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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 10 FINAL EPISODE!

Hello there my lovely and patient readers. It is I the busy one. Last week work was...stressful to say the least. Each day could have had it's own blog post. Each and every day was full of wonderful and new sucks that made me worry for the human race. Thankfully Saturday afternoon came and I could escape work...even if it was for an afternoon and a half. This would be my computer exploding over the awesome graphics in this episode. Today I only left the house once to get some nourishment. Despite only working 2.5 days this week (so glad the husband was able to get his job back, even if the pay thing might be late/iffy) the husband neglected to purchase some real noms for us. Moe's it is then! But other than that it was clean the house and catch up on anime posts today. First things first. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 10. The shortest show I watched for the Summer 2013 season has finally ended. Will it end in heartache or toothache? SO MUCH SUGAR! Trust in the sparkles. Episode Summary: Miyu looks on in awe as Illya has appeared in her amazing magical girl self. Illya has killed Berserker once. As he comes back Illya calls out to Rin and Luvia. They use their jewels to bind Berserker temporarily. Miyu wants to know why Illya is here. Illya apologizes. She thought being a magical girl was a game, that none of it was real and it didn't affect her. But when Miyu stepped up for Illya felt so bad. Miyu tries to say this is what she wanted but really she is so happy Illya showed up. Illya gives her back her wand as Luvia and Rin look on, happy at their friendship. Berserker starts to free himself so the girls decide to go with a risky plan. Basically Illya attacks and acts like the bait. When Berserker attacks Illya Rin and Luvia use most of their crystals to blind Berserker. Illya uses one of her strongest attacks to blast Berserker to Miyu who kills him again. The girls stop to see if it is the last kill. Of course it's not and the older girls use the very last of their crystals to protect the others from his blast. They are okay but out of ammo. Illya starts to get really worried but Miyu says they are in this together. Then it becomes a magical moment of trust and sparkles. Illya promises to never run away again and Miyu promises to count on their friendship. Now despite downloading this episode the graphics are so amazing the show really cuts in and out after the sparkle friendship moment. What I think happens is the girls summon up Saber's sword and kill Berserker for the last time. All the cards have been collected celebration! I guess Miyu has a bit of work to do. The girls rest on the building top in the real world. Rin really thanks the girls for all their hard work and sticking with them until the end. Everyone smiles...until Luvia steals all the cards and hops on her helicopter. Rin gives chase as Illya and Miyu look on. They walk home hand in hand and it is magical. Illya is having a dream that her lovely brother is trying to wake her up and she asks for a kiss. Only when she wakes up she sees she was kissing Miyu. Illya freaks out but Miyu seems okay with kissing if Illya asks permission next time. The ladies of the house hear Ilyla freaking out. The maids are a bit :( to see Mom leaving so soon but she needs to go back to her husband. She spent enough time with her kids okay. It turns out that Miyu was waking up Illya because they have class duty and now they will be late. They decide they have to fly to make it on time and it is just so wonderful. They are found really bonding by Illya's friends. Some are like why the sudden change while others embrace it. One tries to tell Miyu they will all get along lovely when Miyu is like no I don't like you guys? I only need Illya and Illya only needs me. The girl starts crying, Illya tries to make peace, and Miyu is like no I mean this all. Illya realizes that life is suffering. Rin gets that understanding too as the helicopter has crashed and she has gotten word from headquarters they are to stay in Japan. After the credits it looks like Maya has landed nearby? THE END! Can't you feel the love tonight?! And then the show is over. It sorta felt like it never started and dragged at some points. I think I have said that before. I must be old...repeating myself. But apparently there is going to be a next season. Things were rushed and dragged for no reason I suppose. You two have a heart to heart. We got this apparently. First things first. Wasn't it nice of Berserker to stand still while Miyu and Illya had their heart to heart? Okay I know that Rin and Luvia used a lot of their jewels to hold him in place. And that he wasn't giving them time. But it felt like it at times. XD Like oh okay thanks for giving us time to talk baddies. That often happens in anime. Well in many shows. Sorta like how the baddies will only fight one at a time with the hero. Thank you so much for giving us space. be fair it was scary stuff. Nothing really earth shattering was said between Miyu and Illya. It has been clear what Illya's stance has been this entire time. I want to have fun, being a magical girl is like the animes. Only when it got real Illya got the hell out of dodge. Again I wish there was more focus on Illya losing her mind and potentially hurting her allies. That should have been the big point. That Illya was so emotional that the other girls couldn't take the risk. But that was quickly brushed aside and Miyu just wanted to protect Illya and that is why she sent her away. Illya was scared of getting hurt and ran away. Now Illya is done running and Miyu might be ready to admitt that she needs more people in her life. Well they are ten...maybe things can be simple? Is