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Case Study No. 1025: Azra


Meet Azra, she's our main character. She also is about to get eaten by zombies

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Defender's Quest is an indie rpg tower defense game. It was made and published by Level Up Labs and is currently available for demo and purchase. The game is currently at $9.99 for purchase but is a fantastic deal for this great game. The story involves Azra, a librarian for the Kingdom, that has contracted the Plague and is sent into the Pit. From there she starts her story destroying Reverant and other creatures that stand in her way while acquire other "Defenders" that would like the leave the Pit as well.

Defender's Quest is copyright Level Up Labs. I did not make this game, I'm only giving one way of playing the game.

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[scene opens with a closeup of a woman's face in black and white]

AZRA: [in voice over] My name is Azra. I am dying.

[cut to a still shot of two robed figures carrying her prone body]

AZRA: [in voice over] They don't wait.

[cut to a still shot of one of the robed figures pulling a cart carrying her body]

AZRA: [in voice over] There's not even time to burn the bodies anymore.

[cut to a still shot of the figure outside the castle walls]

AZRA: [in voice over] Just take them outside of the city ...

[cut to a still shot of the cart being tipped over, and the woman falling down the side of a cliff]

AZRA: [in voice over] And throw them into the Pit.

[cut to the game's world map (now in color), as "The Half-Way World: Lost and alone, Azra finds herself caught between life and death" appears on screen]

Act I

"A foot in each world and his soul in the middle, the dying man sees all things."

- Nomad Proverb

[cut to Azra and another woman at the bottom of the Pit]

PLAGUE VICTIM: Can you feel him?

AZRA: What? Where are we?

[the shadow of a figure sitting on a throne appears in the background]

PLAGUE VICTIM: He is calling to us ... Come, we must join him! We are already halfway there.

AZRA: What are you doing? Are you crazy?

PLAGUE VICTIM: Listen to the Voice ...

[the woman's skin suddenly turns white, and a red glow surrounds her body]

PLAGUE VICTIM: He offers so much more ... to be a part of something ... greater.

[the woman moves closer, as Azra cowers in fear]

PLAGUE VICTIM: Only a fool would resist.

AZRA: Get away from me!

[a word bubble appears over the figure on the throne, written in a made-up language]

AZRA: Get me out of here!

[another word bubble appears, then the woman reaches her arms out towards Azra]

AZRA: Can't ... move! Help me! Anyone!

[the woman grabs Azra's hands, as a white glow suddenly surrounds her]

AZRA: Anyone ...

[a man with blue skin (and carrying a sword) suddenly materializes behind them]

STRANGER: What?! Where the ... wiggedywah?

[cut back to the world map, as Azra is by herself]

AZRA: Where am I?

["This is your main character, Azra. She can't move." appears on screen]

[the player clicks on "Next", and an arrow pointing to the right-hand side of the screen appears, as "Enemies come from here. Don't let them reach Azra!" appears on screen]

AZRA: Hey, Stranger! Where are you?

["Click here to select the Berserker menu" appears on screen, as the player clicks on "Defenders 1/1 - Berserkers (25 Psi to summon)"]

STRANGER: What did you do to me??

AZRA: I don't know! There are monsters after me! Help!

STRANGER: Why am I transparent? Where's my body?

["This shows all the Berserkers in your party. Right now you only have this guy." appears on screen]

[the player selects "Next", then "Click here to select him!" appears on screen]

[the player clicks on the Berserker ("Stranger Level 2")]

AZRA: I called out ... and I felt you in my mind. Don't slip away! I have to concentrate! If I focus, maybe I can bring you here!

STRANGER: Um ... okay.

[the stranger looks down, confused]

STRANGER: I really shouldn't have eaten that lizard stew ...

[an arrow appears on a patch of ground in front of Azra, as "Click where you want to place your defender. This is a good spot!" appears on screen]

[the player clicks on the patch of ground, as the stranger (now in corporeal form) appears]

STRANGER: Heeeeeey! This is more like it!

["Azra uses Psi energy to summon defenders. Killing enemeies recharges your Psi." appears on screen]

AZRA: Great! Now do something!

STRANGER: What's that, you say? Impress you with feats of manly violence? Don't mind if I do!

["Defenders can't move, and attack enemies automatically." appears on screen]

[the player clicks "Next", and "Right now, the game is paused." appears on screen]

STRANGER: Come on, you drooling wretches! Your evisceration awaits!

