our fullest contempt.

What the students of the polytechnic colleges did on Sunday in many parts of the country is not only shameful, it is also shocking that those who claim to be educated should choose the path of destructiion and violence to realise their demand. What is the fault of the innocent public who were injured, or the one who has to count the cost of a damaged vehicle?

We are used to seeing RMG workers taking to the streets and setting upon everything to vent their spleen against the owners. Sometimes the road transport workers resort to violence as an expression of discontent with some government or owners' decision. And now the polytechnic students are at it. Regrettably, such behaviour is reflective of a deep malaise that is besetting the society in general.

For all that, we can tell the polytechnic students may have genuine grievances and which the relevant agencies and departments should address. But going berserk, even if we were to grant them their claim that it was the police that had swooped on them first, and making the public the target of their wrath, is unpardonable.
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