that a bit simple? Not every show can be amazingly complex, full of Titans eating your face, or over the top. Sometimes life needs simple. We have slice of life shows. And I quite like a lot of those. So I guess there is no reason to be super critical of how simple things were in this show? I guess I was expecting more. Why was Illya breaking and turned into Saber? How was she able to get so strong? Maybe I should have been asking those questions as this show was piggybacking under the success of Fate. But....perhaps this is just a water down version of that show for the kids and young at heart? Or you know...a blatant way to make more money so who needs to answer more questions? Good think Illya is taking the risk. XD All this loveliness was lost on Rin and Luvia. I mean they saw it but obviously can't apply it to their own lives. Instead the girls decided to focus on Berserker. Again what a quick plan they came up with, especially since Illya hadn't been part of the attack 1.0. But the girls quickly pulled it together. Like be the bait. You are good at that. Rin and Luvia will blind the beast. And Miyu who magically regained enough mana to do a super attack...will do a super attack. Because she is the bomb. I have no battle scene. Have a friendship one instead. My computer could handle this. That wasn't enough. Because this Berserker has tons of lives. The older two girls ran out of jewels. I mean I am sure it takes a long time to make those things but Rin has no money and Luvia is stingy so you know. Or really who knows. XD That means it was time for the super, super attack. No the girls didn't turn back into amazing Saber and Archer. Because that would make me happy. No....the power of friendship truly powered them up and almost destroyed my computer in the process. I literally have no idea what the battle looked like. I tried to fast forward it, pause it, and skip the spot where it was causing me problems. It was a no go. So all I saw was Miyu and Illya having this special bonding moment because the have known each other for 2 weeks and are the best friends forever and that is enough power to defeat anything. DUH!!! YAY FOR WINNING! What kind of thanks is that?!?! So where does this leave Rin and Luvia? Well as you recall Rin was trying to thank the young girls for all their hard work and Luvia swooped in to steal all the Class Cards. With her helicopter. Because she is rich bitch. Rin and her Spiderman powers was able to cling to said helicopter. And since she is really the Hulk and not Spiderman the helicopter crashes. I was kinda wondering what was going to happen to the girls as they weren't coming back to headquarters with said annoying talking wands. But now none of that matters. XD Because they were told by the Head Dude that they have to stay in Japan. Learn. Become the friendship. Interesting. And special. Like say what? How many more things do we have to do to get into this Academy thing? One hand the girls maybe deserve this for...their behavior. On the other hand...they did their job (to his knowledge) so let them come home. Although Luvia did just leave Miyu behind without a second thought.... I guess this is a good thing though. I mean where was Miyu going to live? This show hasn't been about anything. So if Luvia leaves what happens to Miyu? If we recall Miyu briefly told Illya that she was all alone in this world when Luvia took her in. Probably because Sapphire sensed the girl had a strong desire to change. Like yeah this girl needs magic in her life. So without Luvia what would Miyu? Oh you are so bold Illya!!! Oh you mean live with Illya because she is in love with the girl? I see now. No more questions from me. For 5 seconds the show almost went back to Illya being in love with her brother. Reward me with a kiss as I gag and stab myself in the face you mean. Instead Miyu had crept in her a creeper and got kissed instead. And since Illya and Miyu met two weeks ago, had two misunderstandings, and made up the day before this all okay. Miyu and Illya forever. What part of Illya is mine do you not understand? No I meant it. Illya and Miyu forever. Miyu wanted to do everything on her own. But clearly in that scene where I couldn't see anything because the graphics blew everything up...important stuff happened. Miyu won't leave Illya's side. Illya is hers. All those other friends that I never bothered to learn their names...BEGONE! Illya is not for you karate chop!!! If I were Illya's friends I would be a little upset about the situation. Like look hommie we tried to be nice to you for the past 10 days and you are a roller coaster of crazy. Time to step. Illya is our friend too. I like how Illya acknowledged the real suffering has begun. YAY FRIENDSHIP! I am sure deep down Illya is happy too. Season two is that way? So is that about it? Mom left town because one night with her daughter is enough. Barely so Mr. Important Brother. The maids are special. I guess Miyu can keep on living with Luvia in the random mansion that was built in 8 hours. Illya and Miyu get to keep the wands and fly to school (FRIENDSHIP IS SO MAGICAL) because no one at headquarters was going to miss the super powered up magical wands. No no no folks. Miyu will be friends forever with Illya, Illya will suffer happily, and Rin and Luvia will learn how to get along or they can kiss their dream jobs goodbye. That about wraps up this show right? Wait a minute...who just arrived at the airport? Season two?! What is this madness?! Are they going to use the cards to fight other heroics now? I mean..character development was flimsy at best during this show. But the art was spot on almost all the time (well not the huge ears). I am not sure where this show can go next but apparently it is going there. Until next time? Xx
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