[a wave of zombies appears, as the Berserker uses "Slash" to kill them with his sword]

STRANGER: This is great and all, but I can't help feeling like I should be more awesome than this. You sure you got all of my body? Nothing's ... missing?

AZRA: I think I can channel more energy towards you ...

[an arrow points to "Boost: 50 Psi", as "This is Stranger's Boost Bar. Boosting Stranger will make him stronger and faster." appears on screen]

[the player clicks "Next", and "At Boost level 2, Stranger can use his second technique, Double Hit." appears on screen]

[the player clicks "Next", and "Click Boost now! You won't regret it!" appears on screen]

[the player clicks "Boost", as a bolt of energy travels from Azra to the Berserker]

STRANGER: This is more like it!

[the Berserker uses "Double Hit" to kill the second and third waves of zombies]

["Perfect! Azra survived unharmed!" appears on screen, as the player clicks on "Go to Map", then cut to Azra and the Berserker standing in the Pit]

AZRA: Whoa! What happened?

STRANGER: Beats me. Five minutes ago you were just a dead body and I was just a guy trying to loot some new shoes ... So good news! You're alive, and don't seem to have the plague anymore.

AZRA: Where--

STRANGER: The bad news is, this means I don't get a new pair of shoes ... Also, now you're trapped in this plague colony with the rest of us.

AZRA: The Pit ...

STRANGER: Cheer up! You survived, so you should be immune to the plague now.

AZRA: So then the guards will let us out, right?

STRANGER: You could try explaining that to them, but they aren't that good at listening. They tend to confuse "asking politely" with "shooting you full of arrows" ... Seriously, I don't know what kind of etiquette training the Ash Kingdom hands out these days.

AZRA: [pause] I still don't understand what happened in that ... other place.

STRANGER: Don't sweat it. I had the same hallucination when I first had the plague.

AZRA: Wait ... You were there with me! How could it have been a hallucination?

STRANGER: Ooh, what's that? A caravan!

[the Berzerker runs off screen]

AZRA: Wait! At least tell me your name!

["Slak, a strange young man both brave and unstable ... " appears on screen]

[cut to the world map, as "Caravan of the Dead: Azra stumbles across a merchant caravan brimming with goods." appears on screen, then cut to the Berserker approaching the caravan]

SLAK: Yo, caravan guys! Anybody got any shoes?

INFECTED CARAVAN GUARD: Please ... Tribute ... for Ozimal ...

SLAK: Uh oh.

[Azra enters the scene]

AZRA: Who are these people?

SLAK: We need to get out of here, right now.

AZRA: But they need help!

SLAK: Ahaha, no.

AZRA: We can't just leave them!

SLAK: They've got the plague!

AZRA: But we're both immune, right?

SLAK: We aren't immune to getting our faces eaten when they turn.

AZRA: Turn?

[the caravan guard suddenly turns bright red]

DISEASED CARAVAN GUARD: Ohhh ... Arrraaaaaaaaggggghhhh! Hhhhhhiiiiiisssssskkkkkk ...

SLAK: Like that. Well, been nice knowing ya ...

[Azra suddenly glows white again]

AZRA: Wait!

SLAK: [pause] Are you okay?

["Azra learned a new spell! Lightning" appears on screen, then cut back to the world map]

AZRA: Slak! It worked! I'm back in that strange place ... that half-way place.

[Slak (once again blue and incorporeal) appears]

SLAK: Bring me in! I feel like I'm floating in space!

[an arrow appears on the right-hand side of the screen, as "Remember, click here to select the Berserker menu" appears on screen, as the player selects Slak and places him (once again in his human form) on the screen]

SLAK: Oh yeah, let's rumble!

[Azra uses "Boost" on Slak]

SLAK: Oh yeah! Feel the power!

[Slak is able to kill the zombies emerging from the red circle on the map, when they suddenly start appearing from the blue circle (which is out of his reach)]

["Oh no! Slak can't reach this next wave of enemies!" appears on screen]

[the player clicks "Next", then "Use Azra's Lightning spell to get them!" appears on screen]

[Azra shoots lightning out of her hands to kill the zombies, as "Nice! Use lightning to get enemies that slip by. Use it sparingly, though. It costs Psi to use." appears on screen]

[the rest of the zombies are defeated, as "Perfect! Azra survived unharmed!" appears on screen, then cut back to Slak and Azra at the caravan]

AZRA: Those people ... they turned into monsters!

SLAK: You must be new around here. That's what happens to people who don't survive the plague.

AZRA: We were just in the same place as before ... that half-way place. This pit is terrible! We have to get out of here!

SLAK: Please, people have been trying to escape for ten years.

AZRA: This has been going on for ten years?!

SLAK: Let me guess ... You're from the capitol, aren't you?

AZRA: I'm the royal librarian ...

SLAK: Figures. The Lord Regent keeps a pretty tight lid on things. I bet you don't even know the war is over.

AZRA: The war is over?! But the soldiers, the ... where are all the troops being sent to?

SLAK: Hello? Plague that turns people into monsters? Takes a hell of a lot of containment!

AZRA: This is terrible!

SLAK: Hey, look on the bright side ... at least the Revenant are gone.

[he suddenly gets a shocked look on his face]

SLAK: Wait, they're not just gone ... they're dead! No one's ever done that before!

AZRA: What?

SLAK: Revenant are invincible ... or at least they used to be!

[he smiles]

SLAK: Oh man, is this ever my lucky day! I've got a new best friend with secret magical powers ... and an unguarded caravan brimming with riches! We're rich! Rich, I tell you!

[he takes out his sword and gets a wild look in his eyes]

SLAK: Are those shoes?

["You got 50 scrap! (A pile of junk, rags, broken tools, and sharp pieces of jagged rusted metal. Who could possibly want any of this?)" appears on screen]

AZRA: Slak, this is all junk ...

[a bearded man dressed in royal garments suddenly appears]

BIG MAN: Bandits. I should have known.

AZRA: Who are you?

OZIMAL: I am Ozimal Kaz, warlord of the Pit, and this tribute belongs to me.

AZRA: Look, I just got here, I've got no idea--

OZIMAL: Guards, throw these worthless thieves in the Coliseum! Show them what happens to those who steal from Ozimal Kaz ...

From :

Things were going well for Azra, the sheltered Royal Librarian. There were books to sort, dust, and put away, important royal documents to transcribe. All this was swept away by the deadly plague that devastated the Kingdom of Ash. The plague killed quickly, so quickly that no one has the time to bury the dead, instead they are thrown, without ceremony, into the Pit. Azra, infected with the plague, is cast into the Pit. Soon, she finds herself in the Half-Way World, the place between life and death and learns of her true power--that of being able to bring anyone into the Half-Way World with her. Now, she must traverse the Pit in the hopes of finding the cause of the plague and must fight to not only save herself but the Kingdom as well.

"Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten" is a tower defense and RPG hybrid that features classic tower defense gameplay intermingled with RPG mechanics. Recruit your troops and pick the ones that best fit your needs as you'll have a wide variety to choose from: berserkers, archers, healers, mages, and many more. Upgrade their skills, items, and abilities and watch your party grow in power.

From :

Are you a fan of Puzzle Quest? Are you thinking "Man, I just have to play another game that's an RPG mashed up with some other genre!"? Then boy, do we have the game for you.

Defender's Quest is an indie game created by Level Up Labs that blends the addicting gameplay of a Tower Defense game with the story and tactical depth of an RPG. The game begins when Azra, the royal librarian of the Ash Kingdom, contracts a plague that turns those infected into horrifying monstrosities known as Revenants, and is thrown into a plague colony known as the Pit as a result. Fortunately, she quickly discovers that, not only is she immune to the malady, but the infection has gifted her with strange powers that allow her to fight against the Revenants.

From :

Azra is the heroine of Defender's Quest. She has the unique ability to enter the Half-Way World, pulling in her companions to fight against the Revenant. While in the Half-Way World, Azra also has the ability to cast magic spells to help her allies and defeat her enemies. Using these skills depletes Azra's PSI. She is a librarian.

Full Name: Azra ????

Age: ???

Nationality: Ash

Class: Librarian

Equip Weapon: None

Equip Armor: None

Azra can not equip normal weapons and armor, but can equip special magic books to either equipment slot. Only a few are available in version 0.8.6 of the game, but more can be accessed through save-game hacking, and more will be included in the Gold Edition.


* Azra's internal class in the game's code is "McGuffin."
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